Jay Carney: No Set Price For Donor Access But Yeah, Donors Get Access (Video)

Today White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Said in his daily briefing that there’s No “Set Price” for donor access to Obama, but donors will get access.

Carney said, “any notion that there’s a set price for a meeting with the President is just wrong. As you know Organizing for Action was set up to promote the president’s public policy agenda. Therefore, as anyone would expect, the president would likely meet with their representatives to discuss his agenda. But, again, any notion that there’s a price for meeting with the president is simply wrong.”

Via GOP Rapid Response:

“The bottom line”, Carney claimed, “is this is a separate organization, as we’ve noted, the existence of which is perfectly appropriate and the White House will engage with it consistent in the way with it has engaged with a whole host of outside constituencies.

How appropriate is it that the President of the United States would send an email to his supporters on January 18, 2013 to join this “separate” or  “independent” organization?

Today, a new grassroots organization is being launched: Organizing for Action.

Following in the footsteps of the campaign you built, Organizing for Action will be an unparalleled force in American politics. It will work to turn our shared values into legislative action — and it’ll empower the next generation of leaders in our movement.

Michelle recorded a video to tell you more about the new organization — take a look and let OFA know you’re in:

How appropriate is it that this “outside “, “independent”, “separate” organization’s recruitment video would be promoted by the First Lady from her White House office? Perfectly appropriate?

Whatever. It’s totally separate from the White House when they’re not filming recruitment videos, or blasting out mass emails… from the White House.

And yeah – donors to Obama’s propaganda arm get special access, but there’s no set price, so — perfectly appropriate.

Sorry Jay – it still smells bad.

More Jay from today’s briefing:

Weasel Zippers: Carney: Yes, Obama Proposed Sequester Cuts, But It’s “Pretty Irrelevant”…

Via Washington Examiner:

President Obama’s team proposed sequestration, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney acknowledged, but he also said that the origin of the automatic spending cuts is “pretty irrelevant” to the debate about the issue.

Yes, you go ahead and tell them what to think after lying your ass off for weeks, Jay.

Flash-all-the-way-back to 2/8/2013. Yes that long ago.

Press secretary Jay Carney pushed back hard Friday on the GOP’s attempt to place blame for the sequester on the White House, calling it a “fanciful confection” and “a lot of baloney.”

How do any of them take this regime seriously at this point? Shouldn’t the assumption always be that they’re being lied to. Not spun. LIED TO.

More Jay from today’s briefing:

The Daily Rushbo: RUSH: Media Given Its Marching Orders ‘Find Sequester Sufferers And Tag This To Reagan’:


6 thoughts on “Jay Carney: No Set Price For Donor Access But Yeah, Donors Get Access (Video)

  1. Would you seriously expect that any politician does not grant access to people who contribute large money to them?? Public funding is one possible fix, but most conservatives are vehemently opposed to that and I assume you are also.


  2. Not surprised, not shocked at all. While I’m not sure if selling access is illegal, it’s surely unethical. What concerns me most is what’s going on behind the scenes at the whitehouse that we DON’T know about.


  3. Nice lady, you still be rockin’!
    Nice post over at the conversation on globull warming/population control too.

    Stay after em kiddo.


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