Saturday Movie Matinee: ‘The Obama Agenda Is Effectively Dead’

The Necropolitan Sentinel: Doug Schoen on Lou Dobbs: Donilon Played a Key, Unexplained Role on Scandal-Plagued Admin’s Benghazi Debacle:

There’s a lot of interesting material here, but the most novel information is from Schoen, who asserts that National Security Advisor Tom Donilon has been leaking to the press in a quid pro quo to keep his own name out of the discussion. If that’s true, and Schoen seems positive that it is, calling him a “leaker par excellence,” the administration must be aware of it. So, when we compile a list of key people that the administration is evidently trying to protect from scruitiny, badly in some cases, we have to include Donilon with Hillary and with Sarah Hall Ingram, the last in the IRS scandal. Hillary, as we know, was never interviewed in the Mullen-Pickering report, and Issa has now subpoenaed both Mullen and Pickering to appear before his committee and explain the alleged deficiencies of their report. In his testimony before Issa’s committee, Mark Thompson stressed that it was very unusual from his perspective that the Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST) should not have been activated under the circumstances (whether or not they could have reached Benghazi quickly enough to save anyone), and that in essence they were cut out of the decision-making loop. This week we have learned that their division, established under Bush the Younger, had been demoted de facto under the Obama administration. The Counterterrorism Security Group (CSG), was never convened on the evening of 9-11-12, although it is supposed to play a central coordinating role under exactly the circumstances presented by the Benghazi attacks. Whether the recalcitrance was the result of a general administration disdain for Bush-era policies or the usual half-assed hubris, or both, we don’t yet know.

The segment begins with an excellent discussion about the IRS hearing, yesterday. And towards the end Shoen made a very savvy point about how the Regime is handling all the scandals, calling it “the big lie technique.”  

“There is not a direct nexus between what they’re saying, and what’s coming out, he said.” Exactly what I’ve been saying. And he ended on this note – “the Obama agenda effectively is dead.” Exactly what I said in the car coming back from BlogCon to Duane Lester and Thomas LaDuke. And they weren’t sure they agreed.

No, Obama and his grotesque Regime have finally gotten a comeuppance. Now that people have finally figured out how deceitful and corrupt they are, they will not be trusted on ANYTHING. They cannot, must not be allowed to continue to run roughshod over the Constitution.

Republicans in the House and Senate need to drop any and all bipartisan cooperation with the Regime’s agenda, immediately. (I’m looking at you Marco Rubio and John Boehner.) Holder’s on the way out. Obama is finished.

It’s over.

Making my point also are two gun control advocates who have changed their tune in the wake of these scandals: JOE SCARBOROUGH, PIERS MORGAN: OBAMA SCANDALS PROVE GUN ADVOCATES AREN’T CRAZY:

How big of a wake-up call are the Obama scandals, especially the ones surrounding the seizing of phone records from the Associated Press and the IRS’s targeting of conservatives? So big that two of the media’s most shameful and shameless gun control advocates — Joe Scarborough and Piers Morgan — have finally conceded that arguments made by pro-Second Amendment activists against the expanding of background checks might not be so ridiculous.

The jig is up – it’s time to start undoing the damage.

Obama Scandals Timeline IRS HHS DOJ EPA:

IRS, HHS, DOJ, EPA Having trouble keeping track of all of the Obama administration scandals? Your not the only one. Here’s a run down of recent abuses.

Glenn Beck Maps Out How Scandals Reveal Obama’s Goal Of ‘Fundamentally Transforming’ America:

Gateway Pundit: WOW! IRS Asked Tea Party Leader for Back-End to Group’s Website:

This is unbelievable! The Obama IRS asked a Texas Tea Party group for back-end access to their website.
This is criminal behavior!
Via an interview with Kristina Ribali from FreedomWorks.

I was in the audience when Glenn interviewed two local tea party activists for his Dallas based show on Monday, and one of them told that story. I’ve been looking for the video on Youtube because their stories were so shocking.

