Apparently The Ricin Terrorist Is A Democrat

Oooooh – Ouch.


MSNBC and CNN hardest hit.

Some conservative bloggers actually I.D.’d  the guy before his arrest was made known. The guy had left a painfully obvious internet trail.

Blogging buddy, Lady Libertyexplains:

Liberty speaks, out of curiosity, started this morning started searching one of the key phrases said to be in the letters as reported by FOX News:

An FBI bulletin obtained by Fox News said the letter sent to Obama is still being screened, though it initially tested positive.

The bulletin said both letters included the phrase: “To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”

Both were signed, “I am KC and I approve this message.”

Liberty Speaks was able to find a post tied to a Chiropractor practice called Baker Chiropractic which featured one of the key phrases above:

“To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”
– Dr John Raymond Baker

A link on this post led to another post in which Kevin Curtis, “Elvisguy’ (yes, he’s an Elvis impersonator) commented.

“Mr. Kirwan, I applaud you and anyone else out there who has the courage to step up to the plate with no fear of retaliation from those with something to lose by the threat that those who speak out and take action may cause…know what I mean? Kevin Curtis, Mississippi Activist”

So Liberty Speaks decided to Google Kevin Curtis, ‘Elvisguy’ and came up with his Facebook page which turned out to be a goldmine..

On that page, several posts caught the eye, one in particular was promoting a friend for mayor and included references to both President Obama and Senator Wicker. The post included the phrase:

“This is KC and I approve this message” (link to page)

Also on the About tab for Curtis, we find the other phrase from the Ricin letters:

“To see a wrong and not expose it,
is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”
©Star Tribute EntertainmentTM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Game over. Enough said.

 ….While we did not get a screen shot of the above quotes, we did grab some others:

Right,  Paul Kevin Curtis was a big supporter of the Democrat candidate for Mayor, Jason Shelton, who seems like a decent fellow. It’s not his fault one of his supporters is a psychopath.


Bob Owens: Man behind ricin letters to politicians is a conspiracy theorist, Elvis impersonator

Ed Driscoll: Through the Looking Glass




The Mississippi man charged with sending poisoned letters to President Barack Obama, a U.S. senator and a state judge was released from jail on Tuesday, federal official said, though the reason for the release wasn’t immediately clear.

Jeff Woodfin, chief deputy with the U.S. Marshals Service in Oxford, Miss., said Paul Kevin Curtis has been released from custody. Woodfin said he doesn’t know if there were any conditions on the release.

The development comes hours after officials canceled a detention and preliminary hearing without explaining the reason for the change.

His lawyer Christi McCoy, who has been pushing for the charges to be dropped, said in a text message Tuesday that she could only confirm that her client has been released.

“I can tell you he is with his family,” McCoy said.

McCoy has said that there is a news conference scheduled for 5 p.m. CDT with federal authorities and defense attorneys.

Curtis was arrested last Wednesday at his house in Corinth, Miss., and charged with sending ricin-laced letters to Obama, Sen. Roger Wicker and a Lee County, Miss., judge.

Tuesday’s hearing in federal court was canceled about 90 minutes after it was supposed to begin. Lawyers spent that time conferring with the judge. Later, Curtis and family members were escorted into a meeting room with his lawyers, followed by a probation officer.

On Monday, FBI Agent Brandon Grant testified that Friday searches of Curtis’ vehicle and house in Corinth, Miss., found no ricin, ingredients for the poison, or devices used to make it. A search of Curtis’ computers found no evidence he researched making ricin.

It’s now thought that Curtis was framed.


18 thoughts on “Apparently The Ricin Terrorist Is A Democrat

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  3. It’s probably not a good idea to ID yourself when sending illegal and dangerous letters to government officials..


  4. So are we to assume that the pic here is one of the alleged perp? And if it is, that he considered himself a “Christian?”

    Wow. Just wow. PMSNDC and all the alphabet channels will have a field day with that one.


  5. Well, hey. Obama’s a Christian Democrat.

    They’ll try to make him out to be a right wing Christian Democrat. But we’ll have to call bs on that. There’s no such thing as that, anymore.


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  8. Golly Matt… are you going to delete your comment? Never? Don’t know how? Ask Deb. Maybe she will take pity on you and delete it for you.


  9. Yes, just as the Republican they are currently investigating is a child molester. I’m not sure how relevant all that is.


  10. Yes, just as the Republican they are currently investigating is a child molester.

    An alleged child molester.

    I’m not sure how relevant all that is.

    None of it’s relevant. That’s the point of the post and the comments.


  11. “An alleged child molester.”
    …and Curtis is allegedly mentally ill. I haven’t seen a diagnosis. All we know is he posts some contradictory things (hates Obama, likes Democrats, likes school prayer) and has a penchant for conspiracy.


  12. It’s pointless to continue this, but just for completeness: he was prescribed with medications to deal with his bipolar personality. One presumes that the prescription was preceded by a diagnosis.


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