Friday Free-For-All: What Do Democrats Have Against Balanced Budgets?


Glenn Foden cartoon via Townhall.

The Conversation: Video: Senate Democrats Vote In Lock Step Against GOP floor motion to Balance the Budget; Raise Taxes on The Middle Class:

What do Democrats have against balancing the budget?

Senator Jeff Sessions  offered a motion tonight to send Patty Murray’s Senate budget back to committee with instructions to re-do it in any way necessary to produce a balanced budget.

There were no caveats to how this should be done – Senators were simply voting to accept or reject the very principle of balancing the federal budget within 10 years. Text of the motion follows:

Mr. Sessions moves to commit S. Con. Res. 8 back to the Committee on the Budget with instructions to report back no later than March 22, 2013 with such changes as may be necessary to achieve unified budget balance by fiscal year 2023.

Every Democrat Senator except for Sen. Joe Manchin voted against this measure.

Townhall: Poll: 85 Percent of Americans Support Requiring a Balanced Federal Budget:

n case you were wondering why Senate Republicans pushed so hard for the Sessions amendment last night, knowing full well that it didn’t stand a chance in Harry Reid’s house, here’s your answer:

Both President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner recently said the country doesn’t have an immediate debt problem. Nearly 7 voters in 10 say they are wrong. Conversely, 27 percent agree the debt can be handled several years down the road. Voters are similarly at odds with Washington on the budget deficit. Almost all think the federal government should be required to balance its budget (85 percent) and believe reducing the budget deficit is a worthy goal “in and of itself” (85 percent). When asked about investment spending versus spending cuts, more voters say cutting spending to reduce the deficit should be a higher priority in Washington right now than increasing spending to create jobs (54-38 percent).

Twitchy: ‘You’re welcome, Joe’: Matt Drudge reacts to Biden’s $585,000 Paris hotel tab:

$585,000.50 would pay for repairs on a lot of shotgun-damaged doors!

Matt Drudge doesn’t tweet often, but when he does, it’s a winner. In a tweet from his personal account, Drudge wrote, “VP Biden’s One-Night Paris Hotel Tab: $585,000.50! You’re welcome, Joe. That’s amount of check I’m writing to IRS in few weeks!”

We’re guessing he won’t get a “thank you, Matt.”

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News: Thousands of Libyan missiles from Qaddafi era missing in action:

The U.S. has been unable to secure thousands of potentially dangerous shoulder-fired missiles known as “MANPADS” that were leftover from the Qaddafi regime in Libya, CBS News has learned.

MANPADS stands for “Man-portable air-defense systems.” According to a well-placed source, hundreds of the missiles have been tracked as having gone to Al Qaeda Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), an Algeria-based Sunni Muslim terrorist group fighting for control in Mali.

“I would imagine they’re trying to get their hands on as many weapons such as MANPADS as they can,” says CBS News national security consultant Juan Zarate. “It’s a danger both to the military conflict underway in Mali and a real threat to civilian aircraft if, in fact, terrorists have their hands on these MANPADS.”

John Sexton, The Conversation: Do Gosnell’s Victims Matter, Mr. President?

President Obama has made a habit of offering words of comfort when tragedy occurs, especially tragedy that involves children. He traveled to Tucson and spoke movingly of the 9 year old girl who was killed by Jared Loughner. He had great compassion for the young victims of Adam Lanza and promised to work to change the laws that, he claimed, allowed those killings to take place.

So where is Obama on the 7 infants killed in Philly (really it’s many, many times that number)? Why are there no teachable moments this time? Why no national dialogue about the grim reality of late term abortion? No discussion of the razor thin line between constitutional rights and murder from the First Lawyer. No vow to prevent this happening again by banning scissors or, more to the point, working to eradicate illegal late-term abortions (which like gun crimes are already illegal but still happen). Don’t Gosnell’s victims deserve a vote?

The President will not offer nationally televised words of healing at any of the funerals (complete with souvenir t-shirt). He will not stare into the rafters, pause dramatically and stage whisper something about Kermit Gosnell failing to live up to our best ideals. In short, he will not capitalize on the deaths of these innocent children. And no one in the media seems to have noticed his unusual disinterest in doing so.

LA Times: New ‘Fast and Furious’ report finds DHS warning signs ignored:

Even as they lost scores of illegal firearms in their Fast and Furious operation, federal ATF agents asked their Border Patrol counterparts not to pursue criminal leads or track gun smuggling in southern Arizona so they could follow the firearms themselves, and senior Homeland Security agents “complied and the leads were not investigated,” according to a new Department of Homeland Security inspector general’s report.

