Big Hollywood: FLOTUS Interruptus: Obamas Hijack the Oscars:

Conservative movie lovers didn’t suffer any serious Red State taunts during the just-wrapped Academy Awards telecast. Michael Moore wasn’t on hand to bash the GOP, and show host Seth MacFarlane trained his immature wit on George Clooney, breast-baring actresses and the show’s ridiculous length.

And then it came time to announce the Best Picture winner, and Jack Nicholson stepped on stage to do the honors. Only Nicholson, and the show’s organizers, had something else in mind.

Enter Michelle Obama.

The First Lady appeared via satellite to not only announce the night’s biggest prize but gave a speech extolling the virtues of the films in play. It was an unprecedented cultural power grab by the Obamas, almost daring conservative viewers to adore her as much as progressives already do.

The Conversation: “Loud Groans” Heard in Academy Awards Media Room When Michelle Obama Announced As Surprise Presenter:

According to Clear Channel’s Steven Gregory on Twitter…

Michelle Malkin: Parody video: Evolution of Liberal Dance:

Hey, who needs Saturday Night Live?! It’s been a while since I was inspired to post a YouTube parody. Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama provided the perfect opportunity. On Friday, the late-night comedy duo collaborated on an “Evolution of Mom Dancing” video that has the lib media swooning. Here’s their video (which parodies the classic Evolution of Dance video series)…

Jim Geraghty, Campaign Spot: Cut the Lego Purchases First, Mr. President:

Here, let me help you with the sequestration, Mr. President.

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood is lamenting that his department will need to make drastic cuts that will immediately impact air traffic controllers and airport security lines. A quick perusal of Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn’s last annual Waste Report showcases a bunch of grant programs that could be cut or eliminated immediately to generate significant savings.

Let’s start at the Federal Highway Administration, and eliminate the National Scenic Byways Program entirely. Forever.

You’re asking, “the what?”

The National Scenic Byways Program (NSBP) is authorized by 23 U.S.C. § 162, and has been reauthorized and continued through March 31, 2012. The NSBP recognizes roads having outstanding scenic, historic, cultural, natural, recreational, and archaeological qualities. NSBP funding supports projects that manage and protect these intrinsic qualities, interpret these qualities for visitors, and improve visitor facilities along byways.

In fiscal 2012, roughly $20,600,000 were available for grants.

How does that money get spent?

Thirty-thousand Lego pieces, paid for with a $3,700 National Scenic Byways grant, are being assembled to build a miniature replica of a historic downtown street in Martinsburg, West Virginia.The 18-footlong display will depict Queen Street as it likely appeared in the 1920s and ‘30s.1020 It is expected to be a permanent exhibit at the “for the kids, by George” Children’s Museum, which will showcase George Washington’s “adventures in the Eastern Panhandle” of West Virginia. The museum is primarily funded with a $290,000 National Scenic Byways grant awarded by the Federal Highway Administration.

Buy your own damn Legos.

There are so many completely unnecessary, wasteful programs out there that should get the axe. Is common sense prioritizing too much to ask from this Regime? (That was a rhetorical question.)

Breitbart TV: Dr. Ben Carson Wont Rule Out Running For President:

Dr. Ben Carson on FOX News Sunday February 24, 2013.

Erick Erickson, Red State: Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell Thinks You’re an Idiot:

On Friday, March 15, 2013, at 8:00 a.m. Bob McDonnell will go to CPAC and address the Faith & Freedom Coalition Prayer Breakfast. For those of you who attend this event, you will be sitting staring at a liar.

If you are a conservative, remember Bob McDonnell thinks you’re an idiot.

That’s the only explanation I can think of for what just happened in Virginia this week. That, and that McDonnell is an unprincipled fake conservative whose promises are without value, an exemplar of the kind of big government pro-tax Republican who ruined the party’s stature with fiscal conservatives.

Bob McDonnell promised when he ran for governor that he’d never raise taxes. He talks a good game to conservative audiences, about principled leadership and the like. He can pretend he’s one of you. He’s got great hair. He’ll speak at the Faith & Freedom Coalition Prayer Breakfast at CPAC as if he is one of us.

