YAWN: Habitual Liar Obama Caught Lying About White House Sequester (Video)

In the final debate before the election, Mitt Romney went after Obama on his plan to slash military spending; “I will not cut our military budget by a trillion dollars, which is a combination of the budget cuts the president has, as well as the sequestration cuts. That, in my view, is making … our future less certain and less secure,” Romney said, scoring some much needed national security points.

But Obama couldn’t allow that to happen. He couldn’t let Romney look stronger on national defense, so he belched out this whopper: “First of all, the sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed. It will not happen. The budget that we are talking about is not reducing our military spending. It is maintaining it.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Greta Van Susteren played a montage of political statements on the Obama sequester. From the video it is clear that the sequester cuts were a product of the White House. It is also clear that Barack Obama continues to get away with a bald-faced lie that the idea was something Congress proposed.

The liberal hacks at Politifact gave Obama a gentle “mostly false” on that one, even though it’s a 100% pants-on-fire lie:

In the debate, Obama said he didn’t propose sequestration, Congress did. (We asked the White House for comment, but didn’t hear back.)

To determine the question of ownership, we turned to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward’s new book The Price of Politics.

Woodward’s reporting shows clearly that defense sequestration was an idea that came out of Obama’s White House. But the intention was to force Republicans to negotiate, not to actually put the cuts into effect.

Woodward summarizes the thoughts of the Obama team: “There would be no chance the Republicans would want to pull the trigger and allow the sequester to force massive cuts to Defense.” Democrats, meanwhile, didn’t want to see their favorite domestic programs cut.

Awww, Politifact gave it only a “mostly false” because Obama’s intentions were pure: But-but-but—“But the intention was to force Republicans to negotiate, not to actually put the cuts into effect.”

Our heroic President only wanted to force those unreasonable Republicans to come to the table and make a deal, you see.

But the plan was always for Republicans to cave and go along with whatever the White House wanted in order to avoid devastating cuts to the military, while not going through with any of the domestic cuts. The media, of course was expected to help this along by framing the issue in such a way that “Rethuglicans” are seen as intransigent and irresponsible jerks who need to “make a deal” (cave) to the White House. And the fact that the sequestration idea came out of the White House was expected to be swept under the rug by the ObamaMedia lapdogs. That, for the most part, is what’s happening.

Obama’s sequestration lie should have been a contender for Politifact’s “lie of the year”, (although there was stiff competition with the Obama camp’s many other lies), but they opted to make something Mitt Romney said, (which by the way, was 100% true) their “lie” of the year.

It’s so funny how Obama keeps getting away with all these lies, isn’t it? He’s really smoking those hapless dinosaur Republicans who still believe in the old fashion notion of saying what they really mean in their “messaging”.

Here’s the deal. The Democrats will continue to have us over a barrel as long as the left-wing media allows them to shamelessly lie to the American people day after day without vigorously calling them out. Republicans can tinker with their “messaging” all they want – but when we have a media this in the tank for one ideology, we will still lose. Republicans have to find ways to go over their heads.

9 thoughts on “YAWN: Habitual Liar Obama Caught Lying About White House Sequester (Video)

  1. Deb, obozo keeps getting away with these lies and all the others, ’cause we have a bunch of wusses who refuse to hit back and call him on things. We already have a uphill fight with the msm siding with obozo, then add the other major factor . . . . McCain versions 1.0 or 2.0 who refused to go after him.

    Mittens scored a total knock out in the first debate and for some unknown reason decided [or was advised] to play “rope a dope” and take all the punches that were thrown at him without hitting back. When obozo denied his involvement and bogus claims about sequestration, Mitt put on a strained smile and said nothing of substance in rebuttal.


  2. Speaking of. . . . . .

    As if we needed any more rino’s to help us all out. Today Rick Scott pulls a Charlie Crist and does a 180. Coming from a guy who ran a HMO, ran a PAC against obozoKare, who’s State was one of the first to file a lawsuit against it, then just for good measure does a victory tour with Rick Perry against obozoKare.

    Decides today that he will buy into the big lie and go along, to get along and instead of fighting the system will now comply and accept what obozo has been selling. This is the next guy someone can stick a fork in, he’s done!

    Nobody can make this stuff up, nobody. Talk about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.


  3. Barack Obama will spend this entire term building his “legacy”, mostly by campaigning, speechifying and lying. Eventually his monument to himself will be called The Barack Obama Lie-brary.


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