Saturday Movie Matinee: Sequestration Follies

Fox News Special Report: Krauthammer: Obama Only Left Out ‘Pestilence, Earthquake, Brimstone & Plague’ In Sequester Warning:

Paul Ryan: Paul Ryan on the sequester and the prospects for tax reform:

Gowdy: Administration Sequester Scare Tactics Unbelievable:

Congressman Trey Gowdy (SC-04) goes “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren, discussing the Administration’s sequester scare tactics.

Concerned Veterans For America: BREAKING VIDEO: Vets Respond to Sequestration (‘Lead Mr. President’):

After no deal was struck, sequestration officially took effect at 12:00am ET. Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America responds to the President’s actions.

SEE ALSO: Lindsey Graham: “Fire the Politicians, Not the Soldiers” (Video)

PJTV: Fright Makes Right: Obama’s Sequester Scare Tear:

President Obama is taking to the airwaves in an attempt to terrify Americans about budget cuts that he proposed. Is it working, and if so, why can’t the GOP fight back against Obama’s scare tactics? Find out as Tammy Bruce visits the Trifecta gang.

Via The Daily Rushbo: RUSH: Obama Sings ‘Sequester Cathedral’ – Song Parody:

Via mastadonarmy: Tired of the Sequester?

Are you tired? Tired of the endless fights in Washington over money?
Joe Biden: “Americans are tired of being tired. I think they are ready to get up and move. I mean, you guys know that.”
It seems every month there’s a new crisis. And as soon as we get past one, the next one hits us.

Occupy the White House Videos: CPAC 2013 — IMAGINE:

Michelle Malkin Discusses Michelle Obama Video on Hannity:

Adam Baldwin on WMAL 3-1-13:

Baldwin is an actor, known for roles in Full Metal Jacket, Independence Day, and Chuck, among other films and TV series. He helps Brian and Larry remember the late Andrew Breitbart on the one-year anniversary of his death.

PJTV: Joe Biden, Armed and Ridiculous: Hear Biden’s Shocking Gun Advice:

Vice President Joe Biden has inspired so many belly chuckles, that Trifecta asks whether he is the true King of Comedy. When it comes to self-defense and gun control, Biden does not disappoint. Hear some of the latest wisdom from the man who is just a heartbeat away from the nuclear suitcase as Tammy Bruce joins the Trifecta gang.

YAFTV: Andrew Klavan Speaks Before The Young American Foundation:

4 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Sequestration Follies

  1. Well, okay, the sun didn’t fall from the sky, but in my neighborhood, there are frogs everywhere, the lice and the boils are getting really bad, and all the rivers have turned to blood. And there’s this grim-looking guy in a white robe carrying a big sword going from house to house. Frankly, if they don’t undo those awful, unconscionable, draconian cuts, I think we might have to move!


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