But when push comes to shove, when the time comes that being a conservative demands that you stand up for what’s right and reject the easy way out, Bob McDonnell is not going to stand on principle. He’s going to cave to what the media calls “leadership” which is really just big government liberalism.

Bob McDonnell was getting all kinds of praise on the Sunday shows for his big transportation tax hike, which passed the Virginia legislature this week. He was getting praise from big government liberals like Tim Kaine and Terry McAuliffe and Martin O’Malley for his evenhandedness, his leadership, not like those troublesome conservatives in Washington who refuse to wheel and deal.

That should tell you all you need to know about the transportation tax hike McDonnell pushed through. But it’s a whole lot worse than that when you look at what really went down.

Weasel Zippers: Ted Cruz: “Obama Is The Most Radical President We’ve Ever Seen”…

… one of the sad realities is that it has been career politicians, in both parties, who’ve gotten us in this mess. I think President Obama is the most radical president we’ve ever seen, but I think an awful lot of Republicans, failed to stand for principle and contributed to getting us in this mess, and I think what we’ve seen in 2010 and to some degree in 2012 is a new generation of leaders stepping forward that are committed to fixing these problems.

Full interview here…

Fox News: “Texas ‘Cruz Missile’ — Senator Standing by his Principles, Ready to Take the Heat”:

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has earned a few nicknames in the brief seven weeks he’s been in Congress – including the unflattering “Senator No.” But nobody can say the freshman senator has broken his campaign promise to shake up Washington upon arrival.

The Tea Party-backed candidate has so far made good on vows to be combative and uncompromising in his adherence to conservative principles.

The 42-year-old Cruz has already voted against Senate rule changes to modestly curb filibusters, aid for Superstorm Sandy victims and the Violence Against Women Act, arguing that stopping and punishing violent criminals is largely a state responsibility.

He also was one of only three “no” votes against Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry’s nomination to be secretary of State. And he publicly skewered President Obama’s nominee for Defense secretary, former Nebraska Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel.

All of that has helped Cruz earn such nicknames as “Cruz Missile,” “Senator No” and even “The GOP’s Nasty Newcomer.”

Cruz must be doing something right – he’s making all the right enemies.
…if you note that Marxists are indeed Marxists it’s supposedly a sort of Hate Crime up with which we must not put.Who made this odd rule?Would I be correct in guessing that Marxists themselves created it and Marxists themselves (and their fellow travelers) are the major proponents of it?Cruz was making a point about the academy’s tilt not just towards the Democratic Party but towards Marxism itself. In the academy, left-liberal Democrats are the “conservatives.”Why is there any moral objection to saying something that is true?The only objection can come from the Marxists themselves, who prefer to work in secret, and the Democrats, who prefer their alliance with the Marxists not be noted, lest it embarrass them politically.

The Lonely Conservative: Wow! MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Notices Obama Is Selling Access To The White House:

Actually, this is a double-wow because not only did MSNBC’s Chuck Todd notice that President Obama, through his old-but-new campaign/non-profit organization, has been selling access to the White House, but so did the New York Times.

At least half of the group’s budget will come from a select group of donors who will each contribute or raise $500,000 or more, according to donors and strategists involved in the effort.

Unlike a presidential campaign, Organizing for Action has been set up as a tax-exempt “social welfare group.” That means it is not bound by federal contribution limits, laws that bar White House officials from soliciting contributions, or the stringent reporting requirements for campaigns. In their place, the new group will self-regulate. …

But those contributions will also translate into access, according to donors courted by the president’s aides. Next month, Organizing for Action will hold a “founders summit” at a hotel near the White House, where donors paying $50,000 each will mingle with Mr. Obama’s former campaign manager, Jim Messina, and Mr. Carson, who previously led the White House Office of Public Engagement.

“This just looks bad,” said Todd.

Hey, guess what – like most of what this White House does – it IS bad…

Via Ace, when asked about this,  “Jay Carney babbles something about the DISCLOSE Act and kinda sorta literally runs from the podium.”

Warner Todd Huston: Big Government: Exclusive: Obama Fails to Register ‘’; Site Points to NRA Home Page:

At the beginning of the year, President Barack Obama’s new 501(c)4 political nonprofit, Organizing For Action, was launched with all the usual bells and whistles. But the tech wizards at OFA forgot one important rule in today’s Internet world: Register all the iterations of your website address before someone else does.

Now Obama’s team is filing complaints against the folks smart enough to get the addresses before he did.

As Obama’s OFA made its debut, no one in his purportedly Internet-savvy campaign had obtained the corresponding .com, .net, .org or .us sites, nor did OFA register other names that are close to its official one, as is the sensible practice. In the case of the .net address, a fellow named Derek Bovard had already registered the .net address by the time Obama’s team took notice.

Bovard has routed his new site to the homepage of the National Rifle Association.

So, whenever anyone goes to they end up seeing the homepage of the NRA.


Seton Motley, Red State: To Attack the Internet, Obama Admin is About to Lie About It. Again:

The mostly regulation-free Internet has become a free speech, free market Xanadu.

So of course President Barack Obama and his Left want to regulate the daylight out of it.  In their efforts to do so, they will spin any tale to try to engender any public support for new Web regulations.

For instance, the Barack Obama Administration is likely about to totally fabricate a U.S. mobile broadband assessment report.  In which they will say that the unequivocally astounding success that is our Internet – is at best uncertain, if not an utter failure.

If any of this nonsense sounds familiar, it’s only because it is.  In May 2011 we had this:

Which brings us to the looming annual broadband deployment report from the (Barack Obama Administration’s) Federal Communications Commission (FCC) (called the 706 Report).

In which they are going to again give U.S. broadband deployment a failing grade – just as they did last year.

Which is completely “DC Disingenuous.” In other words, the FCC is lying through its bureaucratic teeth.

We bet you weren’t aware that Internet access has for the last four years stunk on ice.  That is, of course, because it hasn’t.

98% of Americans have access to wireline or mobile broadband, from cable companies, phone companies, satellite companies, wireless Internet access providers (WISPs) and from 3G or 4G mobile wireless providers.

Guy Benson, Townhall: WSJ: Dems Caving on Sequestration, Moving to Continuing Resolution Battle?

Although the president is still out on the campaign trail sounding the hysterical alarm over the proportionally miniscule sequester cuts, the Wall Street Journal reports that Beltway Democrats are already shifting their focus to the next manufactured crisis of their own making:

Already looking past the current budget impasse gripping the capital, congressional leaders are quietly considering a deal to avert a government shutdown next month—but at the cost of prolonging across-the-board spending cuts. Attention is beginning to shift from Friday, when the broad cuts known as the sequester kick in, to the next budget deadline: Congress must pass a so-called continuing resolution by the end of March to keep funding government operations. Senior aides to House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) have begun discussing a bill being prepared by House Republicans to fund government operations through September. Republicans want the bill to extend operating funds at the lower levels set to kick in Friday and to give more flexibility to the Pentagon to manage its cuts.  

Given the current balance of power in Washington, this would come close to a best-case-scenario outcome for the GOP.

More to come…

Weasel Zippers: Obama Admin Claims Sequestration Will Affect Federal Department That No Longer Exists…

Via Reason:

If you want a thorough agency-by-agency rundown of the budget cuts sequestration would deliver, the Office of Management and Budget has you covered. In compliance with The Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012, the OMB sent a detailed report to Congress in September 2012. But there’s a small problem with the report: One of the cuts it warns against would affect an agency that no longer exists–and didn’t exist when the OMB sent its report to congress.

Gateway Pundit: Unreal… Joe Biden: American’s No Longer Worried About the Economy (Video):

Brilliant Joe Biden was at it again today at the White House.
The vice president told reporters,

“They are no longer worried, I think, about our economy being overwhelmed either by Europe writ large, the EU, or China somehow swallowing up every bit of innovation that exists in the world. They are no longer, I think, worried about our economy being overwhelmed beyond our shores.”

Hot Air: Tom Coburn: No deal on background checks if Democrats demand record-keeping of gun sales:

Here’s the first hard evidence we’ve seen that the big meeting of the minds on guns that the media’s been touting might be overhyped. Plain and simple, says Coburn, if Democrats demand that records of private gun sales be kept, the compromise is dead.


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