Reason TV Rebuttal: Jim Carrey’s Cold Dead Hand (Video)

Actor Jim Carrey’s obnoxious  anti-gun parody video “Cold Dead Hands” which made fun of rural gun owners and the late Charlton Heston, offended gun owners all across the nation. But never fear – it has been by rebutted by Reason TV with their own clever and much funnier parody. The video takes some jabs at Carrey for his own hypocrisy on guns, and his opposition to vaccines, among other thing.

Mild profanity alert as Reason TV’s Remy accuses Carrey of  “talking out your ass” complete with  visuals from one of his movies.

Funny stuff:


Sometimes dudes minds are skewed
and they choose to go a-killin’
Because they saw a Batman villain
killing, well…ring a bell?

Sometimes stars get armed guards
When they make a million buck-ers
Then call you heartless mother f*ckers
to want the same…as those with fame?

Polio and smallpox they no longer kill en masse
Because of vaccinations they are a thing of the past
But you tell parents to skip them and the science you contrast
Because just like in your movies…you’re talking our your ass

It takes a talking ass
to oppose a vaccination
when your PhD is in
making funny faces

It takes a talking ass
to tell people they can’t arm when
You don’t walk around
without an armed bodyguard

It takes a talking ass
to call fans dumb and demented
When you are the one
who wants something uninvented

It takes a talking ass
to be out there passing blame
when you’ve shot someone
on every TV ever made

Hat tip: Brian B.

6 thoughts on “Reason TV Rebuttal: Jim Carrey’s Cold Dead Hand (Video)

  1. adhominem:
    Attacking an opponent’s motives or character rather than the policy or position they maintain.


  2. Exactly. Which is why conservatives and libertarians hit back at Carrey as hard as they did. He never had an argument – refused to debate anyone on gun control – just relied on snide adhoms.


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