Ted Cruz: “I Think A Gun Registry Is Very Very Dangerous…A Precondition To Confiscation” (Audio)

Ted Cruz was a guest on Glen Beck’s radio show, today to talk about the Democrats’ gun control efforts.

Some of what the Democrats are proposing is thankfully essentially “show legislation”, Cruz maintained. That would include the assault weapons ban that Senator Feinstein was pushing. The universal background checks are another story, though. Universal background checks would extend background checks to every single private transaction between law abiding citizens.

Cruz said that his view is that instead of gun legislation, they should be passing crime legislation.  “We should focus on deterrents and punishments on violent criminals.” He explained that instead of  taking away rights of law abiding citizens, we should enforce the laws that are already on the books.  “Right now,  the Obama Justice Dept  is not effectively enforcing those laws”, he argued.

The only way they could implement a universal background check is for the federal government to compile a gun registry. And a gun registry Cruz maintained is “very very dangerous”….

When pressed by Glen Beck to explain why, he said, because historically “it’s a precondition for confiscation. If the federal government has a list of your guns, it then can go and take your guns.”

A Few Months After Repubs Agree To Raise Taxes, White House Blasts Repubs For Refusing To Raise Taxes


How much respect does this White House have for  low info Americans? None.  They expect them to have already forgotten that the Republicans agreed to a massive tax hike on January 1.

Via Weasel Zippers;

White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest whacked Republican lawmakers for their refusal to consider passing more tax hikes, saying that remains the “chief impediment” to progress on a budget and deficit reduction deal.

“For some time now, the chief impediment to reaching a grand bargain has been the refusal of Republicans to ask the wealthiest and well-connected to pay even a dime more to help us deal with our deficit challenges. I’m sad to report that, even months later, that, that continues to be the case, that we are seeing a group of Republicans in the Congress who are refusing to compromise on this,” he said.

I’m even sadder to report that Republicans DID compromise months ago with the Fiscal Cliff tax hike:

The bill raises income tax rates for those taxpayers with incomes more than $400,000 for individuals and $450,000 for couples from 35 percent to 39.6 percent. These higher income taxpayers will also pay higher rates on investment income, with rates on dividends and capital gains rising from 15 percent to 20 percent. Add the 3.8 percent ObamaCare surcharge on investment income — another tax that takes effect in January, and the top rate on investment income would rise to 23.8 percent for those high-income households.

The bill also raises taxes on couples earning more than $250,000 a year and single people earning more than $200,000 by limiting personal exemptions and itemized deductions.

Estates taxes will also be increased, with the top rate raised to 40 percent, with the first $5 million in value exempted for individual estates and $10 million for family estates.

The bill also delays the automatic $1.2 trillion draconian sequester spending cuts for sixty days. The sequester cuts, evenly split between defense and certain domestic discretionary spending, were scheduled to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2013. The $24 billion cost of the sequester delay is allegedly made up with a mix of spending cuts and new revenues from rules changes on converting traditional individual retirement accounts into Roth IRAs.

Worse, the bill actually increases the deficit by including:

  • A permanent fix for the alternative minimum tax.
  • A five-year extension of tax credits for college tuition and the working poor, which were enacted as part of Obama’s failed 2009 stimulus.
  • A one-year extension for unemployment benefits, affecting two million people.
  • The long-term unemployed could count on receiving emergency benefits for another year, at a cost of about $30 billion.

More on the tax increases via The Heritage Foundation:

Ordinary Americans, as President Obama often refers to the majority of Americans, were by no means spared the tax increases allowed in the fiscal cliff deal. Americans’ disposable income is getting cut any way you look at it. The higher Social Security payroll tax is just one direct example. Higher taxes on investors and small businesses will trickle down to other Americans primarily in the form of lower wages and salaries and fewer opportunities for career advancement.

Americans dreaming of starting their own businesses will particularly be affected. Among the 13 tax increases for 2013, investors providing much of the capital for start-up firms to get off the ground took multiple hits. The rate on dividends and capital gains increased from 15 percent to 20 percent for taxable incomes over $450,000 ($400,000 for single filers).

