Video: Harry Reid Thanks the 16 RINOs (Especially John McCain!) Who Voted for Cloture on Gun Control Bill

“Sickmaking” or “gag-inducing” as commenters on Twitter have noted, Dingy’s speech is especially repulsive at the part where he exploits “the people from Connecticut who lived through this tragedy” as if the proposals in this bill would have done anything to have prevented it.

They must be so proud.

Hey you 16 Republicans – “the word is out” – If a lying, conniving, socialist, dirtbag like Dingy Harry is praising you – you done something wrong.


Bob Owens asks: is a trap being set?

…The list of ways to turn this empty shell of a bill into the “Gun Freedom Act of 2013″ is only limited by the minds of the Senate’s Bill authors. Let’s hope they have the good sense to use this bill to force the Democrats to show their constituents what they really think about liberty. If they can use the amendment process in such a way as to expand freedom instead of contract it, that is even better.

But I really think it is as Roll Call surmised: “With polls showing that as many as 90 percent of Americans want to see enhanced background checks for firearms, many GOP senators were wary of filibustering the motion to proceed to the bill even if they eventually vote against it.”

In DC, you follow the money or you follow the polls (even bogus ones.) In this case, probably both apply.



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4 thoughts on “Video: Harry Reid Thanks the 16 RINOs (Especially John McCain!) Who Voted for Cloture on Gun Control Bill

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  2. @Truth2013: They do if the poll includes only those who happen to be in the local Democrat headquarters of Manhatten. Or maybe those who happen to be in Bloomingidiot’s office.


  3. This entire argument is a canard, it’s just something else the dopey libs have manipulated to their advantage. There already is background checks for firearms purchases. The other argument that they’ve managed to manipulate is the “gun show loophole”. There is no such thing! Any Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer [FFLD] is “required” to run background checks on ALL firearms sales. What the libs have contorted is, any private citizen who shows up at Gun Shows and sells privately owned guns, are not required to conduct background checks, nor do they have the capability to do so. These are the very same sales that any citizen can conduct sitting in his own living room, with his neighbor next door. Or for that matter over the fence.

    The libs will not address the actual problems involving gun sales, “the mental health factor”. They will not include mental health checks as part of the background check. More than 15 thousand people who tried to purchase guns, who were turned down for one reason or another. Some because of felony convictions, the Feds [DOJ] only prosecuted 44 of those individuals.


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