Classic: Organizing For Action Blows Domain Name Registration


Organizing for Action,  Obama’s (allegedly) nonpartisan and non-profit advocacy organization run by former advisors was set up to back the Regime on left-wing agenda items like gun control  and immigration reform. In their latest totally non partisan effort, they’re targeting Republicans to push Obama’s gun control policies.

The pro-Obama group Organizing for Action said Monday it is launching online ads targeting 10 Republican senators and one Democrat for their opposition to expanded gun-control measures — the group’s second such campaign on the issue.

Republican Sens. Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Saxby Chambliss (Ga.), Johnny Isakson (Ga.), Dan Coats (Ind.), Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Susan Collins (Maine), Dean Heller (Nev.), Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Rob Portman (Ohio) and Ted Cruz (Texas), as well as Democratic Sen. Martin Heinrich (N.M.), are being targeted in the effort.

The ads, which will run on Facebook and on search engines, ask supporters to call the individual senators and express support for expanded gun-control measures.

Not surprisingly, the group, (being libs) didn’t have enough business sense to  protect its presence online, so when a clever individual registered an OFA domain name ahead of them, instead of paying him for the site, OFA went bawling to the National Arbitration Forum – which promptly denied their effort to retrieve  the domain name, back to them.

It was registered by “a quick-moving computer technician in Castle Rock, Colo., on Jan. 18, when the news broke that Obama’s former advisors were launching the group”  the LA Times reported:

Derek Bovard proceeded to configure the site so all the hits were directed to the website for the National Rifle Assn. It was one of three domain names for Organizing for Action that the group failed to register before it launched.

“If they don’t like it, they can buy it from me,” Bovard told the Los Angeles Times at the time.

Instead, a lawyer with the firm Perkins Coie, representing Organizing for Action, filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum, which handles disputes over domain names.


In a decision issued last week, Karl V. Fink, a retired judge in Ann Arbor, Mich., concluded that Organizing for Action did not provide evidence that the name was “a distinctive identifier” of the group or that it owned any trademarks at the time.

(In fact, the group did not file a trademark registration for “Organizing for Action” until Feb. 7, according to United States Patent and Trademark Office records.)

The  attorney representing OFA declined to comment, and so did a spokeswoman for Organizing for Action.

You’re going to love where takes you when you click on the link. Heh!

A  registered Republican who lives in Wellington, Fla.  scooped up both and – which OFA also failed to win back.

But those sites now include a disclaimer stating that they are “NOT affiliated with any 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), or other entity or business that uses the generic phrase Organizing For Action as all or a portion of its name.”

The Republican in Florida apparently needs some ideas.

McConnell: Bugging of Headquarters ‘Quite Nixonian’ (Video)

Via The Conversation: 

Today, Washington DC is abuzz about a breach of security that took place in Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign office, last February. His  reelection campaign has asked the FBI to find out how a strategy session regarding Ashley Judd was recorded, and who was behind the recording that was obtained by Mother Jones magazine and posted on YouTube.

McConnell’s campaign manager Jesse Benton said in a statement, “Senator McConnell’s campaign is working with the FBI and has notified the local U.S. Attorney in Louisville, per FBI request, about these recordings. Obviously a recording device of some kind was placed in Senator McConnell’s campaign office without consent. By whom and how that was accomplished presumably will be the subject of a criminal investigation.”

Added a source close to the campaign: “We’re going on the assumption that a crime has been committed. No one at the meeting leaked this.”

Earlier in the day, the McConnell campaign had thrown a party to officially open his offices.

There were about 75 invitation-only guests at the event.

Via The Washington Free Beacon, Mitch McConnell inartfully dodged questions from the hostile media designed to shame him about the strategy session. McConnell almost robotically repeated that last month, the left attacked his wife’s ethnicity, and then apparently bugged his campaign office.


But there was no reason for him to sound so defensive. As Ace noted, the recording is a nothingburger of a story. There was nothing at all shocking or outrageous about how his campaign team (gleefully) discussed their strategy to go after Judd.


“Nothing in this McConnell piece sounds any worse than a normal campaign meeting,” Hill reporter Sam Baker said.

“HUGE David Corn scoop,” wrote the Weekly Standard’s Michael Warren. “Mitch McConnell secretly planned to … campaign against a potential opponent?”

“While the tape isn’t particularly flattering to the McConnell campaign, it seems like standard opposition research,” wrote the Washington Post.


But it is shocking and outrageous that someone bugged McConnell’s campaign office.


Obama’s America: Subterranean Homeless Camp Found In Kansas City (Video)



While in the process of clearing out a homeless camp near the East Bottoms in Kansas City, police discovered a complex of elaborate tunnels and holes that were being used as shelter.

According to community interaction officer, Jason Cooley, “one of the tunnels probably went 20 to 25 feet underground towards the back and veered off in another direction about six feet or so, and there was some bedding and some candles. It was kind of in a little hill and probably four feet beneath the surface.”

The Kansas City Star reported that “another  tunnel dropped about five feet into the ground before shooting off laterally for seven or eight feet.”

Many of the holes were concealed. At least one had wood stacked around it and others were bare earth. PVC pipe provided ventilation. What especially concerned Cooley was a pile of recently soiled diapers, indicating the presence of children.

Apparently, this  campsite was only one of three such Obamatown’s police have recently discovered.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit