Issa: Benghazi Talking Points Were a ‘Fatal Error’ (Video)

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Ca) appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation, Sunday morning to talk about the upcoming hearing on Benghazi that will be held this Wednesday.

The Chairman of the Oversight and Reform Committee said the administration’s talking points on the Benghazi attacks were a “fatal error” because they were harmful to the FBI’s investigation after the attack. I agree with him on principle, but think that “error” is the wrong choice of words to use in this situation. The Regime knew exactly what it was doing when it was peddling the bogus talking points. They were in error, obviously, but it wasn’t an innocent mistake.

Issa called the State Department investigation “questionable” because although it met the statutory requirement to do an investigation,  it didn’t answer any real questions or place blame on people who were involved with the failure.

Which is pretty much what I said the day that worthless report came out:

In keeping with how the Obama administration usually handles these types of sticky situations, blame has been shifted, and no disciplinary action has been recommended…


Here are the predictable answers to the questions Bolton claimed the Accountability Board should have been able to answer:

Q.Why did the State Dept reject continued requests for enhanced security before Sept. 11?

A. The Board found ”systematic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus of the State Department and the “grossly inadequate security” was partially the fault of Congress for not fully funding State Dept. security initiatives.

Q. Could we have done more to protect our people during the attack?

A. The board found support from Washington during the attack to be “exceptional”.

Q. Who came up with this ridiculous story that the whole thing was provoked by the Mohammed video?

A. (This one’s a toughie.) “Contrary to initial accounts, there was no protest outside the consulate and said responsibility for the incident rested entirely with the terrorists who attacked the mission.”

Still no answer on who came up with the ridiculous story.


Joel Pollak, The Conversation: All of a Sudden, Media Interested in Benghazi

Doug Ross; That Crazy Benghazi Conspiracy Theory? It Just Got a Lot Less Crazy



3 thoughts on “Issa: Benghazi Talking Points Were a ‘Fatal Error’ (Video)

  1. I was just reading a Left blog where they are having fits about how the right is making up things about Benghazi. The only reason they are so uninformed is because the media has refused to cover the Benghazi story — even though Benghazi was the only embassy on 9/11 where the “perceived protestors” arrived with guns blazing and the only embassy on 9/11 where Americans were killed. There is not a doubt in my mind that the media would have covered the Benghazi killings story on the front page above the fold if Bush had lied about the video for 2-3 weeks the way Obama, Hillary, and Rice lied.


  2. Public perception about the attack may be about to change since the MSM is finally being dragged into covering the story.
    See the Joel Pollak link above: All of a Sudden, the Media Interested in Benghazi.

    Of course they knew they were being fed a daily dose of BS, last Fall, but now that their man has been safely reelected, some of them are grudgingly doing their jobs. Of course it won’t be a raging firestorm like you would see in a Republican scandal like Trent Lott wishing Strom Thurmond a happy birthday in front of a left-wing journalist. That was enough to force Trent Lott out of his Speakership.

    If Fast and Furious wasn’t enough to bring this whole corrupt house of cards down, this certainly won’t be.

    Hillary will probably not be be too damaged by the scandal to run in 2016, either.

    It’s a pretty pathetic state of affairs to be sure.


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