The Regime Deliberately Misled: House Releases Report on Benghazi (Video)

A report released today on the Obama’s administration’s failures before, during and after the Benghazi attack was compiled by five different House committees.

Jennifer Griffen reported on the conclusions of the Republican report on the Neil Cavuto Show.


You can read more on the 46 page report, at the Conversation.

Middle School Boy Arrested For Wearing NRA Shirt Returns to School in Same Shirt (Video)

After serving his one-day suspension, the West Virginia eighth grader was back in school, yesterday, wearing the very same NRA tee-shirt that got him in trouble.

Kid’s got pluck.

In a move The Daily Caller can only characterize as courageous, 14-year-old Jared Marcum returned to Logan Middle School in Logan County, West Va., wearing exactly the same shirt, which depicts a hunting rifle with the statement “protect your right.”

According to Fox News, other students across the rural county showed their support for Marcum by wearing similar shirts to school.

“There’s a lot of people wearing this same exact shirt, showing great, great support and I really appreciate it,” Marcum said in the morning outside the schoolhouse door, according to local NCB affiliate WBOY-TV.

Jared’s outraged father told 13 News, “I don’t see how anybody would have an issue with a hunting rifle and NRA put on a T-shirt, especially when policy doesn’t forbid it.”

The school district’s dress code prohibits profanity, violence, discriminatory messages, but as noted in this report, gun images are not on the list.

Video: Greg Gutfeld And The Five Dissect And Expose Muslim Extremism And its Apologists

After a full week of watching the left go from trying to blame the tea party for the Boston bombing, to cautioning people not to speculate about motives once the suspects were identified, to actually making excuses for them, The Five’s Greg Gutfeld has had enough.

“What do hacks do when they’re wrong about terror?” Gutfeld asked.  “They cling to relativism. Yes, Muslim extremism is no different than any other kind of extremism – but in order to make that stick, you’ve got to really suck at math.”

I think he’s hit on something! Liberals are notoriously bad at math!


The Conversation: News Alert: Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Motivated by Religion not Ben Affleck Movies:

Via the AP:

Two U.S. officials say preliminary evidence from an interrogation suggests the suspects in the Boston Marathon attack were motivated by religion but were apparently not tied to any Islamic terrorist groups.

Someone alert MSNBC host, Melissa Harris Perry, because over the weekend, she bloviated that Tsarnaev’s faith is about as relevant to the investigation as Ben Affleck movies.

Yes, really.

Her panel guests agreed and added that Americans have to “otherize” violent actors in order to absolve themselves from responsibility for or connection to their violence.

Actually, no. I feel no responsibility for, or connection to, what they did in Boston. Only seething anger, sadness, and revulsion – aka normal reactions.

“We don’t really know,” said Harris-Perry, throwing her hands up about the discussion into the Tsarnaev’s motives. “The younger brother, he’s getting all kinds of tweets from his friends. I think part of the answer is that it’s still an open question.”

Wrong again. By the time they had this discussion it was no longer an “open question.” It was pretty darn obvious that they were motivated by radical Islam. You had to be willfully blind not to have picked up on that, by then.

Keep reading at the link.