Saturday Movie Matinee: Siege at Benghazi

Amazing Ops: Siege at Benghazi:

What started as an emergency evacuation turned into an all night gunfight resulting in the deaths of two former Navy SEALs – Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty – genuine heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice when they were hit by mortar fire – just minutes before reinforcements arrived and the all night ordeal ended. This film commemorates the actions of the CIA GRS operators who rushed into a full blown firefight outmanned and outgunned, as well as the DSS protective specialists who joined them in fighting off a coordinated siege until morning arrived.

This is the first short film in a proposed series entitled Amazing Ops which will feature awe-inspiring stories of extraordinary valor that are all too often under-reported or overshadowed by politics.  Amazing Ops focuses its lens squarely on the actions of the elite operators who carry out astonishing missions — in fact, we consider it our mission to faithfully represent the skill and bravery of these real life superheroes – those who gave their lives, those who made it out alive, and those whose identities must remain unknown – but whose stories demand to be told with credibility, reliability and authenticity.

Help finish this ground-breaking film! A gritty, hyper-realistic dramatization of the heroic events of 9/11/2012 in Benghazi, Libya.

We’ve got some serious skin in this …

First off, we want to let you know that we launched this campaign after investing hundreds of hours and over $140,000 of our own money in this project.    This is not an idea, a notion, a promo, a sizzle, or a concept. HistoriVision has teamed up with Frank Gugliuzzi (Find Makarov, Escape from City 17) and Jacky Wan (Find Makarov, Operation Kingfish) to craft a prototype of a high engagement short film that fuses live action footage and leading edge VFX in epic visual style. We need your help to finish this kick-ass, hard-hitting, edge-of-your-seat film that dramatizes the desperate mission to rescue the US Ambassador and other US government personnel suddenly attacked and trapped by terrorists on the night of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.

If you would like to contribute to this project to visit the “Siege of Benghazi” site at Kickstarter.

The RNC: The Obama Sequester: He Was For It, Before He Was Against It:

Bill Whittle on the Frankfurt School:

This segment from Bill Whittle’s speech at a grassroots conservative event is the most important speech anyone could ever hear. It reveals in full the Trojan Horse-esque influence the Frankfurt School of socio-political thought has wrought on North American society.
Even as we speak, the tendrils of the Frankfurt School are desperate to expand into every facet of North American society. Critical theory has spread its wings in the form of globalization studies, post-colonial studies, white privilege theory and all sorts of other evidence-free ideological preserves sucking not only the confidence out of North American society, but sucking dry the resources of the university departments within which they have taken root.

Rand Paul on Fox News: Will Filibuster CIA Nomination Until Obama is Clear on Drones:
Obama’s Uncle Fighting Deportation – Watters World On O’Reilly:
Jesse tracks down Onyango Obama, the President’s illegal immigrant half-uncle.
PJTV: NASA’s New Goal: Don’t Let Humanity Go Extinct:
While Americans were transfixed by an asteroid hurtling 17,000 miles from Earth, a meteor struck Russia’s Ural Mountains. It was a stunning coincidence, and one that poses serious questions like how prepared are we to deal with such threats? Find out on this Trifecta.
Lee Doren: Let Women Carry Guns in Public!:
Rand Paul: Sequester Is A Pittance:
Via The Blaze, The Ballard Brothers “BAN THIS SONG”:

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