Monday Morning Catch-Up: Is the Media Starting to Turn on Obama?


DOUGLAS E. SCHOEN and PATRICK H. CADDELL, The Politico: Obama’s Real Agenda:

“Federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go,” President Obama said last week, flanked by uniformed firefighters and law-enforcement officers. “Tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids.” He went on: “Border Patrol agents will see their hours reduced. FBI agents will be furloughed.”

Scared yet? In his Saturday radio address, the president made clear who was at fault for this impending Armageddon: “Are Republicans in Congress really willing to let these cuts fall on our kids’ schools and mental health care just to protect tax loopholes for corporate jet owners? Are they really willing to slash military health care and the Border Patrol just because they refuse to eliminate tax breaks for big oil companies?”

The president is obviously going all-out — but not to avoid the $85 billion in spending cuts, known as the sequester, set to kick in on Friday. Obama doesn’t want to make a deal with Republicans. His fear-mongering is part of a concerted plan that extends far beyond the sequester crisis: to obliterate the Republican Party as a viable force in American political life.

His self-righteous rhetoric obscures a bitter truth: Obama is not trying to unite the country. He’s waging a class-based battle for political gain. His goal is to win back the House for Democrats in 2014, giving him a united Congress for his last two years in office and allowing him to pursue the most expansive government in American history.

Obama’s DHS did end up releasing illegal alien prisoners – some of them dangerous criminals so they could scare the American people and blame Republicans. At what point are his supporters going to wake up and realize the danger this president is to our country? What is it going to take?
It will take an unbiased media honestly reporting all of the unflattering news out there about this president without fear of reprisals.

In the wake of last week’s brouhaha between journalistic legend Bob Woodward and the Obama White House, other reporters have come forward to talk about their own experiences with the controlling and sometimes abusive administration.

Maureen Callahan of The New York Post talked to a number of reporters – some on the record – and some off,  and they had interesting stories to tell.

“I had a young reporter asking tough, important questions of an Obama Cabinet secretary,” says one DC veteran. “She was doing her job, and they were trying to bully her. In an e-mail, they called her the vilest names — bitch, c–t, a–hole.” He complained and was told the matter would be investigated: “They were hemming and hawing, saying, ‘We’ll look into it.’ Nothing happened.”

The DC veteran ended up doing the same thing Ron Fournier finally did to stop the abusive emails and telephone calls he was receiving from his WH contact –  he threatened to put it on the record.

He wound up confronting the author of the e-mail directly. “I said, ‘From now on, every e-mail you send this reporter will be on the record, and you will be speaking on behalf of the president of the United States.’ That shut it down.”

And yet:

AoSHQ: In Case You Weren’t Sure, Obama’s Lying About the Sequester and Intends to Keep On Lying For Years to Come:

Remember? A “balanced approach” of $3 in cuts to $1 in tax hikes? Well, Obama got his $1 in tax hikes; so we’re to have the $3 in cuts now, right?

But Obama won’t specify his preferred cuts because he actually prefers no cuts.

So he got elected by running on a campaign lie.

Anyone in the media care about this, a president simply lying about every single one of his beliefs for political purposes, such that hardly a single one of his statements corresponds with any sort of recognizable reality?

The question is rhetorical. The answer is “No.”

And yet

WHD: Will Big-Drama Obama Backfire?:

With all the nonsense that came out of the White House about the sequester, it could be that President Obama’s credibility has taken a serious hit. Perhaps it’s not just the Republicans who are going to get blamed here.

And yet:

The American Thinker: Obama’s abusive slurs get a pass while Boehner faces media inquisition over ‘ass’ comment:

The headline on Politico blares: “Boehner on ‘ass’ comment: ‘I speak English'”

A national kerfuffle has erupted over his salty language — and the Speaker of the House isn’t sorry for telling the Senate to “get off their ass.”

