CPAC 2013: Sheriff Mack: How A Constitutional Sheriff Can Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights (Video)

Richard Mack, former sheriff for Graham County, AZ spoke about state rights in the fight to keep our Second Amendment rights, yesterday.

Part One:

Part Two:

The sheriff’s book, The Magic Of Gun Control is now available as an instant audio download. Here’s a sample.

Mack writes at his website:

I tried a little more of a fun approach in this book, comparing politicians of our day to magicians: It’s all about sleight of hand and misdirection, not actual magic. The metaphor works out pretty well when you think about it. My editor and I even came up with a new word: Polimagicians! After we thought of it, he did an internet search and found out that we weren’t the first one to dream it up, but that’s ok. We’re in good company.

#CPAC2013 Random Pics

Here are a few pics I took from Day one of CPAC. The schedule for the speakers, this weekend,  is here.

A view of the room from the bloggers’ vantage point while Allen West was speaking.


The busy NRA booth signing up new members.


Young men from the Citadel


Ben Franklin makes an appearance.

See PJ Tatler’s Matt Vespa for a list of the  CPAC: Blog Bash 2013 blog award winners.


Winners of this years’ blog awards collect their trophies.


The winners posed with their awards.