Liveblogging MAIG National Day to Demand Action Events

Mayor Bloomberg’s notorious gun control group Mayors Against Illegal Guns has organized a “National Day To Demand Action” day, with press conferences and rallies scheduled all across the nation.

As I wrote at the Conversation, this morning, Bloomberg may want to consider having background checks on these pro gun-control Mayors before they are accepted into the group, because the reckless and criminal behavior of some of the members is not helping their cause, from a PR standpoint.

 The Washington Free Beacon recently reported that some current and former members of the group have been charged with crimes as serious as felony corruption, assault of a police officer, and child sex crimes.

Dubbed the GunControlapalooza, by some, their gun control Day of Action  was given a send off, yesterday by none other than VP Joey “Choo Choo” Biden, who held a conference call with gun control supporters across the nation, telling them, the assault weapons’ ban just the beginning.

The president kicked things off with a WH photo op where  he shamelessly scolded fellow Americans who are against his gun control agenda: ‘Shame on us if we’ve forgotten’ Newtown kids; Citizens.

You can find the list of the events state by state, here.

I’ve been trying to find information about the events that have already taken place. There was supposed to be something at the Durham, NC City Hall  at 10:30 a.m. but so far, no news on that. No word yet on the Indianapolis rally that happened at 11:00. There is a written statement from MAIG posted at Reuters with the disclaimer, * Reuters is not responsible for the content in this press release: Hoosiers Call On Congress To End Gun Violence As Part Of National Day To Demand Action.

Nothing yet on the Palm beach County event…. I’m sure that it’s taking reporters time to download all their pictures of the seas of humanity at these anti Second Amendment rallies.

Here’s what I’ve got, so far.

The Hartford CT event was held at 9:00 am:

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra are throwing support behind a national effort to end gun violence.

They all spoke on the steps of Hartford City Hall on Thursday as part of The National Day to Demand Action, organized by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition.

How big was the crowd AP?

Here’s the pic the posted of Hartford press conference.


I’m sure pictures and videos will start appearing before long. I will update as soon as they do.


Philly Mayor Michael Nutter held a press conference at the Widener Library branch in North Philadelphia at 12:00 on Thursday as a part of a National Day to Demand Action on gun legislation.

Nutter – along with fellow members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Deputy Commissioner Kevin Bethel, and advocates with CeaseFirePA and Mothers in Charge – called on Congress to require background checks for all gun sales.

There was no mention in the article on the number of people who filled the library to hear the press conference.



Binghamton mayor urges action on illegal guns:

Binghamton mayor Mayor Matthew Ryan held a press conference at 11:00 am.


NEW YORK, March 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Mainers gathered today in Augusta and Portland as part of the National Day to Demand Action to end gun violence as President Obama met with gun violence survivors, law enforcement officials and mothers at the White House to urge Congress to reform U.S. gun laws.  Mayors Against Illegal Guns also released the first television ad featuring family members of those killed at Sandy Hook calling on political leaders to support sensible reforms like comprehensive and enforceable background checks.  The ad can be viewed here:

In Augusta, Mayor William Stokes and Hallowell Mayor Charlotte Warren held a press conference and petition drive while in Portland, Mayor Michael Brennan and former Lewiston Mayor Larry Gilbert held a press conference.

“We vigorously enforce gun crimes in Maine,” said Augusta Mayor William Stokes.  “But while we have a great working relationship with federal and local partners, it is not enough to prevent out of state buyers coming into Maine to buy guns they cannot get elsewhere. We need stronger federal laws that require background checks for all gun sales and make gun trafficking a federal crime.”

“Born and raised on a farm in rural Maine, I come from a family of hunters and gun owners, and I am proud of our family traditions,” said Hallowell Mayor Charlotte Warren.  “I am also keenly aware of the damage these weapons can do in the wrong hands. My family honors a tradition of safe and responsible gun use. It is because of my upbringing that I support background checks for all gun sales.  Instituting background checks protects all of our gun rights. We are doing everything we can at the local level to keep families safe and healthy. We need help from Augusta and Washington to close loopholes and keep guns out of the wrong hands.”


WRAL: NC cities mark national ‘action day’ on gun violence:


There was reportedly a crowd for this one, but no pix of the crowd.