“Asked on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ if his colorful remark represented ‘appropriate’ language for a House Speaker, the Ohio Republican said his aim was to be clear. ‘Listen, I speak English,’ he said in an interview aired Sunday. ‘The fact is, the House has done its work. We have this sequester because the president demanded it and because Senate Democrats have refused to act.'”

While Boehner is criticized for using a word deemed inappropriate for the Speaker of the House, Barack Obama used the exact same word regarding responsibility for the Gulf Oil spill.

Barack Obama in response to the Gulf Oil Spill wants to know “whose ass to kick”

Yeah – just between you and me….most of the “journolists” who make up the Democrat media complex have sold their souls to the progressive’Socialist agenda, and there’s nothing their Pied Piper and his attack dog minions can do to detract them when the “transformation” they’ve waited for their entire lives is so close….

The vast majority of those who make up the hive mind that is the MSM won’t be turning on their Messiah any time soon.


Crossroads GPS: Organizing for Acce$$:

Infomercial for President Obama’s new nonprofit, “Organizing for Acce$$”

Speaking of Organizing for Action, (Obama’s campaign arm)….remember how they were caught using spambots (phoney sockpuppet twitter accounts) to show fake support for Obama’s anti-gun agenda on Twitter a couple weeks ago? Yeah – would you believe that MSNBC (Obama’s media arm) has been caught doing the very same thing?! I know! Shocking, huh? In other news, MSNBC recently hired David Axelrod, dubbed the  “master of astroturfing”. Oh, did I mention that Axelrod also serves as a consultant for OFA? Hmmmmmm!

Another shocker:

Weasel Zippers: Poll: Only 6% Of Americans Find MSM “Very Trustworthy,” 41% Say Media More Liberal Than They Are…

But sadly —

Sit down for this shocking statistic… 75% of Democrats trust the media.

Via IBD:

It may be hard for many educated voters to believe, but fully six out of every 100 Americans still find the news media Very Trustworthy.

That compares with a proportion twice as large (12%) who find the country’s professional deliverers of news Not At All Trustworthy.

That’s why the Little Dictator was able to get reelected. That’s why Republican candidates need to find ways to go over their heads so the truth can reach the people. America didn’t think Fast and Furious or Benghazi were stories because the MSM told them they weren’t. They trusted them.


Tony Katz: Actor Joseph C. Phillips: Teacher Threatened My Son, Questioned His Mental State Over Photo Of BB Gun:

In California, gun hysteria has reached such fanatical heights that teachers now feel empowered to confiscate student property, disregard their privacy, question their mental state and threaten police action – in front of other students. All have happened to the son of actor and entrepreneur Joseph C. Phillips, at El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills, CA.

Phillips, best known for his role as Lt. Martin Kendall on The Cosby Show, lives with his wife and three sons in the San Fernando Valley. In addition to being a regular fill-in host for Larry Elder on KABC radio in Los Angeles, he owns Daddy J’s Wingshack, where his 15-year-old son works and earned the money for an Airsoft bb gun. Last week his son brought a digital camera to school to show his friends a picture of the Airsoft.

On my radio show Saturday, Phillips explained that as his son was showing off the single photo, his Social Studies teacher, a Mr. James DeLarme, walked by. As his son described the incident, DeLarme “snatched” the camera out of his hand and asked him about the photo. When his son explained that it was a picture of an Airsoft bb gun, DeLarme declared the police would have to be notified and promptly left the room to confer with another teacher. The two teachers scrolled through all the photos on the camera, finally handing it back to the boy. Then, in front of all the students, DeLarme asked him, “Do you have any animosity towards your classmates?” and “Are you angry at anyone at school?”


David Harsanyi,  Human Events: The Disasters Unleashed by Obama’s Reelection:

Progressives are in power, and Obama has treated the political arena as a massive socialist revival meeting. Obama spent four years preaching his own brand of progressive morality: everyone “must” sacrifice. Obama challenged Americans “to find meaning in some- thing greater than themselves,” and by that “something greater,” he meant government. Every initiative he proposes, every law he signs, is an expansion of the state.

