#CPAC2013: Marco Rubio: “We Don’t Need a New Idea – The Idea Is America – And It Still Works!”

Naturally, he started out with a water joke, then proceeded with a message of hope for the country. The character of the American people hasn’t changed, he maintains. The world around us has. He said there’s still a hunger for a message about limited government, constitutional principles and free enterprise. Our challenge is creating an agenda that applies these principles.

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#CPAC2013: Rand Paul: “No One Person Gets To Decide The Law” (Video)

Senator Rand Paul took the stage at CPAC Thursday afternoon to cheers and thunderous applause.

He began his speech with a simple message for the president, whittled down from his 13 hour filibuster; “no one person gets to decide the law.”


#CPAC2013: Rep Louie Gohmert Discusses His Bid To Defund Obama’s Golf Trips Until WH Tours Resume

Congressman Louis Gohmert answered questions outside the grand ballroom at CPAC, this afternoon. A young reporter asked him about his bid to defund Obama’s golf trips until the White House tours resume. He said that just one of those trips could fund White House tours for the rest of the year.

Obama blames the Secret Service for the controversial decision to suspend the White House tours, but Jaye Carney has admitted that the decision was made by the White House after the Secret Service acknowledged that it needed to pull staff from the White House tours.