30 of the 31 FBI Most Wanted Terrorists Are Muslims

And the other one’s a lefty eco-terrorist.

Via Weasel Zippers, this list of lone wolves is so racist, someone needs to go to cultural sensitivity class.


I am shocked and scandalized. Not a tea-bagger or Elvis impersonator in the whole lot. Don’t make no sense.


5 thoughts on “30 of the 31 FBI Most Wanted Terrorists Are Muslims

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  2. The only shocking thing here is that Mr. My People approved such a list.

    JanNap, on the other hand, would completely revise the list for her department so it would reflect the driving force of her enforcement efforts. The list would include only Christians such as James Dobson, and radical conservative extremists like the Koch brothers.

    And not include a single Muslim, because that would be discriminatory. She can’t even see the irony there, either. She’s so incompetent she makes Obhammed look like he may occasionally have a clue.


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