Obama’s Organizing for Action Holds Massive Vigil Outside of NRA Headquarters (Up to 30 People)

We haven’t seen crowds like this since Sandra Fluke went on her Free Contraceptives tour, last Fall.

O the humanity:

Obama’s left-wing agitation group, Organizing for Action, called for a “Day of Action” on Friday to promote stricter gun laws and judging from this picture, about 15 people showed up. The LA Times reported that the protest drew “about 30”, which seems like a high estimate, but maybe some of the throng was off camera.

The protesters, dressed mostly in black, marched silently in front of the NRA’s glass-and-concrete building in a suburban Fairfax neighborhood, the quiet punctuated by the occasional honking of cars passing by. “2050 Gun Deaths Since Newtown,” read one sign. “Don’t Want Background Checks? What Are You Afraid Of?” read another.

“What we want to do is prove we’re not afraid of the NRA,” said Joanna Simon, a retired government consultant who organized the vigil as part of the Reston-Herndon Alliance to End Gun Violence, a group of former Obama campaign volunteers.

The small turnout underscores one of the challenges facing Organizing for Action as it gears up its efforts to promote Obama’s legislative agenda. The group, set up by top advisors to the president, is relying heavily on local volunteers to sustain its work.

Volunteers? They weren’t paid to picket? Oh – well that explains the poor showing, I guess.

Compare the pathetic death march above, organized by the president’s own top advisors,  to the Day of Resistance grass-root rallies that were held all across the nation, on Saturday.

Via Twitchy, this rally took place  in Concord, NH:


Via Doug Ross,  an even larger crowd attended a Day of Resistance rally  in sunny Phoenix:


Joplin,  MO:

joplin rally2

Around 1000 rallied in Olean, NY:


What this guy said:

Don’t laugh too hard at Organizing for Action’s meager showing. I suspect that if we give them enough time, we’ll see larger crowds resembling the Occupy mobs. They’ll be the same people, too, with the same totalitarian goals as their Master.


Wanna see how popular Obama’s gun agenda is on Twitter?

See Stacy McCain: Hey, Nice Try With the #DemandAVote Spambots #p2! Jacked and Busted! #tcot

OK, so to push their gun-control agenda in Congress, Team Obama started the #DemandAVote hashtag, encouraging the Left to re-Tweet Obama’s message (i.e., demanding that Congress vote on the Democrats’ unconstitutional gun-control legislation).

That hashtag was instantly jacked by #tcot, but then @DefendWallSt discovered that many of the messages in favor of the Obama agenda were from spambots — phony sockpuppet accounts, usually with a blank “egg” avatar, evidently created by some Democrat P.R. operation to give the illusion that this message was more popular than it actually is. In a phrase, Twitter “Astroturf.”


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Day of Resistance: 200 – 250 People Protest Government Overreach in Joplin, MO

joplin rally

Due to a busy Saturday schedule, I wasn’t able to make it to the Day of Resistance rally in Joplin Mo, today, but I did have a chance to speak to the organizer, Jesse Mills, of the  Southwest Missouri Firearms Freedom Coalition. He told me he was pleased with the turn out, estimating a crowd of 200-250 people.

Here are some pictures from today’s rally:

joplin rally1

joplin rally2

joplin rally3

joplin rally4

joplin rally5

For more pictures from around the nation, see Doug Ross: Top 15 #DayOfResistance Photos You Will Never See in Democrat Media

National Security Leaders Tell Obama: “Stop The Unilateral Denuclearization of the United States”


Last March, at a meeting in Seoul Korea with Dmitry Medvedev, Obama leaned toward the Russian president, thinking he was off mike, and said, “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this can be solved, but it’s important for him [Prime Minister Vladimir Putin] to give me space.” He added, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

That sent shivers down the spines of patriotic Americans all across the nation.

It’s hard to believe that after being caught in such colossal indiscretion – after such a treasonous admission, the man could still somehow be reelected. There should have been a firestorm of disapproval, but because the media meticulously swept it under the rug, many Americans never even heard about it.

Trevor Loudon considers those words to be “the single most important statement made by Obama in his entire first term of office” because the elimination of our nuclear deterrent, and the decimation of American military “has been Moscow, Beijing, and Havana’s number one dream  for decades.”

It is what Obama’s communist  mentors such as Frank Marshall Davis, Alice Palmer, and Bill Ayers, have always worked relentlessly towards. Now their protege has the power to make that hellish fantasy a reality.

At last some in Washington seem to be taking the US’s looming national suicide seriously.


The authors, who include two former members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and eighteen others with “decades of experience with national security policy and practice,” declare:“It is now clear that, as a practical matter under present and foreseeable circumstances, this agenda will only result in the unilateral disarmament of the U.S. nuclear deterrent. That will make the world more dangerous, not less.

In our professional judgment…America’s “Triad” of nuclear-armed land-based and submarine-launched missiles and bomber-delivered nuclear weapons have promoted strategic stability and discouraged proliferation. Steps that raise uncertainty about the viability, reliability and effectiveness of our deterrent will have the opposite effect.”


See New Zeal for the list of the signers.

Saturday Movie Matinee: Siege at Benghazi

Amazing Ops: Siege at Benghazi:

What started as an emergency evacuation turned into an all night gunfight resulting in the deaths of two former Navy SEALs – Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty – genuine heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice when they were hit by mortar fire – just minutes before reinforcements arrived and the all night ordeal ended. This film commemorates the actions of the CIA GRS operators who rushed into a full blown firefight outmanned and outgunned, as well as the DSS protective specialists who joined them in fighting off a coordinated siege until morning arrived.

This is the first short film in a proposed series entitled Amazing Ops which will feature awe-inspiring stories of extraordinary valor that are all too often under-reported or overshadowed by politics.  Amazing Ops focuses its lens squarely on the actions of the elite operators who carry out astonishing missions — in fact, we consider it our mission to faithfully represent the skill and bravery of these real life superheroes – those who gave their lives, those who made it out alive, and those whose identities must remain unknown – but whose stories demand to be told with credibility, reliability and authenticity.

Help finish this ground-breaking film! A gritty, hyper-realistic dramatization of the heroic events of 9/11/2012 in Benghazi, Libya.

We’ve got some serious skin in this …

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If you would like to contribute to this project to visit the “Siege of Benghazi” site at Kickstarter.

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This segment from Bill Whittle’s speech at a grassroots conservative event is the most important speech anyone could ever hear. It reveals in full the Trojan Horse-esque influence the Frankfurt School of socio-political thought has wrought on North American society.
Even as we speak, the tendrils of the Frankfurt School are desperate to expand into every facet of North American society. Critical theory has spread its wings in the form of globalization studies, post-colonial studies, white privilege theory and all sorts of other evidence-free ideological preserves sucking not only the confidence out of North American society, but sucking dry the resources of the university departments within which they have taken root.

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