Menendez Feels “Sting of Discrimination” as Long-time US Escort Acuses Him of Lying


An anonymous U.S. escort in her 30s is claiming that she was paid to provide “services of a sexual nature” to Senator Robert Menendez.

The prostitute, who claimed there was significant demand for elite escorts among lobbyists, politicians and attorneys in Washington, said many of her customers use pseudonyms when contacting her. When the newspaper showed her a picture of Senator Menendez, she identified him as a former client.

She described him as a ‘hobbyist’, a term she said was used to describe clients who see ‘many girls, as many as they can’.

‘He sees a lot of girls and doesn’t seem to have the skills to have a relationship,’ said the woman, who received no fee for her interview, according to the report.

Senator Menendez’s spokeswoman has not yet responded to the latest allegations.

The woman granted multiple interviews to The Daily Caller after reading TheDC’s reporting on the fast-evolving Menendez saga. TheDC did not pay for her story, and is withholding her identity, referring to her only as “Beth” — which is not her real name.

She has serviced “tons of customers that are politicians,” she said, adding that when she is in Washington, D.C., “the majority of my customers are lobbyists.”

Tricia Enright, a spokeswoman for Sen. Menendez, responded to a phone message Friday with a one-line email saying she was “curious what you’re writing.” But she did not respond to a request for a statement about whether Menendez has ever paid women for sex, either in the Dominican Republic or in the United States.

Menendez was unavailable to comment on the story, perhaps because he was busy speaking at a Black History Month event held at a Trenton, N.J. church on Sunday, where he pathetically deployed the race card, blaming conservatives for his ethics scandals:

“I have felt the sting of discrimination,” he told approximately 300 worshipers, according to the Bergen Record. ”It has never been easy.”

“Now we face anonymous, faceless, nameless individuals from right-wing sources seeking to destroy a lifetime of work,” Menendez said at Shiloh Baptist Church.

“And their smears are false. I have worked too hard and too long in the vineyards, too long with my hands, for the harvest to be soured.”

The Newark Star-Ledger reported that Menendez cloaked himself in the language of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Dr. King said that ‘the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice,’” Menendez said. “In the end, I believe that justice will overcome the forces of darkness.”

Please tell me there’s a videotape out there of this moral beacon putting on a faux black minister accent while sermonizing about his hard work in the vineyards.


Matthew Boyle, Big Government: EXCLUSIVE–EYEWITNESS: Menendez, Donor Brunched at Diner Mile from Teterboro Airport on Easter 2012:

A local citizen who lives near Teterboro airport in northern New Jersey said he saw Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez and his friend Democratic Party mega-donor Dr. Salomon Melgen brunching together on Easter Sunday in 2012.

The citizen, who is active in local politics and a regular patron of the restaurant, told Breitbart News he saw Menendez and Melgen dining together at Arena Diner between shortly before noon and 12:15 p.m. on Easter Sunday last year, April 8, 2012. That is the timeframe in which Melgen’s plane refueled at Teterboro before flying directly to the Dominican Republic.

Menendez and his staff have denied he was on any flights on Melgen’s plane outside of three flights in 2010. If he was on this flight, as it appears he was, it means he will have misled the American people. This new eyewitness evidence solidifies previous reports that Menendez was likely on that flight.

The source had previously recognized Menendez, and shown a photograph of Melgen at a meeting inside the diner with this reporter, he said: “Yes, that’s him. Undeniably.”

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

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