Video: Three Fox News Reporters Spied on by DOJ

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse – more shock and awfulness.

Via Drudge:

Via Twitchy: 

 When will it end? On top of the AP phone records scandal, it is now being reported that Fox News’ James Rosen was targeted and spied on by Obama’s Department of Justice. Glenn Greenwald, no fan of Fox News nor conservatives, slammed the Obama administration for the criminalizing of journalism. He also slammed Obama cheerleading progressives who think it’s hunky-dory. Because, Fox News.

Ace reacts:

This is bad. Megyn Kelly just reported that Rosen was named as a criminal co-conspirator because when you so name a reporter, the rules say that you do not have to inform the target, and he is not entitled to have his side of things heard by the court.

This allegation makes it an ex parte hearing with only the government and, most likely, one of its favorite judges, in the room.

This is scary.

What scares me is what Obama will do in reaction to investigations to what he’s already done.

More from Twitchy: 

Frightening: Content from DOJ’s warrant application to spy on James Rosen [pics]

Greenwald blasts Obama admin thug tactics against FNC’s Rosen; Slams Obama cheering progs


4 thoughts on “Video: Three Fox News Reporters Spied on by DOJ

  1. I gotta tell you, part of me is glad AP got targeted by DoJ. And it would be a lot easier to feel sympathy for them if they weren’t part of the COAM (Cover Obama’s Arse Media).

    But ultimately, they, even though slobbering lovers of socialist tyrants, need, have and should have protection from the intrusive bullying from the government. If this happened in private industry Obama’s bullies at labor or the SEC or wherever would demand the CEO be fired without compensation and probably do jail time.

    Any takers on whether the CEO of the United States will get that treatment?


  2. Glen Greenwald is *outraged*. Really?!
    Well,, BOO HOO.
    These Leftist a-h*les got OBoy elected and REelected,
    over the cries of OUR warnings.
    But NOW, as soon as THEY are the target,
    they whine as if THEY are the first victim in the world,
    and beg for US to shed our tears for THEM in sympathy?!

    THEY weren’t there for US,
    (for the last five years, much less the last five decades)
    but THEY want US to be there for THEM now?!?
    H*LL NO.
    Greenwald can rot in an Obama Camp.
    I’ll even make a little yellow “AP” tag he can sew on his lapel.


  3. Not to worry, folks. The two leading constitutional experts in the world, Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder (aka, Mr. Obhammed and Mr. My People, aka Dumb and Dumber) are assuring the low-info public that this was all totally legal and above-board, contrary to what the news organizations are saying and/or implying and/or suggesting.

    And within ten days the administration will throw some miniscule crumb to the COAM (Cover Obama’s Arse Media) that will get them back on the reservation, so end of story.

    (The “miniscule crumb,” BTW, will be some shiny “news” story just distracting enough to anyone left of Paul Ryan that will swallow it hook, line and s(t)inker so they run off chasing the shiny object instead of the abuse heaped on them by the same administration.)


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