Glenn Beck to Regime: You’ve Got Until Monday To Come Clean on the Saudi National (Video)

While most people, today, were focusing on the man-hunt in Watertown, Glenn Beck was making a rather explosive ultimatum to the Regime on his show.

As I reported, yesterday, after a full day of push-back from the Regime on the story,  The Blaze doubled down.

The congressional source told The Blaze that the information sent to Congress showed that a file was created on “Abdul Rahman Ali Al Harby” at 4 p.m. on Tuesday by an official with the National Targeting Center, a counterterrorism sub-agency of U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Homeland Security.

The file stated that the individual is “linked to the Boston bombing” and was to be processed for revocation of his visa based on national security grounds, the congressional source revealed.

Glenn Beck is ready to spill the beans about what he’s got on the Saudi “individual”, who he calls a “bad-bad-bad guy.” He claims that six Congressmen have shared  information about who he’s connected to, and how’s he’s connected to the bombing,  and they want it to get out.

Partial transcript:

I want you to listen carefully. Yesterday, the F.B.I. released the pictures of and video of two men they say were suspects in the Boston bombings. These are the one was killed last night, and the other hopefully being killed right now. They say they believe the two men carried and placed the two bombs that killed the three innocent Americans including an eight year old boy and injured more than 200 Americans.

Absent from their announcement was any mention of the Saudi national. Now the documents were brought to our attention at TheBlaze, and those documents indicate that this guy is scheduled for deportation next Tuesday due to issues related to national security. The document goes on to say that the individual is linked to the Boston bombing. That’s what the federal document says.

This is the same person that we were initially told was a person of interest. This was the Saudi national in the hospital. His apartment was in Revere, Massachusetts. It was raided. The items were removed. And then we were told he was just a possible witness. And then we were finally told by the authorities he had nothing to do with the attack in fact he wasn’t a witness to the crime. Why was he in the hospital? How did he get to the ground zero? What was he doing there? He wasn’t even a witness? Really?

This guy who wasn’t a witness is suddenly being deported next Tuesday, whisked off our continent to go back to Saudi Arabia, and he wasn’t even a witness – yet the documents he’s being deported voluntarily on terror charges linked to the Boston bombing.

I want you to hear me clearly. If you think everybody in the government is bad you’re wrong. The only reason TheBlaze knows this because we have several — I can’t count them on both hands – several sources who’re brave, valiant Patriotic Americans that work in all departments at all levels of this governmnent. Who have contacted TheBlaze one way or another, and said “help, help, help.”

There are several dedicated Americans in the law enforcement community that decided they could not stand idly by, and let the truth be swept under the rug. That a deportation order was being issued. It was issued Tuesday 4:00 p.m. by an organization or a government entity that most people have never heard of called the National Targeting Center. It’s a little known federal antiterrorism division.

After reporting this on yesterday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement categorically denied, calling it grossly in error. ICE claimed there was a Saudi national in custody waiting deportation but it was completely unrelated to the Boston bombing.

After that the story discrediting me and TheBlaze was carried by a number of national media outlets, and some of those national media outlets were given the story by “The Blaze” top executive to top executive. After a number of those media outlets discredited us or tried to with the ICE disclaimer, we received another call from yet another Patriotic citizen in our government. This one from a high ranking congressional aide who told us that the deportation order that we had just reported on had just been requested and delivered to his boss. He requested anonymity to protect those who had secretly ordered report, but read to us the eight page report that we reported yesterday and throughout the day.

Director of the Department of Homeland Security, the head of the department that you created to keep Americans from having their legs blown off, Janet Napolitano yesterday was asked about the Saudi national and his pending deportation. She refused to answer. ICE angrily mocked our story calling it false. The F.B.I. has changed their story about the man every day since the bombing. Made no mention of him at yesterday’s news conference., even though there is still a standing order of deportation and on the documents it says linked to the Boston bombing.

Now you ask yourself, what’s going on? Why did the President just happen to stop by when a Saudi official happened to be in an office?

Anybody who has ever been been around Presidents, Prime ministers, kings, knows. I have done it myself. ‘I cannot meet with that person.’ ‘Glenn, you’re going to go into this office and you’re going to talk to him.’ ‘I don’t want to talk to him. Who the hell is he?’ ‘Go in and talk to him.’ Five minutes in, ‘Hey Bill’ ‘Oh Glenn’ ‘Oh Mr. President how are you?’ That’s the way it works.

