Flashback Video: Obama Sets The Tone

I made this video in April of 2010, inspired by the spate of left on right violence that had been occurring amidst the toxic, hyper-political atmosphere the president had created, pitting groups against each other as part of his strategy to ‘fundamentally transform America’. We had never had a president say such derisive things about fellow Americans and it was/is shocking and appalling. Even though no one in the MSM called him out on it, many of us on the right have been in a constant state of alarm and dismay. This is not how a United States president is supposed to sound.

Obama Sets the Tone foreshadowed what Kimberly Strassel wrote this very week in the Wall Street Journal:

As early as January 2010, Mr. Obama would, in his state of the union address, cast aspersions on the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, claiming that it “reversed a century of law to open the floodgates for special interests” (read conservative groups).

The president derided “tea baggers.” Vice President Joe Biden compared them to “terrorists.” In more than a dozen speeches Mr. Obama raised the specter that these groups represented nefarious interests that were perverting elections. “Nobody knows who’s paying for these ads,” he warned. “We don’t know where this money is coming from,” he intoned.

In case the IRS missed his point, he raised the threat of illegality: “All around this country there are groups with harmless-sounding names like Americans for Prosperity, who are running millions of dollars of ads against Democratic candidates . . . And they don’t have to say who exactly the Americans for Prosperity are. You don’t know if it’s a foreign-controlled corporation.”

Short of directly asking federal agencies to investigate these groups, this is as close as it gets. Especially as top congressional Democrats were putting in their own versions of phone calls, sending letters to the IRS that accused it of having “failed to address” the “problem” of groups that were “improperly engaged” in campaigns. Because guess who controls that “independent” agency’s budget?

The IRS is easy to demonize, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It got its heading from a president, and his party, who did in fact send it orders—openly, for the world to see. In his Tuesday press grilling, no question agitated White House Press Secretary Jay Carney more than the one that got to the heart of the matter: Given the president’s “animosity” toward Citizens United, might he have “appreciated or wanted the IRS to be looking and scrutinizing those . . .” Mr. Carney cut off the reporter with “That’s a preposterous assertion.”

Whether or not it can be proven that Obama was explicitly involved with the IRS’s  discrimination of conservative groups, it is undeniable that he implicitly sent the message.


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The Necropolitan Sentinel: Doug Schoen on Lou Dobbs: Donilon Played a Key, Unexplained Role on Scandal-Plagued Admin’s Benghazi Debacle:

There’s a lot of interesting material here, but the most novel information is from Schoen, who asserts that National Security Advisor Tom Donilon has been leaking to the press in a quid pro quo to keep his own name out of the discussion. If that’s true, and Schoen seems positive that it is, calling him a “leaker par excellence,” the administration must be aware of it. So, when we compile a list of key people that the administration is evidently trying to protect from scruitiny, badly in some cases, we have to include Donilon with Hillary and with Sarah Hall Ingram, the last in the IRS scandal. Hillary, as we know, was never interviewed in the Mullen-Pickering report, and Issa has now subpoenaed both Mullen and Pickering to appear before his committee and explain the alleged deficiencies of their report. In his testimony before Issa’s committee, Mark Thompson stressed that it was very unusual from his perspective that the Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST) should not have been activated under the circumstances (whether or not they could have reached Benghazi quickly enough to save anyone), and that in essence they were cut out of the decision-making loop. This week we have learned that their division, established under Bush the Younger, had been demoted de facto under the Obama administration. The Counterterrorism Security Group (CSG), was never convened on the evening of 9-11-12, although it is supposed to play a central coordinating role under exactly the circumstances presented by the Benghazi attacks. Whether the recalcitrance was the result of a general administration disdain for Bush-era policies or the usual half-assed hubris, or both, we don’t yet know.

The segment begins with an excellent discussion about the IRS hearing, yesterday. And towards the end Shoen made a very savvy point about how the Regime is handling all the scandals, calling it “the big lie technique.”  

“There is not a direct nexus between what they’re saying, and what’s coming out, he said.” Exactly what I’ve been saying. And he ended on this note – “the Obama agenda effectively is dead.” Exactly what I said in the car coming back from BlogCon to Duane Lester and Thomas LaDuke. And they weren’t sure they agreed.

No, Obama and his grotesque Regime have finally gotten a comeuppance. Now that people have finally figured out how deceitful and corrupt they are, they will not be trusted on ANYTHING. They cannot, must not be allowed to continue to run roughshod over the Constitution.

Republicans in the House and Senate need to drop any and all bipartisan cooperation with the Regime’s agenda, immediately. (I’m looking at you Marco Rubio and John Boehner.) Holder’s on the way out. Obama is finished.

It’s over.

