Nixon and Obama: Like Brothers From Another Mother (Video)

Via Revealing Politics: Nixon and Obama: Like brothers from another mother:

The kids at Revealing Politics had heard enough comparisons of the two men that they decided to do some hunting. They’ve concluded that the two may have been separated at birth.

Here’s all the latest on the Scandalpalooza front:

Oversight Issues Subpoena for Documents Related to Benghazi Talking Points

News Corp Never Received Notice of DOJ Subpoenas

Two Judges Had Rejected DOJ’s Rosen Warrants Before Judge Lamberth Granted Request

House Judiciary Committee Investigating Whether Holder Lied To Congress

Report: Holder Felt ‘Remorse’ over FNC James Rosen Subpoena

Emotion as a Substitute for Accountability

Bonus video at Weasel Zippers: Video: Brain Dead Libs Sign “Thank You” Card To IRS For Targeting Conservatives…

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Groan inducing.