Video: A Thursday Night Scandalpalooza

I would usually save these for my Saturday Movie Matinee, some of these videos are too good to wait until Saturday.

Especially good is Judge Jeanine Pirro’s opening monologue from her show, last weekend:  Obama Admin Lied To America!!

Mark Levin: Investigate Senate Democrat Carl Levin:

Mark Levin: Obama Scandals Are Examples of a Tyrannical Government:

Mediaite: Megyn Kelly Explodes At Liberal Guest Over Benghazi – ‘Come On! Can We Have Some Honesty?’

Out Come The Baseball Bats – TheBlaze:

 Intim-O-Gate – TheBlaze:

The President Knows Nothing – TheBlaze:

Obama Drama – TheBlazeTV – The Glenn Beck Radio Program – 2013.05.15:

Donald Rumsfeld – TheBlazeTV – The Glenn Beck Radio Program – 2013.05.15:

Dana Loesch v. Leslie Marshall Debate IRS Scandal on Sean Hannity – 5-16-13

Listen to the shamelessly hacktastic Jay Carney try to spin the Benghazi talking points release into a “victory” for the administration, calling the concern over the WH lies a  “faux controversy” drummed up by Republicans: Piers Morgan Grills Jay Carney About IRS, Benghazi: Has This Been ‘Your Toughest Week’ Ever?

ABC’s Jonathan Karl reports on the Obama Administration’s Release Benghazi Emails:

Hat tip Brian B for many of these videos.

Heroes Day Fun Run/Walk, Buckner MO Saturday May 18

heroes day

In an effort to raise  money to provide homes for homeless veterans, Heroes Coming Home, an organization based in Independence Missouri, is  having a Heroes Day Fun Run/Walk Saturday May 18.

The event will be held in  Buckner, Missouri from 8:45am to 3:00pm (rain or shine). Location: Heisler-Burns Park, 305 Park Avenue, Veterans Drive, Buckner, Missouri

There will be a 9am Presentation of the Colors by Young Marines Color Guard, proclamation by Hon. Dan Hickson, Mayor, Buckner, MO and welcome Remarks by Doug Friend, CEO, Heroes Coming Home. The race will start following the remarks.

Details: Information about the Heroes Day Fun Run/Walk can be found at In-person registration will be available starting at 8:45 am. There is no limit on the number of participants.T-shirts and wristbands are available for purchase on the day of the event.

Sponsorship: We are still seeking sponsors for this year’s event to cover other costs associated with the race. Current sponsors include: City of Buckner, Heisler-Burns Park Board, Brenda Ayers, Becca Blake Photography, Blue Springs Ford, bodywork by ted, Casey’s General Store-Buckner, Frontier Bag, Inc., Play Hard Think Pretty LLC, Rangel Distributing Company: Office Supplies and Furniture, Rita’s Hearing Aids, and Debra Webb. Special thanks to Tim and Beth Cline, Jeanie Tobin and Ian and Maria Scott.

Organization: Heroes Coming Home is a 501(c)(3) founded by Doug Friend, a once homeless Veteran who now serves as the organization’s CEO. It is dedicated to aiding less fortunate Veterans who have served their country diligently, faithfully, and honorably, who are homeless or classified as a homeless Veteran by the Veterans Administration definition and guidelines for homelessness. Its mission is to provide homes to help get our Veterans back on their feet and to begin living lives with a renewed sense of hope and purpose they have surely earned.

White House Taunting ObamaCare Opponents On Twitter

They wonder where people get the idea that we’re living in a thugocracy.
Today, the House is voting for the 37th time to repeal ObamaCare. As a part of making good on their promise to repeal it, House GOP members are tweeting using #ObamCareInThreeWords and asking other folks to join in.
Because they have nothing better to do, the White House and Barack Obama are trolling the hashtag, literally. The official White House Twitter account (run by OFA Alinskyites) tweeted out this:
Dave @bigdave0908 responded, “Without. GOP. Votes.”
@SpeakerBoehner tweeted: “Arrogance of power”
 Twitchy snarked:
Someone needs to put on his big boy pants, it seems. Is the White House Twitter feed taking its cues from the non-partisan (wink wink) OFA @BarackObama Twitter account? That account recently stomped its foot at “severe conservatives.” Why is the White House Twitter feed being used to childishly troll the GOP and sneer at citizens?
Apparently the White House doesn’t  have enough on its plate with all the jaw dropping scandals, (including Kathleen Sebelius’s recent ObamaCare shakedown of health care companies.)

I can still hear the voices of Barack Obama and the other con artists behind ObamaCare telling us how it would reduce the deficit.  Now it can only survive if we either pour even more taxpayer money into it, or private industry executives agree to pony up a little charity.  It’s like a Jerry Lewis telethon, except the disease is bureaucratic sclerosis.

How far did ObamaCare exceed its cost projections?

The Affordable Care Act included $1 billion to be used in overall implementation of the law. Congressional Budget Office projections, however, estimated that federal agencies would need between $5 billion to $10 billion to get the law up and running over the next decade. And as many states have refused to partner with the federal government in setting up the law, the burden on HHS has grown.

Oh, so it was only off by a thousand percent or so!  Sebelius shouldn’t have too much trouble getting those health industry executives to shake $9 billion in loose change out of their pockets, right?


ObamaCare gives the State vast new powers to control individuals, too.  The same IRS that just got busted for using tax audits as weapons against political dissidents – including both Tea Party and pro-Israel Jewish groups – will be among the primary enforcers of ObamaCare.  We’re already well into banana-republic territory; we’ll have even more bananas to contend with in the future.
Max Baucus is so fed up with this trainwreck of a healthcare law, he’s bailing out of the Senate, but the leaders of this Regime are always the last ones to know when there are any problems, so I guess it’s not in the least bit surprising that they would still be gloating that “it’s. the. law.”

Rumor: Eric Holder Will Soon Be Stepping Down


It was hoped that the scandal-plagued Attorney General, (who was held in contempt of congress), would step down after the president’s first term, but Obama asked him to stay on for a second term, and horrifyingly enough,  Holder accepted.

Now, in the wake of  his latest scandal – the AP wiretapping brouhaha he has the MSM outraged, and  it looks like this “utterly clueless” Attorney General will finally step down.

Michael Sneed of the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that “Holder’s days are numbered,” and Massachussetts Governor Deval Patrick is Obama’s pick to replace him.

Sneed hears President Barack Obama, who is this/close to Holder, has set his sights on Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick as a possible replacement “when the heat dies down on the latest hot-button scandals to hit the U.S. Justice Department,” said a top White House source.

Last year, Holder became a hot button over a congressional probe of the sale of government guns to drug cartels.

This time it’s the double whammy of an IRS scandal and the U.S. Justice Department’s seizure of Associated Press reporters’ phone records — which has caused a media uproar.

Sneed hears that Obama will wait until the furor dies down so he and ValJar’s close bud will be able to leave with *ahem* “his reputation intact.”

Not sure how corrupt his replacement Deval Patrick is. We’ll have to look into that because the Obama Regime needs a strong enabler at Justice. I have heard he’s not a great governor.


Well, well, looks like Patrick will fit in just fine with this crowd:

 JWF last November: Scandals Could Prevent Corrupt Deval Patrick From Joining Corrupt Obama Administration

Cape Cod Times, Feb, 2010: Corruption trial could sink Gov. Deval Patrick

Hey, how about…..Charlie rangel or Marion Berry? Is  Kwame M. Kilpatrick still in jail?

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