Day of Resistance: 200 – 250 People Protest Government Overreach in Joplin, MO

joplin rally

Due to a busy Saturday schedule, I wasn’t able to make it to the Day of Resistance rally in Joplin Mo, today, but I did have a chance to speak to the organizer, Jesse Mills, of the  Southwest Missouri Firearms Freedom Coalition. He told me he was pleased with the turn out, estimating a crowd of 200-250 people.

Here are some pictures from today’s rally:

joplin rally1

joplin rally2

joplin rally3

joplin rally4

joplin rally5

For more pictures from around the nation, see Doug Ross: Top 15 #DayOfResistance Photos You Will Never See in Democrat Media


2 thoughts on “Day of Resistance: 200 – 250 People Protest Government Overreach in Joplin, MO

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  2. 250-300 Patriots at pro 2nd Amendment rally… in a Nation of 310 Million? It should read “hundreds of thousands demonstrate locally, millions demonstrate at Washington DC rally”!

    So much for the ‘average’ Americans belief in the Constitution!

    By this time next year, unless a miracle happens, legal gun owners will have been successfully demonized and relentlessly hunted down CRIMINALS, deliberately targeted to be disarmed and jailed under the direction of our “Elected” Government, by Federal, State, Local Troops and Officers … including ‘Oath Keepers’ who’ve suddenly come to recognize the ‘reality’ of their situation!
    Soon after, Foreign Occupation, Colonization, forceable extraction and export of ALL of America’s assets and natural resources will begin. There will be no resistance, no escape….

    These, please remember, ‘historically’, are the “Wages” of sin!


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