Video: Boehner to Obama: “You Got Your Tax Increase, It’s Time To Cut Spending”

A lot of conservatives I know have been frustrated with the lack of any push-back from Republicans vis a vis the Regime’s outrageous demagoguery on sequestration.

Well, some push-back finally came on Monday  in the form of a press conference with House leaders.

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers called on Obama to address the looming sequester, rather than skip off to another campaign rally which he’s actually doing tomorrow.

Boehner said, “Listen, the president says we need to have another tax increase in order to avoid the sequester. Well, Mr. President…you got your tax increase. It’s time to cut spending here in Washington. Instead of using our military men and women as campaign props, if the president was serious, he’d sit down with Harry Reid and begin to address our problems.”

In answer to a question about the number of jobs that could be lost as a result of the sequestration, Boehner answered that he didn’t know how many jobs could be lost, “but I can tell you this; if we don’t solve the spending problem in Washington, there’ll be tens of millions of jobs in the future that won’t happen because of the debt load that’s being laid on the backs of our kids and our grandkids. “Listen”, he continued, “I came here to save the American dream for my kids and yours. This debt problem, and the president’s addiction to spending is threatening their future.”

The political wrangling in Washington over sequestration was one of the topics discussed on Monday’s Special Report.

“The cynicism of this administration is astonishing”, Charles Krauthammer said. “We’re talking about two cents on the dollar.”



One thought on “Video: Boehner to Obama: “You Got Your Tax Increase, It’s Time To Cut Spending”

  1. I can’t shake the feeling that Barack Hussein Obama is running for office. My question is: what office?

    Perhaps he plans to remain in his present one for a while…a long while.

    Keep your powder dry. We’re likely to need it.


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