Sequestration Hearings Streaming Live

A joint subcommittee hearing, Sequestration Oversight: Understanding the Administration’s Decisions on Spending Cuts and Furloughs started at  1:30 p.m. Eastern.
The hearing is streaming live at  and is supposed to “examine how agencies plan to implement the sequester in the coming months and over the long-term.”

In plain language – Congress is hauling up the heads of agencies to ask them why they’re making such high profile, “painful cuts” rather than cuts in waste and overhead.

Also, the House Judiciary is holding a hearing on the scandalous Release of Immigrants from Detention Centers. Background,  here,  here, herehere, and here.

John Morton, the director of ICE, has been testifying.

At 2:30 Eastern they took a recess for a vote on the House floor, and will reconvene the hearing, shortly.

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