Making my point also are two gun control advocates who have changed their tune in the wake of these scandals: JOE SCARBOROUGH, PIERS MORGAN: OBAMA SCANDALS PROVE GUN ADVOCATES AREN’T CRAZY:

How big of a wake-up call are the Obama scandals, especially the ones surrounding the seizing of phone records from the Associated Press and the IRS’s targeting of conservatives? So big that two of the media’s most shameful and shameless gun control advocates — Joe Scarborough and Piers Morgan — have finally conceded that arguments made by pro-Second Amendment activists against the expanding of background checks might not be so ridiculous.

The jig is up – it’s time to start undoing the damage.

Obama Scandals Timeline IRS HHS DOJ EPA:

IRS, HHS, DOJ, EPA Having trouble keeping track of all of the Obama administration scandals? Your not the only one. Here’s a run down of recent abuses.

Glenn Beck Maps Out How Scandals Reveal Obama’s Goal Of ‘Fundamentally Transforming’ America:

Gateway Pundit: WOW! IRS Asked Tea Party Leader for Back-End to Group’s Website:

This is unbelievable! The Obama IRS asked a Texas Tea Party group for back-end access to their website.
This is criminal behavior!
Via an interview with Kristina Ribali from FreedomWorks.

I was in the audience when Glenn interviewed two local tea party activists for his Dallas based show on Monday, and one of them told that story. I’ve been looking for the video on Youtube because their stories were so shocking.

It’s kinda fun to watch Glenn and his crew’s live reactions  to the IRS hearing, yesterday…

The Blaze: Glenn Beck » IRS Gives Laughable Defense:

The Conversation: IRS Asked Pro-Life Group To Include The Content Of Their Prayers?! (Video)

Life News reported yesterday that the IRS subjected one pro-life group to “repeated and lengthy unconstitutional requests for information about the viewpoint and content of its educational communications, volunteer prayer vigils, and other protected activities.”

One of the more shocking revelations to come out of today’s hearing came from Republican Rep. Aaron Schock, who asked Miller if the IRS had indeed asked a pro-life group to include the content of their prayers.


Krauthammer Has Had it up to Here With Presidents Answers to IRS Questions:

Obama parsing in a way “that would make Bill Clinton look unsophisticated.”


Mediaite: Krauthammer: If White House Had Any Connection To IRS Scandal, It Will Be ‘Fatal Problem’ For Obama:

 Charles Krauthammer sat down with Sean Hannity to react to President Obama denying he had any advance knowledge of the IRS targeting tea party groups. Krauthammer suspected that there may be more to the White House’s involvement in the scandal, predicting that if thee was any White House involvement in the scandal and such involvement becomes public knowledge, it will deal a fatal blow to the Obama administration.

PJTV: TRIFECTA — Targeting Tea: Obama’s IRS Singles Out Conservative Groups:

The Obama Administration took a page out of the Nixon playbook when its IRS targeted the political enemies of the President. How high up the food chain does the new IRS scandal go, and is President Obama involved? Hear what Trifecta has to say.

The Conversation: 54 out of 64 CO Sheriffs File Lawsuit Against New Anti-Gun Law (Video)

84% of all Colorado sheriffs have filed a lawsuit against the new gun law that passed earlier this Spring in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting. The  sheriffs are hoping to have the new restrictions invalidated because they believe they violate the Second Amendment.

The Colorado Legislature passed two laws that are set to take effect July 1 which limit the size of the of ammunition magazines to 15 rounds and expand background checks to private and online firearm sales.

Sheriffs from 54 of the state’s 64 counties are involved in the lawsuit because they believe it’s their duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Goth Andrew De Leon Amazes The Judges With His Voice:


My Fox Philly: Father Of Late SEAL Speaks Out About Suing Obama, Biden:

The Right Scoop: Uh Oh. The IRS lied about existence of Tea Party documents to avoid FOIA request

IRS Rep Told Dr. James Dobson They Wouldn’t Approve His Application Because He Had Been “Critical Of President”

Dr. James Dobson was a guest on the Hannity show Friday night to talk about the run-around his Christian, pro-family, group, Family Talk Action got from the IRS when they applied for a 501(c)(4), a process he said “went on and on and on” for 19 months.

When his lawyer called the IRS to find out what the problem was, an IRS rep named Medley told him, “we don’t think we’re going to approve your application.” And when he asked, “why not? She answered, because you’re a right wing organization, and you’re political, and you’ve been critical of the President and we don’t think you give other people an opportunity to express their views, and besides that – you’re not educational.” An answer Dr. Dobson took great umbrage at.

“Do you want to rewrite your application and resubmit it?” she asked.  He answered, “no, we’ll just have to litigate”, and about eight days later they gave them their 501(c)(4).

