Obama Asks Holder To Investigate Holder – What Could Go Wrong? (Video)

This clown show of a government gets more ridonculous every day. I’ve never understood why so many comics never found Obama funny. In his own special way, he can be a laugh riot:

The Fox News revelation followed the news that the Justice Department had investigated the phone records of reporters working for The Associated Press.

On May 24, however, Obama reacted to growing alarm in the media by asking Holder to review the Justice Department’s procedures for investigating the media.

“We must keep information secret that protects our operations and our people in the field,” the president said at a speech in Washington D.C.

“But a free press is also essential for our democracy [and] I am troubled by the possibility that leak investigations may chill the investigative journalism that holds government accountable,” he said.

“Journalists should not be at legal risk for doing their jobs … [and] I have raised these issues with the Attorney General, who shares my concern. So he has agreed to review existing Department of Justice guidelines governing investigations that involve reporters, and will convene a group of media organizations to hear their concerns as part of that review,” he said.

Friday it was revealed that the Atty. Gen. personally signed off on the Rosen probe, but he testified at a House Judiciary hearing, last week otherwise. Now,  it  looks like Holder lied under oath to congress.

The Five reacted to the news that Holder lied about his involvement with the James Rosen probe, and found Obama’s decision to put Eric Holder in charge of reviewing the Justice Department’s policies for investigating reporters “incredibly inappropriate.” As Greg Gutfeld put it, “essentially it’s like having a kid grade his own paper.”

He’s already been held in contempt of Congress.

On Friday’s Special Report, Charles Krauthammer said that Holder’s days are numbered. But the man’s crimes require more than his being allowed to resign with his head high. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Obama was telling the truth when he said that Holder “shares his concerns,”  I’ll grant him that.

And as the drip drip drip of Regime scandal revelations come to the fore, they both have good reason to be concerned.


3 thoughts on “Obama Asks Holder To Investigate Holder – What Could Go Wrong? (Video)

  1. As much as I’d like to see Holder drawn, quartered, soaked in pig’s urine, wrapped in the hide of a gangrenous cow and strung up as a hors d’oeuvre for the D.C. buzzards, we have a problem prosecuting public officials for violating their oaths to the Constitution: There’s no prescribed statutory penalty for it.

    Sometimes, for state and local officials, malfeasance will cover it, but I don’t know if there’s a malfeasance offense defined in the United States Code.


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  3. First, there is a constitutional method of impeachment. That, contrary to popular belief, does not remove one from office.

    Once one is impeached, by the constitution one is prosecuted for the impeachable offense. Conviction of THAT results in removal from office.

    I’m no lawyer (thank God for that, God is good) but I would think that conviction of an impeachable offense (high crime or misdemeanor) would meet a civil definition, and the person could be tried then on criminal grounds by the courts for the same offense. If the conviction for impeachment was in fact criminal, then I would guess it could only be a matter of sentencing by the head of the Senate, since he/she is the “judge” in the impeachment trial.

    Any constitutional “experts” out there?

    One last thought: You can be really, really sure Holder won’t “recuse” himself from his own investigation!


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