The report, obtained Thursday by The Times, also said that a Homeland Security special agent on the border was collaborating with the ATF in Fast and Furious, but his “senior leaders” in Arizona never read his updates about fundamental flaws with the failed gun tracking operation. Had they done so, Homeland Security officials could have tried to close down the operation before one of their Border Patrol agents, Brian Terry, was killed not far from Tucson.

Hot Air: Obama to Israelis: Put yourselves in the Palestinians’ shoes:

To be scrupulously fair, the tone of the clip isn’t true to the tone of the entire speech. The Standard has the transcript. Most of what preceded this was as florid a valentine to Israel and Zionism as a U.S. president has ever delivered. It had to be in order to prepare his audience for the “put yourself in their shoes” passage, which of course was the real point of the speech. He couldn’t convince Netanyahu to restart the peace process with the Palestinians so now he’s going to try to convince his Israeli constituents to pressure him into doing so. (Now might be an opportune moment for this pitch.) And of course the media is breathless about it. His other landmark speech in the Middle East, in Cairo in 2009, totally changed the Middle East for the better, didn’t it? I’m sure this one will be just as significant.

Elliott Abrams responds by reminding O that there’s a long, long list of Middle Eastern nations that need tutoring on empathy and Israel’s not near the top:

In his remarks today he pictured an Arab world, and a Palestinian political system, yearning for peace with Israel through negotiated compromises. This ignores the vast ocean of anti-Semitism in the Arab world, and the inculcation of hatred of Jews and Israel in generation after generation of Arabs—including Palestinians. And it ignores the rising tide of Islamism in the region, which threatens to engulf all those political figures who would really like a compromise peace. The Arab world Obama described is a place far more desirous of, and far closer to, peace with Israel than the one Israelis actually see around them.

The Right Scoop:  Mark Levin: Obama quotes Saul Alinsky in the Middle East – what the hell is he doing there?

Mark Levin points out, as he says Aaron Klein also noted today, that in Obama’s speech in Jerusalem today he quoted Saul Alinsky to his Israeli college audience, encouraging them to create the change they want to see and basically do and end-run around their leadership to make peace.

But Mark Levin wonders, rhetorically of course, why Obama doesn’t quote James Madison in the Middle East, or Edmund Burke, or Moses or even Jesus? No, he choose to quotes Saul Alinsky. Mark Levin asks “what the hell is he doing there?”

John Sexton, The Conversation: Conor Friedersdorf’s Needless, Xenophobic Panic

Conor Friedersdorf devotes a column today to bashing Michelle Malkin for something she wrote back in 2002. Yes, that’s right, an 11 year old column was in desperate need of a rebuttal. Here’s the bit Friedersdorf is upset about:

How many of Saddam Hussein’s sleeper terrorists are waiting dormant in the United States to retaliate against us when the War on Iraq begins? The Bush administration has begun to monitor Iraqis inside our country to identify potential domestic terrorist threats posed by sympathizers of the Baghdad regime, according to The New York Times. But while the new intelligence program is tracking thousands of Iraqi citizens and Iraqi-Americans with dual citizenship who are attending our universities or working at private corporations, there is no indication of what federal authorities are doing to locate the untold numbers of illegal aliens from Iraq who have streamed across our open borders. More than 115,000 people from Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries are here illegally. Some 6,000 Middle Eastern men who have defied deportation orders remain on the loose. And an international crime ring, led by Iraqi native George Tajirian, demonstrates the scope of the alarming problem of potential terrorists pressing at our southern gate.

And here’s Friedersdorf’s decade-late rebuttal:

Columns like this are seldom revisited a decade later, given that they are totally devoid of value, but it’s clarifying to look back, because there’s no need to argue that her fearmongering was wrongheaded — it can be stated as a fact that no dormant sleeper cells retaliated after the war began; that dual citizens posed virtually no problem, if any; that Iraqi illegal immigrants did not menace the American people; and that their having slipped across the border made virtually no difference.

All of this “fearmongering” was much ado about nothing. Looking back, these “needless, xenophobic” ideas about terrorists crossing the border and posing a threat seem silly. Who would ever believe such nonsense? Well, Conor Friedersdorf for one.

Keep reading. What. an. ass.

