KS Sec. of State, Kris Kobach: DHS Release of Illegal Immigrants “a Brazen Abuse of Power”, “Impeachment Stuff” (Audio)

KS Sec. of State, Kris Kobach began his Sunday night talk show on 710 KCMO with civil defense sirens wailing in the background, “still broadcasting after the collapse of civilization” following the sequester..  It had been in effect for two days, and Kobach was hunkering down in the KCMO bunker….having a little fun at the Regime’s expense.

One of the effects of sequestration that Kobach wanted to discuss on Sunday’s show – not surprisingly, because he’s known as an anti-illegal immigrant hawk – was the decision of DHS to release illegal immigrant detainees. Kobach was astounded. Speaking as someone who was involved with making illegal immigration policy under the Bush administration, he wanted to clarify just what kind of people the Regime was releasing to the public.

“We detain a very tiny percentage of illegal aliens who are in removal proceedings – roughly 10%”, he began.  “Between 30 and 40,000 are in detention….the rest of the hundreds of thousands who are in deportation proceedings, are not detained. They’re on their honor to come to court. On their honor. And guess what? Many of them don’t show, and if the judge says, “you’re outta here – they ignore their removal letter….  oh, you thought removal meant that someone came with handcuffs and took the illegal alien to the border immediately? Nah. We have an honor system in America.” He continued,  “but about 10%… ARE detained and those are the ones with serious criminal records or extraordinary indicia in their records indicating that they are a huge flight risk. They are a problem. They are not your illegal aliens who just came here for a better life.”

Driving the point home, he explained, “these are illegal alien robbers, arsonists, drug dealers. These are bad guys. These are not illegal aliens who just want a chance at a better life. These are illegal immigrations who are the worst of the worst and the Obama administration decided to turn them loose to make a point about sequesters.”

He noted that it was not necessary to turn them loose.  “There is so much fat in DHS and ICE”, he argued, “it would be easy to cut 2-3% of the budget.”

He suggested they could start with getting rid of executive travel and conferences, and vehicles, making the point  that during the government shut down in 1996, certain emergency services were not shut down including deportation and detention facilities. So the highest levels of government services. But the ” extraordinary, bizarre, extreme” Obama administration decided that to make a political point that they would shut down what couldn’t get shut down during the government shut down in the nineties.

Scaring us by releasing illegal immigrant criminals — “REALLY, Mr. President? Really?!” Kobach thundered.

“This is a brazen abuse of power”, he said. “They crossed the line.”

“This is impeachment stuff!”

“You do not release dangerous criminals to make a point…”


Someone who will remain nameless made a booboo. (Not me.) The audio below is hour two of the program. You can listen listen to the first hour, (part of which is described above), here.

5 thoughts on “KS Sec. of State, Kris Kobach: DHS Release of Illegal Immigrants “a Brazen Abuse of Power”, “Impeachment Stuff” (Audio)

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