Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Targeted By IRS


Tuesday, Franklin Graham of  theBilly Graham Evangelistic Association sent a letter of complaint to the President, in which he claimed that the IRS was  targeting his  father’s famous ministry.

Here’s a screenshot of the letter, via The Tarheel Report:

Screen-Shot-2013-05-14-at-5.51.25-PM reports that Mark Demoss, a spokesman for Graham, said the ministry had never been audited by the IRS in its history.

“These certainly appear to be politically motivated since the ministry had run some newspaper ads – not mentioning any candidates – simply urging people to vote for candidates with biblical values,” he said.

DeMoss called the IRS audit “very troubling and said it could have a “chilling effect on people across the country.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if other Christian organizations start coming out of the woodwork with similar complaints.

It’s going to be a long hot summer for the White House.


The Conversation:

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7 thoughts on “Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Targeted By IRS

  1. TO: Nice Deb—- (Sent: 5-15-2013) Compliment: You do nice work, BUT it would be extra nice if responsible conservative professionals had an e-mail address on you and,or even a reg. address (box number) for sending YOU e-mails and,or articles/books. Mr. Hanna (There is more happening with this “crooked” government than it’s people would allow. E.g.: Why do we keep electing these idiots save that we are deceived–and crooked.


  2. Our President seems to be an observer of the White House instead of an executive responsible for the management of our federal government. He first learned of IRS illegal interference last Friday by learning about this in the news? Who is managing and reporting activities to our chief executive? Who is managing our executive branch? Pontificating that “if” the IRS violated law, then what? He never prosecutes and never fires anyone, ever. He does talk a lot, but does nothing.


  3. @hoboduke: from the Bard, MacBeth: “It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    As the king never told his underlings to kill the archbishop, Obhammed (maybe) never tells his henchmen to destroy anyone or any group, either. It’s just a natural assumption on their part, to do his dirty work.

    But, as the king was guilty for having henchmen who would kill (literally) for him, so Obhammed is guilty because he is the one who has surrounded himself with the reprobates that do all the nasty stuff so Obhammed can keep his bloody hands clean (in his own mind).


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