Events were planned in Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh and Durham, where family members of victims of gun violence spoke about Thursday morning about the need for universal background checks – not only for commercial but for private sales.

Joined by Durham Mayor Bill Bell, Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt and Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe, Effie Steele told the crowd about how her 21-year-old pregnant daughter had been shot in the chest three times in December 2007 by a family friend whom she believes had mental health issues.

“I’m involved in a group I never thought I would ever or never wanted to be a part of,” Steele said. “My daughter, Ebony Robinson, and my only grandson, Elijah, were murdered five years ago by someone who should not have been allowed to have a gun, much less his own personal arsenal.”


In Phoenix Gun-control supporters gather in Phoenix for National Day to Demand Action:


PHOENIX — It’s National Day to Demand Action, as people call for universal background checks on all gun buyers and an assault weapons ban.

A group gathered Thursday for a downtown rally at Cesar Chavez Plaza.

Mari Bailey’s son Michael was 21 when he was shot and killed almost 10 years ago. That was when she began her fight to stop gun violence. She said that this 100th day since the Connecticut school shootings prompts the time for tougher gun laws.

“If it saves one life, and one more mom from going what I went through, let’s do this.”

The Center for American Progress said Arizona is the ninth-deadliest state for gun violence with a rate 40 percent higher than the national average.

Tucson: Tucson leaders gather to “Demand Action” on gun violence:


While members of Congress are home during the Easter/Passover recess, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, in conjunction with Organizing for Action, Americans for Responsible Solutions and other groups, will organize events and petition drives and generate an unprecedented number of calls into Senate district offices to call for their representatives to support commonsense gun laws like comprehensive and enforceable background checks.

The article was press release stuff with no actual reporting about the rally, but the comments are entertaining.

HELLO! Criminals have illegal guns…criminals don’t do back ground checks.


No shortage of idiots of the left in Tucson, instead of dealing with real problems like illegals, budgets, drug cartels, street gangs let’s screw with honest second amendment supporters and attack their rights, ruin their lives and act like the total idiots of the left they are along with a few Rino’s. Nothing proposed will do a thing to prevent any of these shootings past or present except armed citizens willing to act against the crazies. The police have no duty to respond, and honestly, has there ever been a mass shooting at a gun show or gun store or police convention? NO BECAUSE THEY’RE ARMED AND CAN PROTECT THEMSELVES! I wonder why they’re not mentioning names here? Is it because we will remember election time and kick their out of office! Keep your hands off our guns you loony leftists! Oh and let’s not forget Loughner was a Democrat who read Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler!

Something needs to be done about the rash of gun violence. I say INCREASE THE NUMBER OF CCW AND ALLOW MORE RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES AS WELL AS OTHERS! In other words – “Carry a gun because a cop is too heavy.A great show of farce.

The sense I get from today is that there is simply not a widespread desire in this country to push Bloomberg et al’s gun control laws. These rallies and media events were very poorly attended from the looks of it. Kinda surprising since OFA was involved. Couldn’t Obama’s permanent campaign arm afford any decent astroturf?

Obama’s remarks this morning in the White House,  flanked by mothers of crime victims, were repulsive considering his Justice Dept’s abysmal track record  prosecuting gun crimes.

The gun grabbers want you to think otherwise, but the wind is definitely not at their backs.


3 thoughts on “Liveblogging MAIG National Day to Demand Action Events

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  2. osted A minute ago
    Who isn’t against gun violence, or should I say who isn’t against violence in general? I am, and I’m sure you are too!
    But in blaming guns for causing violence these antis ignore the root causes of violence. Lack of parenting, education, in some cases lack of opportunity and hope has more to do with violence than the means.
    But what’s the point of preaching to the choir? We as rational and informed citizens understand this, it’s the rest of the brain addled citizens that are clueless and are willing to be herded like sheep to slaughter


  3. I love the name of Bloomberg’s group – “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.”
    Hell! Sounds good to me. Who’s FOR illegal guns? – How about you guys go after those illegal guns but leave the rest of us alone! But that’s not what they’re doing. They’re gun grabbers – all about sweeping gun control laws that only burden law abiding citizens.


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