Why was the President meeting with somebody unscheduled earlier this week? A Saudi official. Who is this Saudi man who was in the hospital, given a new international cell phone and apologized to according tohim in Saudi press? Who is he, I wonder? Why would anyone linked to the bombings be deported? If he’s involved wouldn’t he be prosecuted? If he’s a witness why wouldn’t you want him to testify? Why would you allow someone who was standing by the bomb be deported? Why would he leave? And why hasn’t anyone in the media taken an interest in finding out why? Why are they silent?

“The Blaze” is interested. And TheBlaze will not comply. We will not sit down. We will not shut up. We will not be intimidated. We look hard into looking who he is. Who he’s connected to, and why he seems to be offered a ticket to freedom even though he’s been linked to bombing. Don’t believe me? Don’t believe me. Six Congressmen have verified.

One of our brave sources asked me to do something very specific and when I was told to do it I said ‘That’s crazy talk. What does the hell does that mean?’ They told me what it meant. I can’t at this time tell you what it means. But I want to do it one more time.

On Monday I reveal everything we know. So let me just say this to those at the highest echelons of government. No the tagging system. They know about events. Not files, events.

Let me send this message very clear: We know who this Saudi national is. It is in your best interest of the integrity of the people of United States of America. It’s best coming from you, not from a news organization. It’s best coming from you. You have until Monday. We have information on who this man is. And listen to me carefully. In your little “event” world, we know he is a very bad, bad, bad man. I know that doesn’t make any sense to you right now. But on Monday it will.

It makes sense to somebody in Washington.

I don’t bluff. I make promises. The truth matters. I’ve had enough of what you’ve done to our country.

I thought I had heard and seen it all. I thought I didn’t trust my government. Oh no, no, no, no.

There is no depth that these people will not stoop to. They have until Monday and then TheBlaze will.


An interesting tidbit I just found at Atlas Shrugs: Debka is reporting that the brothers were “members of a Wahhabi cell funded by Saudi al Qaeda.”


CBS News correspondent Bob Orr said that the FBI conducted the investigation into Tsarnaev after requests from a foreign government – likely Russia — but could not uncover any ties between Tsarnaev and any foreign terrorist entities.

CBS reports that the FBI likely ran a background check, including foreign communications and overseas travel. He was finally interviewed personally by the FBI.

This is the latest in a pattern of late intelligence from the FBI. They missed the boat on 9/11; they had a bead on Major Hasan Nadal prior to his terror attack at Fort Hood; they even interviewed Carlos Bledsoe, man who murdered a soldier at a recruitment post in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2009.


Flashback to last Tuesday: Rep Peter King tells Steve Malzberg Saudi Man at Race Still a Suspect:

On Tuesday, Rep. King told radio host, Steve Malzberg, that based on what he’d heard from people he’d been talking to, he wasn’t sure the Saudi National had really been ruled out as a suspect. This was after it had been widely reported that the Saudi  was no longer a person of interest.

The National Security briefing that King was supposed to have attended that morning had been postponed because the situation “was too fluid.”

Published on Apr 16, 2013

On the Steve Malzberg Show today, Congressman Peter King, a member of the Homeland Security Committee, says that despite contradicting reports, the fleeing Saudi man that was injured at the Boston Marathon is not a suspect.

Linked by Doug Ross,  iOWNTHEWORLD, thanks

30 thoughts on “Glenn Beck to Regime: You’ve Got Until Monday To Come Clean on the Saudi National (Video)

  1. Apparently it is more important for the administration to protect a member of the Saudi royal family than it is to bring justice for the deaths of Americans.

    But big surprise there. We’re still waiting for them to ferret out the animals that killed an ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi, too. Don’t hold your breath for that.


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  4. Nothing sticks to Obama and the low information voters will never hear about it. The feckless GOP will do nothing, NEXT…


  5. Glenn definitely seems to have doubled down with this. It should be very interesting, especially to see IF the msm picks it up and reports on it. I have my doubts though. I believe he is being given this information from the Congressional people who months ago came out and made the claimed about the muslim brotherhood and cair infiltration of the government and access to the White House. Of that there should be no doubt. Will anyone listen though?


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  7. He started threatening to expose the GOP a couple months ago, and he said it had to do with the election and (my guess) how the GOP aided and abetted Obongo’s win.


  8. There are about 4,200 ways this could turn out to be a huge nothingburger of a story.
    Like the shocking revelation turns out to be that the family has ties to al Qaeda (which we already know about), or it’s a case of mistaken identity, etc. I’ve accused Glenn Beck of jumping the shark, before, but unless he’s got hard proof that this Saudi national is the “bad, bad, bad” guy he says he is – there will be no coming back for him.


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  11. Nothing will end up happening, just when you get your hopes up…..bam. Whoever threatens this will probably end up “accientally” dead


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