One Down and One Cornered: Boston Bombers Are Muslim Chechnyan Brothers (With Updates)


One down, and the other cornered, a COP ON SCANNER saying: ‘He is posting online — “I will kill all of you, as you killed my brother” ‘…

You can watch the live feed here. Reuter’s live coverage can be found here.

The two bombers are brothers from Chechnya.

Via Washington Post:

Authorities shot and killed one suspect in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings and police were searching for a second suspect who was on the loose in Watertown, Mass., early Friday morning following a chaotic night that left one police officer dead and another critically wounded in the Boston suburbs.

All public transportation was shut down in the greater Boston area Friday morning, for reasons of public safety, officials said. Residents of Watertown and several surrounding suburbs were asked to stay inside, and businesses were instructed not to open.

“This situation is grave. We are here to protect public safety,” Police Commissioner Ed Davis said. “We believe these are the same individuals that were responsible for the bombings Monday at the Boston Marathon” and the killing and wounding of the police officers overnight.The mayhem began about 10:30 p.m. when an Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus police officer responded to a disturbance. That officer was found fatally wounded inside his vehicle on the campus in Cambridge, according to the Middlesex District Attorney’s office.

The shooting launched a massive police response. A short time later authorities received reports of an armed carjacking by two males nearby in Cambridge. Police immediately began a search for a Mercedes SUV that had beentaken at gunpoint by the two males and was later spotted in neighboring Watertown, the district attorney’s office said.

Watertown police officers located the vehicle and after stopping it, exchanged gunfire with two men in a residential neighborhood. During the firefight, authorities said, multiple explosive devices were thrown from the vehicle and some exploded, which led to panic and concern in the town.

A transit police officer was critically wounded in the firefight, authorities said.

Police fatally shot one suspect during the firefight, the district attorney’s office said. He was taken to Beth Israel-Deaconness Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, doctors there said.

Here’s a useful interactive map on how the chase has unfolded thus far.

Boston bomb suspect #2, who is still at large has been identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev won a scholarship to Cambridge. Dead Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev Created a YouTube Playlist Devoted to Islamic Terrorism.

Chechnya produces a particularly ruthless and brutal strain of Islamic terrorism if  these guys and the Breslan terrorists are any indication.

You would have thought that the fact that the culprits are quite clearly Islamic terrorists would have quashed the race-baiting, but you would be wrong.

Incredibly, on Twitter, leftists are latching on to  the fact that the brothers are from Caucasus, making them “literally caucasian” rather than noting the inconvenient religious ties.

Via Dan Riehl: MSNBC: Let’s not rush to judgment on the whole Muslim thing.

They’re still probably scanning the area tea party rolls to see if their names are on there. Courage!


Intelligence gleaned from @j_tsar ‘s twitter account.

Boston Terror Suspect A 9/11 Truther… (Like Toure, and Obama’s former Green Czar, Van Jones.)\

Boston Bomber: “I Don’t Argue With Fools Who Say Islam Is Terrorism”…

Boston Terrorist: 9/11 Anniversary Time To “Party”…

Twitter Account Of Suspect #2, Dzhokhar TsarnaevUpdate: Tweets About Bombing; Likes Barack Obama?

Here is what looks like a twitter account of  Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev.  There have been reports from his friends that this is his account. “Jahar” is the proper pronunciation of his first name, according to his family. The account goes back to April of last year.

Oh yes – Big Obama fan: ‘Barack you my dawg’: Election tweets and retweets from Boston bombing suspect’s reported account

LSM spin: Some of those were just retweets! Means nothing! He was from  Caucasus – a caucasian!1!11!


Gateway Pundit, who has apparently been blogging all night:

Father of Boston Bomber: “My Son Is a True Angel”

DEAD BOSTON BOMBER – Islamist Tamerlan Tsarnaev: “I’m Very Religious”

BOSTON BOMBER Djohar Tsarnaev Has DYNAMITE on His Facebook (V Kontake) Page

BREAKING: Photo of 8 Year-Old Victim Martin Richard With Bomber <<<Heartbreaking and enraging.

Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev Inspired by Radical Muslim Preacher

The Boston Globe:  Search for marathon bombing suspect locks down Watertown, surrounding communities

The Conversation: Interviews with the Suspects’ Uncles

The Conversation: America, meet Uncle Ruslan

The Corner: The Best Tweets from Today So Far

Twitchy: ‘I’m a stress free kind of guy’: Chilling tweets from reported account of bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Ace: NYT Presents a Sympathetic Piece on Some Mixed-Up Lads

Weasel Zippers: Report: “Significant Amount Of Explosives” Found In Watertown Home – Update: 7 More IEDs Found In Cambridge And Watertown Houses…

Gateway Pundit:  Crazy… Suspects’ Dad: ‘Someone Clearly Framed My Sons!’ (Video)

Weasel Zippers: Report: Boston Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Conviction…

14 thoughts on “One Down and One Cornered: Boston Bombers Are Muslim Chechnyan Brothers (With Updates)

  1. Ironic, after President Obama gun control debacle, the Senate now wants to tackle Imigration reform in usual vote for it now, and read it later manner.

    Somebocy, needs to pry open the Senate bill and find the details.

    At this stage I am quite open to the suggestion that we should close our borders to those who want to come her to kill us, to wit drug dealers and Islamists.


  2. Alexander the Greate beat back Gog & Magog at Caucasus Dervent and their direct descendents massacred Custer’s Last Stand, yet Gibbon glorified these savages.


  3. Any idea why the mosque they attended is still open and training terrorists? Other than the Deceiver-in-Chief (DiC) would be offended if anyone in his administration suggested the killers were such because they are Muslims?

    I’m sure Mr. My People will find a way to skew anything discovered about this in the next two years. I’m also very sure word has been passed down from on high that the remaining suspect is under absolutely NO circumstances, to be taken alive. And I’m also sure Mr. Obhammed is P.O.’d that he can’t use one of his drones to make sure of that.


  4. BOSTON BOMBER 1: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
    Age 19: Born July 22, 1993; On Vkontakte — described as the Russian equivalent of Facebook — he lists his personal priority as “Career and money,” and his world view as “ISLAM.”
    BOSTON BOMBER 2: Tamerlan Tsarnaev (killed in shootout with police) Age 26; On the website, he’s described as a MUSLIM who abstains from abstaining from drinking and smoking


  5. …Is Alpha suggesting Native Americans are Islamic? Mate, you might want to think a bit more before hitting submit…


  6. There is only ONE undeniable fact and common denominator in this situation that ties it into others. . . . . it isn’t the Tea Party, it isn’t Sarah Palin, it isn’t the Pro Life crowd, it isn’t all of the things the dopey lib crowd have been suggesting and hoping for since the incident. It is radical islamists.

    Chechnyans and the Muslim Brotherhood have long deeply seeded roots in their radical ideology, both had ties and elements who fought with Hitler in WWII. They haven’t changed their stripes one bit over the years.

    If this doesn’t kill the current debate and immigration bill just introduced, we all need our heads examined. The entire country is going to resemble California in very short order, or worse the middle east. Oaths and the opportunities that are afforded to these people when they arrive here are immaterial, they could care less about them. They only care about their own agenda and ultimate goals.

    National Review has a outstanding opinion piece on the Immigration Bill. You can find it here: [it’s worth the time]

    Immigration: This time it’s different?

    The comment by this individual nails it further: Monsieur_Voltaire


  7. Actually what this is about, is the fact that elitist progressives cater specifically to the very folks who want to wipe any non Muslim off the face of the earth.


  8. Yeah, OldmanRick, it always amazes me that the “victim groups” that Democraps count on the most (Hispanics, gays, African-Americans, etc.) are the very ones that will feel the sting of Islam the most when the P.C. police have finally controlled the population to the point those murderers can take over. They need to see the video of Daniel Pearl being beheaded every day until it sinks into their taxpayer-funded heads that that is what their votes are for. And I most definitely include a vote for Obama as a vote for Islamist takeover of our country.


  9. Alexander the Great beat back Gog and Magog at Caucasian Dervent and their descendents massacred Custer’s Last Stand but Gibbon glorified them


  10. Think about this.
    The FBI after sitting on these photo’s for days already knew who these guys were when they had their 5pm press conference asking the public for help identifying and locating them.
    Not quite the Reichstag fire but we’re getting there.


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