Video: Mark Levin Blasts Obama, The IRS & The Republican Party in Scandal on Sean Hannity

Mark Levin, appearing on the Hannity Show on Fox Monday night to talk about the IRS scandal he helped break.

Right out of the box, he noted that when Obama had commented on the scandal, he said, “if it’s true….”

“Did he not hear his own IRS official on Friday, confess and apologize to the facts the limited amount of facts that are on table. Of course it’s true The IRS just said it’s true – . that they’ve been targeting the Tea Party and other conservative groups”, he noted.

He  said that the most troubling part of the scandal is the passivity and timidity of Congress. This should have been done a year ago, he said. And the reason is because the victim was the Tea Party and the Tea Party are not friends of establishment Republicans.


Video: Glenn Beck Covers IRS and Bengazi Scandals With #BlogCon13 Attendees in the Audience

Glenn Beck dove into the IRS and Benghazi scandals, today, with conservative bloggers and activists who have been attending BlogCon 2013 in the audience. The conservative conference, hosted by Freedomworks and the Blaze, started on Saturday afternoon and ended on Monday afternoon. This year’s event  focused on giving bloggers the tools needed to turn the media on its head, move outside our echo chamber, and be on the offense for a change.

Beck started his TV show, Monday, calling out the Regime for all their lies on Benghazi.

He went on to hammer the Regime for the scandal that broke Friday: The Obama IRS has been targeting conservatives, and lying about it.

At approximately 2:20, a pan of the audience in the above video shows your blogress in the second row in a black shirt, seated next to Doug Ross, (who unfortunately suffered some discomfort, this weekend at the hands of some of the female bloggers in attendance. Those of you who are morbidly curious  can check out his blog later this week for  the gory details.)

Another segment featured some local conservative activists whose groups have been targeted by the IRS, but that one is not up, yet.. Among their shocking allegations  was the revelation that one of the groups was targeted for an audit as early as the Fall of 2009.


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