Faking the Hate: Virginia Minister Painted Racial Slur On Own House Then Torched It (Video)


The alleged crime happened, last month.  Olander D. Cuthrell, a Virginia minister, said racists painted slurs on his home and torched it.

Via Gateway Pundit, Cuthrell told police at the time of the arson, “It’s hard now sleeping… There’s no peace, there’s no sense of security.”

Well surprise, surprise, surprise:

A Petersburg minister whose Chesterfield County house was set on fire last month and sparked a potential hate crime probe has been charged with setting the fires himself.

Chesterfield police arrested and charged Olander D. Cuthrell, 41, of the 7800 block of Little Ridge Court, on two counts of felony arson. Cuthrell is a minister at Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Petersburg.

Michelle Malkin has tracked the “self-victimization/manufactured racism impulse” of leftists for years. This is just the latest example among many.

Last month, she reported on Oberlin College: Still manufacturing hate crimes hoaxes after all these years where a student wrapped in a blanket was mistaken for a KKK member.

Rod Dreher comments…

They shut the college down and are forcing everyone to go to a day of political re-education and communal shrieking because of Linus Van Pelt.

It costs over $50,000 per year to attend this pants-wetting academy.

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