Saturday Movie Matinee: Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev & Miranda Rights

Via The Blaze: Aitan Goelman on Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev & Miranda Rights:

A former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor says the federal government made a mistake in not immediately reading captured Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev his Miranda rights and instead invoking a public safety exception.

Justice Department officials confirmed to multiple news outlets Friday night that Tsarnaev did not receive a Miranda warning and instead will be questioned by a special interrogation team in the hope that he could give up more information, such as whether he and his brother acted alone or if they received training or direction from anyone abroad.

But Aitan Goelman, who served as a Justice Department attorney for nine years and prosecuted the Oklahoma City bombing case, said Saturday that he thinks the government is taking a risk in invoking the exception that says police do not need to give Tsarnaev the well-known warning and can still introduce any statements he makes in court — because it might not hold up.

“The government is taking a chance in interviewing the suspect without reading his Miranda rights,” Goelman said on Fox News.

Rep Peter King tells Steve Malzberg Saudi Man at Race Still a Suspect:

On Tuesday, Rep. King told radio host, Steve Malzberg, that based on what he’d heard from people he’d been talking to, he wasn’t sure the Saudi National had really been ruled out as a suspect. This was after it had been widely reported that the Saudi  was no longer a person of interest.

The National Security briefing that King was supposed to have attended that morning had been postponed because the situation “was too fluid.”

Published on Apr 16, 2013

On the Steve Malzberg Show today, Congressman Peter King, a member of the Homeland Security Committee, says that despite contradicting reports, the fleeing Saudi man that was injured at the Boston Marathon is not a suspect.

Boston Bombing Manhunt: Mechanic ‘150 Percent Sure’ Suspect Was in Shop After Bombing:

The kid had a white Mercedes in the shop, (his girl friend’s) and wanted to pick it up right away, even though the mechanic wasn’t through working on it.

The mechanic said, “they all drive nice cars…brand new cars” and the kid always paid in cash.

Boston Terror Duo’s Extremist Ties – Brothers Touted Jihad, Radical Islam – Wake Up America!

Fox Business: Lou Dobbs: Jihad in America: The Grand Deception:

STEVE EMERSON:The Muslim Brotherhood is an international movement. The goal of which is to create an Islamic state universally all over the world.In my mind and is the mother of all Islamic organizations of the 20th century, including Al Qaeda.Democracy does not equal freedom. No, we do not want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy.
They believe that western civilization is corrupt, evil, decadent, and they want to dismantle it.


PJTV: Terror in Boston: The Press Must Stop Blaming America:

The mainstream media and their friends wasted no time blaming tax protesters, small government and the Republican Party for the terror attack at the Boston Marathon. Why must the press politicalize everything in this country?

Rush Limbaugh: Will the Boston Marathon bomber be hired to teach at a university like Bill Ayers?:


OMG! (They weren’t tea partiers?!1!)

Related Must-Read: Add Boston Marathon Bombing to pile of Failed Eliminationist Narratives

Rand Paul: The Only Way To Stop These Shootings Is To End Gun Free Zones – Geraldo 4/18/2013:

Senator Rand Paul discusses gun control and background checks with Geraldo Rivera on his radio show and takes calls from listeners.

The Political Insiders on Bugging McConnell, Corruption, and More!

Pat Caddell, John LeBoutillier, Doug Schoen, with Gregg Jarrett.

PJTV Trifecta: House of Horrors Murder Trial: Why Did the Media Ignore the Philly Abortion Case for So Long?:

House of Horrors Murder Trial: Why Did the Media Ignore the Philly Abortion Case for So Long?

Pat Condell: “Progressive” doesn’t mean what you think it means:

4 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev & Miranda Rights

  1. Speaking of a discussion they don’t want to have. . . . . Schmucky comes out today and of course lays down the line that shouldn’t be crossed regarding the events of the week in Boston and the upcoming Immigration Bill. He says that the events shouldn’t be apart of the discussion as the Immigration Bill is discussed this week. Right Chuckie. Just like Sandy Hook and the victim families weren’t a part of the Gun Debate that you just got your head handed too on.

    They pull this every time, the only question is . . . .will the republicans play along once again. Diversity, Multi-Culturalism, Unsecured Borders and a insane immigration policy is going to get us all killed. It’s been going on for almost fifty years when the 1965 kennedy immigration bill was passed and the perverted interpretation of the 14th Amendment started.


  2. “They believe that western civilization is corrupt, evil, decadent, and they want to dismantle it.”

    Well, from my own perspective, that wasn’t true even 20 years ago, but it’s certainly getting more true with every day that passes with the DiC in charge!


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