The American political conversation is not what it used to be. We’re no longer debating policy, no longer talking about whether government should be merely huge or whether it should be ginormous. We’re not really wrangling over what levels of debt or spending are acceptable. We are in a clash for the soul of our country.

And we’re losing.

Here are the facts. Obama won reelection convincingly in 2012. There was no theoretical hope-peddling this time around. There was no mystery about what Obama stood for. He had a record of com- prehensive economic failure, of divisiveness, of attacks on freedom of religion. He had a record of relentless class warfare, cronyism, incompetence, and stagnation. There were many broken promises. This time around, Barack Obama wasn’t bashful about plying the most explicitly left-wing agenda in presidential history—more government, more taxes, more dependency, more bailouts, more regulations—and he won easily. He promised government-run health care, more crony “investments” in proven economic losers, more interference in markets, more coercion, and more redistribution—yet he cruised to victory. He promised these things as the economy sputtered and his foreign policy crumbled.

Conservatives lost, and the prospects are grim.

If you’re a conservative, you might be shocked by the statist slogans tossed around at the Democratic National Convention about government being “the only thing that we all belong to.” You might be completely scandalized to hear an American president utter the words “you didn’t build that,” and to argue that private businesses owe their success to a beneficent government. You might think these statist sentiments are outrageous. But your neighbors? Not so much. We talk about liberty, but many Americans are far less worried about preserving individual freedom and far more attracted to politicians who make promises about what government can do for them.


Hot Air: Menendez sponsored bill to benefit big donor:

The more the media looks into the ties between Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and his big donor and private-jet provider Salomon Melgen, the more potential corruption floats to the surface. Today, the Associated Press discovers that Melgen turns out to be one of the big investors in a company that would have benefited from Menendez’ sponsorship of legislation to provide federal subsidies to natural-gas conversions for automobiles (via JWF):

Sen. Robert Menendez sponsored legislation with incentives for natural gas vehicle conversions that would benefit the biggest political donor to his re-election, the same eye doctor whose private jet Menendez used for two personal trips to the Dominican Republic, an Associated Press investigation found. …


New Zeal: Prepping Idaho: Zombie Apocalypse – UFO Alien Invasion Excercises Conducted by FEMA:

I just want to know if Idaho has lost her ever-freaking mind. I would laugh at this except I know it is not a joke and in reality what they are practicing for is societal collapse and civil unrest. Gee, I wonder whose bright idea this was? Surely it has the approval of Governor Otter who seems to have shifted to the dark side. He is signing Idaho up (along with the majority of Republicans in this state I might add) to accept Obama’s health care exchange and in return, Idaho gets millions. I am sure Otter’s 30 [million] pieces of silver seem a great boon to him; to the patriots of Idaho, it is more like treason. Once the state door is open to these Progressive vampires, they go all out. The latest invited in is evidently FEMA.

Yes folks, FEMA will hold a Zombie Apocalypse/Alien Invasion drill in Moscow, Idaho on April 27th, from 9 am to 5 pm with 100 goons and/or dupes participating. This is a full-scale exercise. Guess what? I may go see this for myself. Moscow is full of good people. I almost moved there. I know they don’t condone this farce of a pretense. I wonder why they picked Moscow? There’s a university there, but it is a small town. Boise would have been the logical choice, but I don’t think logic has anything to do with this.

There are 2 scenarios: mass casualty and a rope rescue. All Latah Co first responders and nearby counties will be participating. CERT will be assisting in the EOC and other duties as deemed necessary.

Mass casualties? From what? A blizzard? Flooding? Neither of those are likely at all. More likely, mass casualties from civil unrest and the Obama administration clamping down hard on the area. I find this very disturbing. Maybe there’s a “logic” to it after all: Moscow is a small town, off the beaten path, with a pool of willing, uh, “participants” to recruit for such an exercise. Doing this in a larger venue might attract press, remote small-town Idaho, not so much.


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