Video: A Thursday Night Scandalpalooza

I would usually save these for my Saturday Movie Matinee, some of these videos are too good to wait until Saturday.

Especially good is Judge Jeanine Pirro’s opening monologue from her show, last weekend:  Obama Admin Lied To America!!

Mark Levin: Investigate Senate Democrat Carl Levin:

Mark Levin: Obama Scandals Are Examples of a Tyrannical Government:

Mediaite: Megyn Kelly Explodes At Liberal Guest Over Benghazi – ‘Come On! Can We Have Some Honesty?’

Out Come The Baseball Bats – TheBlaze:

 Intim-O-Gate – TheBlaze:

The President Knows Nothing – TheBlaze:

Obama Drama – TheBlazeTV – The Glenn Beck Radio Program – 2013.05.15:

Donald Rumsfeld – TheBlazeTV – The Glenn Beck Radio Program – 2013.05.15:

Dana Loesch v. Leslie Marshall Debate IRS Scandal on Sean Hannity – 5-16-13

Listen to the shamelessly hacktastic Jay Carney try to spin the Benghazi talking points release into a “victory” for the administration, calling the concern over the WH lies a  “faux controversy” drummed up by Republicans: Piers Morgan Grills Jay Carney About IRS, Benghazi: Has This Been ‘Your Toughest Week’ Ever?

ABC’s Jonathan Karl reports on the Obama Administration’s Release Benghazi Emails:

Hat tip Brian B for many of these videos.

4 thoughts on “Video: A Thursday Night Scandalpalooza

  1. There is not a lot that conservatives can do when we have a socialist president and democrat controlled senate if republican leadership in the house is unable and/or unwilling to move forward with any attempt to restore the intended balance of power in the US government. How many times have we been down this road? Eventually, Boehner will say he is going to act and then the months fly by until new events overtake the old… and nothing is ever done.


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  3. Deb, mes thinks you won’t have anything to worry about in the foreseeable future as far as having enough material to post. The problem will be trying to keep up with it. These thugs have been knee capping conservative people and organizations ever since they took power. Some of us have been screaming about it for years now. It’s a shame that it has taken some this long to have their eyes opened and notice what has been going on.


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