Ace weighs in on his site: Sorry I’ve Been Having a Fight With Some Idiots:

t this point John Sexton, who knows how to work the google machine, put up a post noting that Conor Friedersdorf had expressed either the exact same points, or, according to Conor, similar but not exactly the same points as Malkin did — terrorists crossing the border, dual loyalties of recent Muslim immigrants — late as 2006.

So… doesn’t this mean Conor Friedersdorf is quite a silly goose? Apparently not, but let’s put that aside for the moment.

At this point I jumped in on Twitter to begin asking Conor when — given that he was now our self-appointed Minister of Online Hygiene — he would be similarly doing a What a Silly Goose piece about his former boss/mentor Andrew Sullivan, and write up a fulsome attack on Sullivan’s many conspiracy theories.

There is a part II to this stupid thing but Twitchy hasn’t collected it up yet so that’ll have to wait.

By the way, Conor did write about Sullivan’s Trig Trutherism.

By defending Sullivan. By claiming that Sarah Palin was courting such suspicions because they helped her politically.

He disagrees with Sullivan that Palin faked a pregnancy (gee thanks for that bold stance) but then claims that maybe Palin’s been advised to keep the proof of her birthing of Trig secret, in order to bait her critics into talking about her.

One explanation for the disparity in evidence: the persistence of questions about Trig helps Sarah Palin. All along, she has savvily used the notion that the media is treating her unfairly to enhance her popularity. An amoral political strategist would advise her to keep hard evidence of Trig’s maternity hidden at all costs in the hope that critics would continue questioning it — if Professor Bernstein and I, both of us huge Sarah Palin critics, doubt the merits of this line of inquiry, imagine how the average American reacts to it, and how the Sarah Palin base reacts. For better or worse, we live in a country where the politics of umbrage are very effective, and Ms. Palin is expert at them. Indeed I fear that speculation about Trig’s maternity increases the chance that she’ll win the 2012 GOP nomination. If a savvy political analyst can be found who disagrees with that assessment, I’d be surprised.

I’m savvy and I disagree. So I guess Conor is surprised.

Palin really rode Trig Trutherism to the nomination, huh? Like a stallion.

Michelle Malkin: Dumb and Dangerous: America’s Fast Pass for Saudi Arabia:

It’s business as usual in the post-9/11 world. Your federal government is back to pandering to wealthy travelers from Saudi Arabia. In the eyes of our massive homeland security apparatus, the comfort of Saudis is a higher priority than the safety of American citizens.

And thanks to reckless, feckless bureaucrats who fear being labeled “racists,” “xenophobes” and “Islamophobes,” political correctness remains the handmaiden of terror.

According to a new report released this week by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security plans to bestow “trusted traveler” status to travelers from Saudi Arabia. Yes, the home of 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers will soon enjoy the exclusive privilege of new entry shortcuts into the U.S.

Fox News points out: “Only an exclusive handful of countries enjoy inclusion in the Global Entry program: Canada, Mexico, South Korea and the Netherlands. According to the IPT, some officials are questioning why Saudi Arabia gets to reap the benefits of the program, when key U.S. allies like Germany and France are not enrolled.”

Saudi suck-up Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security, hailed “the bond between the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” and pledged to work with the government to facilitate “legitimate trade and travel.”

Gay Patriot: Update on SC Senate Race:

When the grassroots effort began which led to me strongly considering a challenge to Lindsey Graham for US Senate in 2014 — I promised that I would conduct my efforts in a transparent manner through social media.

I’ve been relatively quiet about my decision making process this week.

That was by design. After the enormous reception I received at CPAC, my team of advisors and I thought it best that we keep a lower profile this week.

The Blaze: College Student Says He’s Been Suspended After He Refused Prof’s Demand to Stomp on Jesus Sign:

Ryan Rotela, a junior at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), is waging a bizarre allegation against his professor, Dr. Deandre Poole.

The student is claiming that he’s been suspended from his intercultural communications class for refusing to write “JESUS” on a sheet of paper, throw it on the floor and then stomp on it — a request that the instructor apparently made.

If you’re already scratching your head, you’re not alone. The curious claim caught the attention of WPEC-TV, a South Florida CBS affiliate.

Rotela, a devout Mormon, says he refused to participate in the purported activity and told Poole that he found the request offensive.

Until the left learns to keep their noxious biases out of the classroom, I’d like to see more stories like this next one:

The Right Scoop: High school students asked to compare Lenin/Stalin transformation of Russia to Obama’s transformation of America:

FOX 19 – Several students and parents at Kell High School in Marietta are upset about an assignment handed out by a social studies teacher on Monday.

