Sheriff Claims CO Democrats Used Threats, Extortion and Blackmail To Pressure Sheriffs Into Supporting Gun Control Bills (Audio)

According to El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, the vast majority of the 30 Sheriffs who made the trip to the Capitol, last week, came to testify in support of the second Amendment. Unfortunately, the rules were changed so that only one Sheriff could testify on a bill. Maketa claimed that CO Democrats were pressuring pro-gun sheriffs in the state with tactics that border on extortion. In an email he received, last week, the Democrat Senate majority leadership threatened to stop or stall pay raises to the state’s elected sheriffs if they refused to support Colorado’s pending gun control legislation.

Via The Blaze:

In the radio interview, Maketa strongly suggested that the pressure being placed on sheriffs organization bordered on extortion and should be investigated.

Maketa said some sheriffs in the organization were suggesting they compromise and support one proposed bill that would remove firearms and ammunition from people accused of domestic violence before ever being convicted of a crime.

“They’re infringing on your Fourth Amendment rights and Fifth Amendment rights,”  Maketa said.

He quoted statistics saying firearms were used in less than 2 percent of crimes reported in his state. Maketa also said that if guns are confiscated, blunt objects and instruments like knives and scissors should be as well, since they are used in domestic violence cases more often than guns.

He made the shocking claims in a radio interview with KVOR, on Saturday.

There seems to be an epidemic of this sort of thing going on throughout this country. I call it trickle down gangster government.

Some good news:

On Friday, the CO Conceal-carry on campus ban was killed by its sponsor.

Denver, March 9, 2013—Students for Concealed Carry is pleased to report that Senator Rollie Heath has tabled Colorado House Bill 13-1226 until two days after the end of the legislative session, effectively killing this misguided legislation that would have stripped students of their right to self-defense by banning concealed carry on college campuses.

Concealed carry on university campuses in Colorado first became legal in 2003. In 2012, a landmark decision by the Colorado Supreme Court in Students for Concealed Carry on Campus LLC v. Regents of University of Colorado overturned illegal campus gun bans and extended this protection to all public campuses in Colorado. With the defeat of this bill, students will continue to have access to the most effective means of self-defense.

Students for Concealed Carry’s dedicated members and other activists have worked hard to shine a light on House Bill 13-1226 and show how disarming students won’t stop criminals. They packed committee meetings, filled inboxes, and kept the phones ringing to make sure legislators heard their opposition to this bill. Their hard work and dedication helped bring national attention to this issue and pressure lawmakers to make the right decision. We’re glad Colorado’s legislators heard the call and decided to stand with students to preserve our right to self-defense on campus.

Weekly Standard: Colorado Poll: Gun Control Politically Dangerous for Democrats:

A new poll measuring public opinion of gun control measures being considered in Colorado finds the issue could be politically dangerous for Democrats. And most don’t think “sweeping gun control measures will make them any safer,” according to the pollster.

“[W]hile opinions on this issue fall predictably along party and ideological lines, there are some political perils that Democratic leaders should be cognizant of,” writes pollster Rob Autry, of Public Opinion Strategies, in a memo detailing the poll’s findings.

“Democratic legislators also have to be mindful that even members of their own partisan coalition are conflicted about this proposed legislation.  While only 8% of Democrats oppose all of the gun control measures we tested, 70% of Democratic voters oppose one or some combination of the proposals (either the comprehensive package, the background checks, the liability claim, or the high-capacity magazine ban).”

“These poll numbers prove that Governor Hickenlooper and the Democrats are listening to Bloomberg and Biden instead of Coloradans,” comments state senator Greg Brophy, responding to the poll, in an email to me.

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  3. Hmmm. taxes are collected at the County level… the tax collectors are elected… what if the tax collectors informed the State Legislature that all funding needs for their respective counties (including the Sheriff) would be paid first, and all funds left over would be forwarded to the state?


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