Additionally, Obamacare imposed—for the first time ever—a surcharge on investment disguised as payroll tax. It raised a 3.8 percent surtax on investment income for taxpayers with taxable income exceeding $250,000 ($200,000 for singles). This brings the top rate on capital gains and dividends to 23.8 percent. And this represents a second layer of tax on capital gains. Most capital gains in the U.S. are first taxed at the highest-in-the-world corporate income tax rate of 35 percent.

Someone tell Josh, the REAL impediment to reaching a “grand bargain” is Obama’s intransigence on spending.

By the way, you tea partiers out there: remember back in 2009 when liberals kept telling us that Obama was a big tax cutter? All us “tea-baggers” were crazy to be saying “taxed enough already” because Obama was the biggest tax cutter the country had ever seen, and  he wouldn’t raise taxes “one single dime.” Remember how we laughed and laughed because we knew that he was going  to raise taxes big time to pay for the already bloated government leviathan he was so hellbent on expanding?

Yeah. Me too.

Jim (Punch Back Twice as Hard) Messina in OFA Fund-Raising Email: “If We Do This Right, The Other Side Won’t Know What Hit ‘Em”

jim messina

Jim Messina, the Chair of Obama’s permanent campaign arm, Organizing for Action, wants potential donors to know that “interest groups” on “the other side” have “money to burn” unlike his totally independent “grassroots” group which is run by former advisors to the President, and promises special access to the White House for big donors.

These shadowy special interest groups are trying to throw a wrench into the Regime’s good works, Messina says, and we can be “damned sure this is not going to stop.”

Supporters are urged to donate just $5.00 or more to help them punch back twice as hard. “The other side won’t know what hit em,” Messina promises at the end of his letter.

Friend —

I want to make one thing absolutely clear:

We’re up against a whole lot more than just opposition in Congress.

We’re up against interest groups with money to burn — organizations willing to drop every last penny they have to stop President Obama’s agenda in its tracks. We’re already seeing it on gun violence, and immigration reform — they’re going to spend millions to throw a wrench in the works of progress.

You can be damned sure that this is not going to stop.

Organizing for Action is going to shift the balance of power in Washington back to real people. People like you have shown over and over again that no amount of spending can stop millions of Americans calling for change.

It’s going to take each of us rolling up our sleeves, getting to work, and chipping in what we can when we can.

We have our first fundraising deadline this weekend. Donate $5 or more right now to become a founding member of this organization:


This is going to be fun. If we do this right, the other side won’t know what hit ’em.


Jim Messina
Organizing for Action

Hat tip: Tony Katz

Dismantling Touré’s Race-Baiting Smear Campaign (Video)

I’d really prefer to ignore this race-baiting punk, but Toure’s toxic racialist poison is disseminated on a daily basis at MSNBC. He must be dealt with.

The following is very hard to watch, knowing that the nonsensical garbage he spews is taken seriously by most of the confused drones who watch MSNBC.

This has been in the news, so you may have already seen it: Touré: Ben Carson Is The GOP’s ‘Black Friend,’ Enjoying GOP’s ‘Affirmative Action:

Okay, let’s unpack this one racialist smear at a time.

“The demand for black friends continues because some people need them to make themselves feel not racist.” (???!!!)

For the sake of clarity, let’s rephrase this obnoxious, wholly unsupported and frankly idiotic assumption: “Racist Republicans need a few token “black friends” to prove that they are not racist, but they obviously are, because I said so.”  Of course, the entire MSNBC prime time line up in 2012 operated under the assumption that anyone who opposes Barack Obama’s agenda is ipso facto racist. Race-baiting is second nature to this crowd.

Is it stupid? Yes indeed it is stupid and shallow to accuse people you don’t know of something as terrible as racism because they have strong, ideological differences with a black president and leftism as a whole. But the M/O of liberal fascists like Toure is to try to smear and marginalize those who disagree with their left-wing agenda. They know the drones lap it up because it makes them feel superior. What will it take to wake them up?