It’s kinda fun to watch Glenn and his crew’s live reactions  to the IRS hearing, yesterday…

The Blaze: Glenn Beck » IRS Gives Laughable Defense:

The Conversation: IRS Asked Pro-Life Group To Include The Content Of Their Prayers?! (Video)

Life News reported yesterday that the IRS subjected one pro-life group to “repeated and lengthy unconstitutional requests for information about the viewpoint and content of its educational communications, volunteer prayer vigils, and other protected activities.”

One of the more shocking revelations to come out of today’s hearing came from Republican Rep. Aaron Schock, who asked Miller if the IRS had indeed asked a pro-life group to include the content of their prayers.


Krauthammer Has Had it up to Here With Presidents Answers to IRS Questions:

Obama parsing in a way “that would make Bill Clinton look unsophisticated.”


Mediaite: Krauthammer: If White House Had Any Connection To IRS Scandal, It Will Be ‘Fatal Problem’ For Obama:

 Charles Krauthammer sat down with Sean Hannity to react to President Obama denying he had any advance knowledge of the IRS targeting tea party groups. Krauthammer suspected that there may be more to the White House’s involvement in the scandal, predicting that if thee was any White House involvement in the scandal and such involvement becomes public knowledge, it will deal a fatal blow to the Obama administration.

PJTV: TRIFECTA — Targeting Tea: Obama’s IRS Singles Out Conservative Groups:

The Obama Administration took a page out of the Nixon playbook when its IRS targeted the political enemies of the President. How high up the food chain does the new IRS scandal go, and is President Obama involved? Hear what Trifecta has to say.

The Conversation: 54 out of 64 CO Sheriffs File Lawsuit Against New Anti-Gun Law (Video)

84% of all Colorado sheriffs have filed a lawsuit against the new gun law that passed earlier this Spring in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting. The  sheriffs are hoping to have the new restrictions invalidated because they believe they violate the Second Amendment.

The Colorado Legislature passed two laws that are set to take effect July 1 which limit the size of the of ammunition magazines to 15 rounds and expand background checks to private and online firearm sales.

Sheriffs from 54 of the state’s 64 counties are involved in the lawsuit because they believe it’s their duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Goth Andrew De Leon Amazes The Judges With His Voice:


My Fox Philly: Father Of Late SEAL Speaks Out About Suing Obama, Biden:

The Right Scoop: Uh Oh. The IRS lied about existence of Tea Party documents to avoid FOIA request


8 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: ‘The Obama Agenda Is Effectively Dead’

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  3. ND, I wish I could say I agree with both you and Schoen that “the Obama agenda effectively is dead.”. Unfortunately for us I think there are enough repubics all too willing to throw him some life lines. The first and biggest one is going to be the Immigration Bill. They just announced that the “House Gang” has come to a agreement this week. Oh joy! The Senate and the rino’s there are about to pass something also. Any gun legislation is probably on life support however I don’t think they have given up on the issue yet. With one major victory [immigration] under his belt, obozo could regain his footing and get right back in the game.

    Any other politician should be dead in the water about now, don’t count this guy out just yet. Especially with the team we have.


  4. I will believe Obama’s agenda is “dead” when there is an election in 2016, ObamaCare has been disposed of and there is no further damage to the country and Constitution.

    Highly unlikely on many levels, but mostly because the “leaders” (and, by extension, most of the followers) of both parties are more interested in re-election than in doing what’s right for both the country and We, the People.


  5. NiceDeb, did you, by any chance, hear the Paula Broadwell speech she gave at Denver U? The Q & As afterwards? Where she revealed classified information, regarding detained prisoners, as a probable cause? I remember it.


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  7. When will the Talking Heads start criticizing the DATA MINING the IRS did? We KNOW this info was passed on and not destroyed!

    How many teaparty/patriots/concerned citizens complied with the IRS data mining project? Because that’s what this was: Intimidation, harassment and data mining.


  8. Excellent point. There are going to be plenty of hearing on this. The first Oversight and Reform hearing will be this Wednesday. Trey Gowdy says be patient. It’s going to take awhile to get to the bottom of this, but they’re on it.


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