Audio: Benghazi Drone Operator to Hannity: ‘We Were Not Allowed To Be Armed, That Night’

Sean Hannity took a call from a member of the military who claimed to be  the camera operator for the Predator drone mission over Benghazi on the night of September 11, 2012.  The caller, who identified himself as John from Iowa,  said he knew immediately that the Regime was lying about what happened, but due to non-disclosure agreements was prevented from saying anything.  He said when they started observing the consulate, it was already under attack and on fire. He remembered seeing a crowd of dozens if not hundreds of fighters outside the consulate and noted dryly, ” if this was a protest, it would have been a protest for all ages.”  They soon were  asked to monitor the CIA annex where they were to  make sure no one was trying to break into it, not that there was much he could do about it,  because of the Status of Forces agreement we have with the host country where he was located. “We were not allowed to be armed, that night”, he said.

He said, since the live video in Benghazi was being disseminated  to multiple agencies throughout the world, and the State Dept surely would have been alerted.

I’m transcribing this next part exactly as stated:

“We had a supportive unit that we were working for in that region that told us to go there. It was known prior to us even taking off from the location we took off from which I can’t name, that ‘hey, you’re going to be going to the consulate because there are reports that something might go down or is going down.’ So…it was already known in my mind – hours before.”

Hello Darrell Issa? Why has no one from your committee contacted this man, or requested these videos?

Linked by Doug Ross, and IHateTheMediathanks!

9 thoughts on “Audio: Benghazi Drone Operator to Hannity: ‘We Were Not Allowed To Be Armed, That Night’

  1. If this were on of my operators he wouldn’t be for long. I question the legitimacy of this caller. Let’s see if Darrell Issa catches fire over this…


  2. Sorry for the typo-one of my operators is what I meant. Regardless of what he is free to say, I would consider it extremely disloyal to the unit to take such a showboat position with an obvious political axe to grind. He could have contacted Issa or any other official if he wants his testimony taken. The video evidence is no doubt stored at other agencies even if the drone unit is
    over-writing their media. I smell fish…


  3. There is another timeline available. Through Sean Smith’s avatar, “VileRat”, may he rest in peace, knowing people will not let his ultimate sacrifice, be in vain.


  4. I have nothing but contempt for those currently running this country! How dare they sacrifice the lives of americans for their political career?


  5. Are we then to understand, Mowimbi, that you will stand idly by when your Commander-in-Chief lies to the American people and leaves your comrades to die in the desert because he has an election to worry about?

    So noted.


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