Obama definitely set the tone for these abuses. “Punish your my enemies”,  he ordered from on high. The only question is whether he was ever more explicit, or personally aware that his minions in the IRS was doing his bidding.


AIM:  The IRS Targeted Conservative Media:

Of the IRS abuse cases that have recently come to light, the use of the IRS to enforce the defunct “Fairness Doctrine” on broadcasters is one of the most disturbing.

“I am alarmed by reports that suggest a federal official at the IRS instituting a de facto Fairness Doctrine,” National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) President & CEO Dr. Frank Wright said in apress release. Wright was referring to long-time Christian radio host Dr. James Dobson revealing that his organization had to submit sample radio programs to the IRS, and that an IRS agent indicated that his criticism of President Obama would prevent his ministry from getting a certain form of non-profit status.

A press release about the controversy was issued under the headline, “IRS Subjects Dr. James Dobson and Family Talk Action to Viewpoint Discrimination.”

In other words, Dobson’s views were singled out by the IRS because they were conservative, Christian, and critical of President Obama.

The Right Scoop: MUST WATCH: Mega Romney donor says he was targeted by Obama campaign, then audited by IRS and Labor Dept

This is not my country. The Chicago thugocracy we have in the White House is every bit what Michelle Malkin has always said it was, using government to target and oppress political ‘enemies’.

In this segment, Frank Vandersloot tells BillO that after he gave Romney one million to help his campaign, he was then targeted by the Obama campaign on their official website along with seven others. Shortly after that he received a letter from the IRS saying he would be audited. And then on top of that, he also had the Labor Dept. come calling because they wanted to look at his books.


July, 23, 2012

When Is The MSM Going to Condemn Obama’s Enemies List?

Just asking.

Because Obama does have an enemies list– literally.  His Orwellian “Truth Team”  lists on his campaign website  the names of some of Mitt Romney’s biggest donors.

While President Nixon kept his Enemies list secret, Obama’s list is right out in the open and designed to inspire scorn, rebuke and retribution from his minions.

The truth is,  anyone who runs as a Republican or donates to conservative causes can count on being targeted for intimidation by the organized left.

When did this become okay? When did it become okay for the President’s party to attack, insult, and slander private citizens for no other reason than they gave money to his opponent?

When did it become okay for a President to sic government agencies on private citizens who give to the “wrong” campaign?

Agreeing 100% With Michelle Malkin – Stop Saying Obama Is A “Nice Guy”

May, 10, 2012

When we all know he ain’t.

This has been a point of contention for me, too…Does the Republican establishment think that the American people can’t handle the truth? Why do they insist on raising the white flag in the battle for hearts and minds, by ceding to the left one of their weakest propaganda points?

It’s so easy to point out all of the things that make Obama a not-so-nice bully, yet the establishment doesn’t even try.

There is a reflexive desire among a certain species of moderate Republicans to be perceived as “civil” by liberal opponents who believe that the mere existence of free-market, limited-government conservatism is an indecent affront to humankind. All aboard the U.S.S. Lost Cause.

This disastrous, bend-over bipartisanship is a hard habit to break. In 2008, Arizona Sen. John McCain rode the “Barack Obama is a nice guy, but vote for me” wave to crashing defeat. In 2012, McCain’s endorsee, Mitt Romney, has made “Barack Obama is a nice guy but in over his head” a standard stump-speech talking point.

Conservatives of good will who’ve watched President Obama brutalize his enemies have one question for the nice-guy niceties: Why, GOP, why?

Romney’s smarter-than-thou strategists explain that he can’t scare off independents and Democrats with straight talk about Obama’s thuggery. But he’s turning off the conservative base, on whom his hold is tenuous. More importantly, Romney’s McCain-lite impersonation is also writing off independents and Democrats who’ve come to realize what the myriad targets of White House bullying have learned the hard way over the past four years: Barack Obama is not a “nice guy.”

Ask Gerald Walpin, the former AmeriCorps inspector general who was pushed out of his job by the Obamas afterexposing fraud and corruption perpetrated by Democratic mayor of Sacramento and Obama friend Kevin Johnson. Walpin was unceremoniously fired and smeared by Team Obama. The White House baselessly questioned the veteran watchdog’s mental health and never apologized for slandering him.

Ask the family, friends and co-workers of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. They have been forced to sue the Obama administration to combat the Operation Fast and Furious cover-up of deadly policy decisions that led to their hero’s death. “I think they are liars, and I would tell them that,” Terry’s father, Kent, said of Obama’s henchmen.

As Townhall editor Katie Pavlich makes clear in her devastating new book, “Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up,” the president, his corrupt attorney general, Eric Holder, and their minions weren’t “in over their heads.” They knew exactly what they were doing and have obstructed investigations into the bloody consequences of their policies ever since.

That’s not “nice.” It’s rotten to the core.