Video: Holder And Issa Spar During Judicial Hearing

Attorney General Eric Holder faced tough questioning today in a House Judiciary hearing which focused largely on The IRS, AP wiretapping and Benghazi scandals.

The Chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Darrell Issa spent his time pestering Holder about assistant attorney general at the U.S. Department of Justice, Thomas Perez, the radical ideologue who is Obama’s pick to be the next Secretary of labor. The gut-wrenchingly corrupt Perez has so spooked Republicans on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, they have delayed a vote on his nomination twice, now. The next committee vote on his nomination is scheduled for May 18.

Issa asked Holder why the DOJ hasn’t turned over the 1,200 private emails from Perez that have been requested in a bipartisan subpoena. Issa has accused Perez of using his private email account to conduct DOJ business.

Issa informed Holder that Perez had disclosed (apparently) “none then 1 then 2 then 34 then 35 emails that violated the federal records act. Your office has only let us see just yesterday or today, the to and from on the emails. (Good grief!)  We have not seen the contents….” At this point, Senator Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) interjected and tried to run interference for Holder. She was eventually slapped down by the mild mannered committee chairman, Rep Bob Goldblatte.

Holder simpered, “I’m sure there must have been a good reason why only the to and from parts were released.”

“Yeah, you didn’t want us to see the details,” Issa shot back. (Woot!)  At which point an agitated Holder responded, “That is inappropriate and is too consistent with the way in which you conduct yourself as a member of Congress. It’s unacceptable, and it’s shameful.”

Issa was giving the  Attorney General, (who refuses to step down even after being held in Criminal Contempt of  Congress),  exactly the amount of respect  he deserves, and I was glad to see it.

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

3 thoughts on “Video: Holder And Issa Spar During Judicial Hearing

  1. Holder deserves every bit as much respect as any other street thug who’s committed a felony – to be Mirandized, to have counsel present, to have a roof over his head, 3 squares and a bed in a 10′ x 7′ cell. Nothing more, nothing less, except a trial decided by a jury of his non-felonious peers.

    That would meet the requirements of the law which, apparently even as a lawyer he knows precious little of.


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