Obama Regime Busted On More Lies: Jeanine Pirro Whips Out The Ruler (Video)

I don’t know why we make light of this. It really isn’t funny. The Regime lies to the American people every day, and hardly anyone gives a damn. There have been so many sequester lies, it’s hard to keep track of them all.

They were caught, last week  lying about who decided to cancel the White House tours. Carney admitted it was the White House while Obama tried to pass the buck to the Secret Service.

But the most egregious sequester lie had to do with the DHS illegal immigrant prisoner releases. The Regime said they were “low risk, non criminal detainees”. LIE. As Pirro established last week, they wouldn’t have even be detained if they didn’t pose some kind of risk to the general public – per ICE written policy.

The Regime also maintained that only “a few hundred detainees have been released (“as you know”,  Jay Carney likes to tell reporters.) No we don’t know, Skippy. It turns out the original reporting was correct. It was over 2,200.

Jay. Quit already. If you have an ounce of decency, dignity, self respect — if you have a soul – QUIT.  This has got to be eating you up – going out there and lying to everyone’s faces like that every single damn day. I don’t know how these people sleep at night. I really don’t.

There”s also the Fast and Furious lies, the Benghazi lies, and their lies about the debt crisis – (there is no crisis.)

Pirro had Congressman Randy Forbes (VA) to talk about the problem of this administration’s non stop lies.

Video via Massteaparty

Ted Cruz Tells BlogBashers: “Y’all Are On The Front Lines Of Taking This County Back” (video)

Thursday night, The National Bloggers Club sponsored a BlogBash, “the largest gathering of right of center bloggers, and online opinion leaders”  for the conservative bloggers in Washington DC for CPAC. Hundreds of bloggers filled Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar for a fun filled night.  Fellow Texan Melissa Clouthier ( @Melissatweets ) introduced the Senate’s rising star, Senator Ted Cruz:

“You represent power and you represent democracy,” Cruz told assembled bloggers, “You scare the hell out of Washington.”

Blog Award Winners For CPAC 2013:

2012 Blogger of the Year

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Best Investigative Post of 2012

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Bloggers’ Choice: Movie of the Year

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Friends of Bloggers Award

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