Ca-Ching! Obama Fund-Raises in Cali While North Korea Saber Rattles (Video)

Obama’s schedule for Thursday, April 4:

10:25 am PT || Delivers remarks at a DNC fundraiser; private residence, Atherton, California
12:25 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a DNC fundraiser; private residence, Atherton, California
1:40 pm PT|| Departs San Francisco
9:30 pm || Arrives White House

I didn’t see an intelligence briefing, there, did you?

The RNC hit Obama on hypocritical effort to cozy up to the wealthy even as he attempts to raise taxes on them.

Via SFGate:

The National Republican Congressional Committee has also noted there will be a lot of socializing with the rich in the next 48 hours here.

On Wednesday night, Obama will attend two San Francisco fundraisers for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — a $5,000 a head reception at the home of billionaire environmental advocate Tom Steyer and his wife Kat Taylor, and then a $32,500 per person dinner at the home of Ann and Gordon Getty. It’s one of 14 fundraisers for House Dems that the president has committed to this year, sources say.

On Thursday, he goes to tony Atherton, where he will star at two fundraisers for the Democratic National Committee. One, with tickets at $32,400 per person is at the home of investment guru Mark Heising and Liz Simons, and another is at the home of Levi-Strauss heir John Goldman and his wife Marcia, where tickets are $1,000 and up.

The GOP is gleefully noting that his trip to San Francisco tonight will be “near” the same neighborhood in which he made his famed remark about some “bitter” voters who cling to guns or religion.”

“On the campaign trail, Obama’s favorite applause line was attacking the very people he’s now begging for campaign cash. Hypocrisy at its finest. Barack Obama has his priorities completely backward — prioritizing billionaires over the taxpayers who demand and deserve a budget and cancelling White House tours while he spends $180,000 an hour flying Air Force One to fundraise on Billionaires Row.” – RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

Mark Levin hit Obama even harder for being the most irresponsible man ever to occupy the Oval Office.

Mark Levin points out that a nation has just declared nuclear war on America, and despite whether or not they can carry it out, the point is that Obama is gallivanting around from one fund raiser to another as if nothing is happening. Levin says he’s never seen such an irresponsible man in the Oval Office in his life.

Audio at the link.


CNS News: 41% in Bankrupt Stockton Don’t Speak English at Home; 21% Can’t Speak It Very Well:

In Stockton, Calif., which has just entered into Chapter 9 bankruptcy, 41 percent of the people do not speak English at home and 21 percent cannot speak it very well, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Data that the Census Bureau developed on what it calls the “social characteristics” of Stockton during the five-year period from 2007 to 2011, indicate that this city, located eighty miles east of San Francisco in California’s San Joaquin Valley, had a population of 289,926.

Of those 289,926 people, 76,869 (or about 27 percent) were foreign born, according to the Census Bureau. Of these foreign-born, 43,084 (or about 15 percent of this city’s total population) were not U.S. citizens.

The logical result of the left-wing policies Obama is pushing nationwide, and which the limousine libs he’s visiting this weekend, are helping to fund.


8 thoughts on “Ca-Ching! Obama Fund-Raises in Cali While North Korea Saber Rattles (Video)

  1. “The RNC hit Obama on hypocritical effort to cozy up to the wealthy even as he attempts to raise taxes on them.”

    He’s not raising the taxes on all the rich, which the RNC (if they cared to put minimal thought into it) should point out. It’s only nominally raising taxes on “all the rich” until one realizes that those favored by this administration will get all their “taxes” back a few times over in the “investments” the administration makes into such industries that have track records proving they can’t make it in a capitalist society so depend on us dumb tax drones to keep them afloat. Redistribution at its finest, at least in the elitist/academic tribe’s opinion.


  2. After re-reading your post, ND, what actually stands out is that there is no time set aside for golfing! Or to see his family off on another vacation.

    Or maybe he figures he’s tossed enough bricks this week…


  3. Johnny, I hope you can seriously back that statement up, after all it’s contrary to everything we’ve been told and lead to believe.

    The CiC shortly after ascending to office, immediately took a in depth review of the strategies being used in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He solicited information from all of his advisers including the greatest Military Strategist and Foreign Policy expert available to him, the VP, oh of course the Joint Chiefs and Military Commanders who were responsible for the execution of the policy were solicited for their input also. But what the hell do they know, they were over ruled and evidently and the CiC/Community Agitator relied on his own vast Military Experience and issued the marching orders, for all to follow.

    Now nobody can argue with results. . . . can they? Handed a virtual victory upon entering office, he implemented his plan and as quickly as possible withdrew as many Troops as possible. Then failed to make a SOFA with the Iraqi gubermint which hastened the withdrawal and the inevitable entry of the Iranians. Now there’s some success for you!

    Never being satisfied with only one major success, he quickly xxxxx errrrr took months to rethink the big plan for Afghanistan, after all we’ve been fighting the wrong war for years and it was about time to refocus where the real problem was. In a amazingly second stroke of brilliance the CiC relieved the Theater Commander, sought recommendations from the Military Experts within the administration. . . . . [which excluded the Military BTW] and quickly formulation the bestest Military plan that Eisenhower, Patton, Marshall, or Rommel would be envious of. One that would produce immediate positive results. Oh. . . . . did I forget to mention the withdrawal of those Forces also?

    The best thing I can say about either of these great Military Strategies is. . . . . at least he didn’t listen to Joe Biden. Why the hell would anyone listen to real Military Experts, if what you are trying to do is “win a war, or two”? What the hell would they know as opposed to a community agitator from the south side of Chicago, land of screwy Louie? Now there’s a war zone just ask Rahm.

    And most of all. . . . I think you are easily [or intentionally[ forgetting the “crack” Military mission that he personally supervised, planned and executed in getting bin laden. All while being on the Golf Course. How easily we forget? There were more “I’s” in that announcement than what appears in Websters Dictionary. It just proves what can be accomplished when the right guy, who knows what he’s doing can pull off, unlike the unfocused Special Operations Command and his predecessor.

    Do we really need to rehash the successes of Libya and Benghazi? Or how about the Missile Defense shield that was dismantled and now being hastily reassembled because of that little nut job in North Korea.

    I think it’s way past time that we start giving credit where credit is due and start recognizing brilliance when it’s immediately before us. As for Nice Deb, I believe she knows a genius when she sees one.

    :-P} – tongue in cheek


  4. The dreaded sequester (Obama’s idea, some years back), while causing draconian cuts in defense (our troops have to train with wooden rifles), education (teachers are teaching classes of 500 out in the city park), and healthcare (medicare is on standby), don’t seem to be affecting his vacation plans.


  5. Obama is more concerned with photo-ops, how he looks in a tuxedo and Michelle looks in a ten thousand dollar dress and his image with his Hollywood buddies like George Clooney and Ben Affleck. Governing during a time of crisis is not on his priority list. He is not fit to hold the office he’s in. Recklessly irresponsible. The President of the United States is nothing more than a socialite for the liberals.


  6. Y’all have to go clear back to at least Johnson, maybe even JFK, to find a Democrap who was more concerned with national security than the current prez. After all, what’s more important than making sure the prez and his family are safe and secure from all the riff-raff that clogs the streets nowadays? Or making sure he’s totally free of the paparazzi as he plays his 18 holes every day? I mean, seriously, did you folks really believe “national security” actually meant defense of the nation and not protection of the greatest, smartest man ever?

    Iraq and Afghanistan, indeed! North Korea? Small and insignificant potatoes. A nuclear Iran? Oh, pshaw. We’re talking Obama, so pay attention!


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