Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Guilty Of “Dereliction Of Duty” On Benghazi (Video)

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) had stern words for former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton regarding her performance at the State Department today on The Kuhner Report. Noting that “the person in charge of the State Department never read any of the cries for help” and her department denied their requests for enhanced security, he said Clinton was guilty of “a dereliction of duty that should preclude her from holding any kind of position where she’d be in that kind of authority again.”

Asked if he thought she committed perjury, Rand said it was equally damning either way. Either she didn’t do her job properly because she didn’t read the cable from a war zone like Benghazi which is awful, or she did deny the enhanced security which is also awful.

And he expressed doubt that she had never heard about the weapons shipments from Libya through Turkey to Syria since it was something that has been reported in the news media.

Of course, it’s always been the fallback position for senior members of this Regime to plead ignorance on any number of scandals.

Video via MFPolitics

Hillary is damaged goods, not that this disgustingly corrupt MSM isn’t fully capable of resuscitating her in time for 2016.


2 thoughts on “Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Guilty Of “Dereliction Of Duty” On Benghazi (Video)

  1. To his credit Senator Rand Paul did tell Hitlery when she appeared before the Senate Committee that if he were in charge he “would’ve relieved her, over Benghazi.” She herself said that she accepted responsibility [before her medical crisis] yet never was given any consequences for it, and when it came down to it, denied any responsibility or knowledge.

    When one listens to the numerous sources reporting on the lack of Security and filing of reports for the need for additional security, if defies any logical reasoning that the Secretary of State would NOT be aware of the situation. But ever failing that, she had to know of the previous attacks on other Embassies and the Red Cross, which prompted them to withdraw from the area, because they couldn’t provide the required security. The MST [Military Security Team] Commander, LTC Woods was reporting on the lack of security and the need for more security through his Chain of Command. The RST {Regional Security Team] Officer a State Department employee was reporting the same issues through his support chain. The Ambassador himself expressed concerns about the lack of security.

    Yet after considering everything, if anybody thinks that Hitlery is going to return to the kitchen and bake cookies for the “Squirter in Chief”, forget it. It ain’t gonna happen. Just today a poll released has her leading every democraP in the field by huge margins. She leads, Plugs, Lil Mario, O’MalPal, and Patrick most of them are only pulling single digit numbers against her. Short of getting something to stick to her, she will be the democraP nominee and right now I don’t see any republican that is going to compete against her.

    After all, this is a clinton we are talking about. . . . . nothing sticks!


  2. Hi, I appreciate the work I read here. The truth needs to be found, and told accurately. I have followed this story, from the beginning, and any bits of information I could find. I took notes on whatever I could find. I have since misplaced them. I do remember reading a unique “timeline” of its own, in Sean Smith’s own words, through one of his online gaming avatars, as either “vilerat” or another name he used, which I cannot recall. I have tried to retrace my steps, unsuccessfully, to find that online conversation with his friend on that night. It is out there, or was, and it is damning, and still heartbreaking, all the same. Those cowards, that stood by, watched, read, and listened, to their pleas for help, should be held to the highest accountability of the law. Accessory to murder, is a good place to start, in my limited knowledge. ~In honor of America’s brave we have lost, we owe them the truth, down to the last damned minute.


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