Toure confesses that he doesn’t feel like the GOP “cares” about him because they try to suppress his vote. “I’m kinda big on that,” he notes without offering any examples of the GOP trying to suppress his vote. One can only assume he means GOP support for  voter integrity laws that are designed to reduce fraud, (which 2012 proved continues to be a huge problem.) Toure thinks that being asked to show an I.D. at the polls, (something 75% of Americans agree with) = raaaaacism. Could that be another stupid, obnoxious and wholly unsupported assumption? Why yes, it could. He goes on to say that Republicans should quit trying to kill the voter rights act, (which btw, Republicans voted for by greater percentages than Democrats in 1965.) His proof for this is not stated but he may be referring to a House Republican opposition to renewing the VRA in 2006 over provisions that require bilingual ballots in many places and continued federal oversight of voting practices in Southern states.

He may also be referring to a case before the Supreme Court, Alabama v. Holder, which questions “the constitutionality, applicability and relevance of Section 5 of that law” which requires state governments with a history of discrimination to get approval of the Justice Department before they alter their election laws. Whatever your position is on the constitutionality of Section 5 – to call Alabama’s opposition to it nothing short of racism, is intellectually bankrupt, but to be expected coming from intellectually bankrupt race-baiters like Toure.

Citing no examples or evidence, he also said Republicans want to kill affirmative Action. I have no idea what Republicans have done recently to “kill Affirmative Action”, but I wish they would. Most Republicans –  black and white alike – believe that discrimination is wrong, but preferential treatment for some groups is wrong, too. Toure may disagree with that position – but again – disagreeing with Toure on a political issue involving race doesn’t constitute racism..

In that same barrage of inanities, he also accused Republicans of calling him a “taker and a lazy person”, obviously in reference to Mitt Romney’s formulation that 47% of voters pay no income tax. This, Toure seems to view as an attack on blacks, even though  the overwhelming majority of non-taxpayers are students and the elderly.

I will call Toure a “lazy person” because his ideas are intellectually lazy.  He makes sweeping generalizations that don’t pan out under any kind of scrutiny.  His entire argument seems to be, if you oppose his coveted left-wing positions, you are trying to “screw over” blacks. “Enter Dr. Ben Carson” whose message to blacks is the exact opposite. He eschews this morally bankrupt culture of victimization.   But because the left can’t allow blacks  to hear his message of real hope and empowerment, he must be personally discredited. He must be ridiculed and called Republicans’ “special friend” or an “Uncle Tom”.

Dr. Carson’s  response to all this on Megyn Kelly’s show, yesterday:

“If you look a certain way, then you have to stay on the plantation”, Carson said. “I’ve heard some people refer to me as an Uncle Tom. Well, obviously, they don’t know what an Uncle Tom is…..he was a very very subservient, go along to get along person. Obviously, that’s not what I’m doing.”

He was even more pointed on Hannity, last night, calling Toure a “liar” and people like him “superficial thinkers” who call people names because they “don’t have anything worthwhile to talk about”.

The pediatric neurosurgeon told Sean, “Well first of all the individual who was just speaking completely has his facts incorrect. Some people refuse to say the word, but I’ll say it. He’s lying… I think when people don’t have anything worthwhile to talk about, and they can’t attack you on your character then they start calling you names. This is a trick we learned back in the third grade… Everything for them is about race. I like to say the reason I don’t talk about race that often is because I’m a neurosurgeon. And I look at the thing that actually makes the person who they are. It’s not the cover. But for them the cover is everything. because they’re very superficial thinkers.”

A man who speaks that much truth and common sense is a mortal enemy to the left.

See Also:

Ace of Spades HQ: Dr. Ben Carson Diagnoses Toure As “Unintelligent”

Toure, whose area of expertise is Being Black, attacked Ben Carson as an Uncle Tom, someone who exists just to “assuage white people’s guilt” about being racist. Incidentally, this is exactly what he said about Herman Cain, too. So, in addition to saying stupid things, he also recycles all of his stupid things. He is uncreative in his stupidities.