Krauthammer: Obama “Understands He’s Losing His Constituency – The Media” (Video)

On Special Report, tonight, Charles Krauthammer characterized Obama’s short presser as a “holding operation” because Obama understands he’s losing his core constituency – the media.

“That was the absolute minimum he could have done, he said. He relieves one person – he obviously had to – he had to relieve at least one person and he chose, of course, the acting commissioner.”

The funny thing about that is,  Steven Miller, the “Fired” Acting IRS Commissioner Was Set To Resign… in June.

And who even cares? He had little to do with the IRS harassment of conservatives, anyway. He was hired in November of 2012, two years into the IRS’s targeting of conservatives for political reasons.  The SOB who lied to Congress is Doug Shulman, seen here telling the House Ways & Means Subcommittee that his agency was not engaged in the targeting of tea party organizations even while they doing it hot and heavily.

Said Krauthammer of Obama’s statement:

And then he says there’s going to be an investigation from Treasury. Well, that just means that the left hand of the government investigating the right hand. He did say he’d cooperate with Congress, but then he has the chutzpa to essentially warn republicans not to make this into a political event.

[W]e’re talking about is the IRS applying political criteria — inexcusably, unconstitutionally, probably criminally — and deciding who it’s going to investigate.

“I found this the bare minimum,” he concluded. “It’ll hold them for 12 hours, but no more.”

Video via Greg Hengler, Townhall.

By the way, Krauthammer wasn’t the first person to call the media Obama’s “most important constituency”, today. That honor goes to Lisa Myers, this morning.

UPDATE May 17:

Oh I take back what I said about Miller, earlier. Based on his evasive testimony in front of the House Ways and Means Committee, today, this weasel is knee deep in this scandal.



3 thoughts on “Krauthammer: Obama “Understands He’s Losing His Constituency – The Media” (Video)

  1. Then:
    “If I’ve lost Klondike [Cronkite] I’ve lost middle America.” – LBJ

    “If I’ve lost _______________, I’ve lost all of my lapdogs.” – bho

    Chrissy Tingles Mathues
    Billy De Press’d
    Jon Liebowitz Stewart
    Jessa Jacksarse
    Bobo Beckel
    Rachel Rayz Madcow


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