The assignment asked students to find evidence for a comparison of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin’s methods of changing Russia from a capitalist country to a command country to President Barack Obama’s methods of changing the United States from a capitalist country to a socialist country.

Jay Dillon, spokesman for the Cobb County School District, told CBS Atlanta News that the teacher who handed out the homework assignment was a fill-in teacher.

After the assignment was brought to the attention of Kell’s principal, the principal discussed the assignment with the teacher, and the assignment was withdrawn.

How do you like it lefties?

Yid With Lid: CPAC Follow-up–> How Many Black People Are Here?: Jolie’s Story:

As I walked out of the media center last Thursday at CPAC, I found a tall African-American fellow (Named Greg Thrasher) berating a young woman. At first I believed she was as CPAC Staffer, but having met her two days later I now know she is a twenty year old law student named Jolie Davis (and Judging by her intelligence I will probably be voting for her one day).

 HOW MANY BLACK PEOPLE ARE HERE, he was shouting. The poor young lady was backed into an alcove as he continued.  You say you are trying to do outreach to minority community–HOW MANY BLACK PEOPLE ARE HERE!

Mr. Thrasher and I have a difference of opinion, I believe he was bulling Ms Davis, he disagrees. Nevertheless, reacting more with anti-bully instincts than reporting ones I screamed back at Thrasher, who writes at a liberal blog called Plane Ideas.

While returning to the Media area a while later  I passed the berated young woman once again, which rekindled the anger I had over Mr. Thrasher’s bullying. I came up to a toned-down Mr. Thrasher was still pontificating-I confronted him again.  Javier Manjerres editor of The Shark Tank questioned Thrasher caught only the end of the second confrontation which has since become a “hit” on the Daily Kos as I became (in their minds)  the biggest hater since Mel Gibson.

When I met Ms. Davis I asked her to write down her thoughts about the incident and how it began.  She posted her experience on her blog and has given me permission to cross post her words.

Keep reading. This Thrasher guy is the living embodiment of everything that is wrong with the racialist left.

AIM: Shift in News Media? Koch Brothers to buy Liberal Newspapers?

WASHINGTON — If the rumors are correct, it seems that the conservative Koch brothers may be looking to buy out liberal newspapers. If so, this could be an interesting development on the news media and their historic liberal biases.

The Tribune company, which owns the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, is looking to sell their newspaper assets to shed costs. The newspaper industry, as Don Irvine has reported, is struggling across the U.S. Daily newspapers, but particularly the local city papers, have cut their services and personnel to cut costs.

Revealing Politics: CO Senator wants major legislation at the flip of a coin:

On Wednesday Colorado Senator Evie Hudak (D-Westminster) told Senator Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs) that he could “flip a coin” on a major amendment to a $1 billion bill.

Patterico: EXCLUSIVE: Prop8 judge sought Ted Olson’s opinion on whether to attend SCOTUS gay marriage arguments:

Vaughn R. Walker, the judge who struck down Proposition 8, California’s gay marriage ban, sought Ted Olson’s opinion regarding whether Walker should attend next week’s Supreme Court arguments on the gay marriage cases. Olson was one of the lawyers who successfully persuaded Judge Walker to strike down Proposition 8 after a trial held in 2010.

In December 2012 emails obtained exclusively by, Judge Walker, who retired in February 2011, asked Olson’s law partner to “ask Ted if he thinks my attending the argument would be an unwanted distraction.”

When Olson’s law partner responded that Olson thought Walker’s attendance would be a “potential distraction,” Walker agreed not to go, saying he understood Olson’s reaction and was not surprised by it. Walker described himself as “only moderately disappointed not to see the argument,” and added: “Ted’s argument will be spectacular, I’m sure.”

Gateway Pundit: Two Teens Arrested for Shooting Baby in Stroller in Cold Blood (Video):

The victim said one of the African-American boys did not even look 10 years-old.
USA Today reported:

Georgia police Friday arrested two teenagers suspected of shooting a baby to death in his stroller and wounding his mother during a holdup.

Seventeen-year-old De’Marquis Elkins was charged as an adult with first-degree murder, along with a 14-year-old who was not identified because he is a juvenile, said Brunswick Police Chief Tobe Green. They were arrested early Friday morning.

WTLV reports the mother, Sherry West, and her 13-month-old son, Antonio Santiago, were on a morning walk Thursday when they were approached by two suspects and shot after demanding money.

Iowahawk, the Conversation: The Thought Leaders of Tomorrow:

Curse Iowahawk for bringing this mortifying video to our attention. Curse him!