Washington DC Directed IRS Scandal Darrell Issa Says – “Paid Liar” Jay Carney Working On New Spin (Video)


Carney told reporters at a recent press briefing that the White House tries to give out the best information they have, as quickly as possible during rapidly moving stories, and when new information comes in, he updates reporters with the new information. So see – if the story changes – that’s why.

But of course he has it completely backwards. His job as the White House Spokesliar is to present a narrative to the media that pleasing to the Regime. That requires that he stonewall questions, and conceal the truth for as long as possible, (with direct lies if necessary) and when the truth can no longer be concealed, the narrative is updated. I chronicled the evolving White House line on Benghazi, here. They didn’t provide the media with the facts as soon as they knew them. They provided them with malarky that was “convenient at the time.”

But that’s just me – a conservative blogger in flyover country talking.

Here’s Darrell Issa the Chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, today on CNN with Candy Crowley, calling Carney a “paid liar”:

“Their paid liar, their paid spokesperson, the picture behind, he’s still making up things about what happened and calling this a local rogue,” Issa told Candy Crowley of CNN on Sunday. “This is a problem that was in all likelihood right out of Washington headquarters,” he said. “We’re getting to proving it.”

Issa blasted away at Carney, stating, “The president’s spokesman – spokesperson – is saying whatever’s convenient at the time. The story changes.”

Harsh but very true, and a reason I think, so many reporters are refusing to go along with the WH spin any longer. The constant, ridiculous lies can no longer be defended.

The Daily Mail reported on the House  investigations:

A committee spokesman sent MailOnline partial transcripts of two interviews with unnamed IRS workers about the agency’s actions in early 2010, on whose testimony Issa based his bombshell statement.

One of those interviewees said it was ‘impossible’ for a few IRS agents to have orchestrated such widespread partisan targeting on their own.

‘Did [your supervisor] give you any indication of the need for the search [for tea party groups], any more context?’ one IRS witness was asked in a closed-door interview.

‘He told me that Washington, D.C., wanted some cases,’ came the reply.

The employee, who said he or she was evaluating 40 such applications for tax-exempt status from conservative organizations at the time, said ‘some went to Washington. D.C. … I sent seven.’

The interviews, which are still ongoing, are being conducted by oversight committee staff in conjunction with House Ways and Means committee staff, and include both Republicans and Democrats.

The employee told those congressional investigators that IRS headquarters had also requested two specific cases for review.

I think most of us who have been paying attention kinda figured out already that this wasn’t orchestrated by two rogue agents in Cincinnati, but now that Issa has publicized what they’ve discovered  from their investigation, thus far, look to hear Jay Carney alter his story, this week, as “new information” has come in.



Salvi said the FEC controversy filed in 1996 lingered through his 1998 challenge of Secretary of State Jesse White. The Democrats used the questions raised in campaign ads that implied he had been involved in criminal activity.

“I remember getting a pizza with my kids, and looking up to see the TV showing the [Democrat] ad, and I didn’t want to upset my kids, so I distracted them away,” he said. “I’ll never forget the concern that went on for months, affecting my law firm and my business.”

And Salvi said when he thinks of that, he recalls the shock on Lerner’s face when the judge dismissed his case. “We never lose!” Lerner said, and then, he said she distinctly threatened, “We’ll get you!

Salvi said he told his wife right away to get ready for an IRS audit – that it would be coming. He instructed his firm’s accountants to err on the conservative side when filing tax returns, just in case.

But after the May 2000 dismissal, there was no contact from the FEC or from the IRS. However, there was from the FBI. In the fall of 2000, FBI agents knocked on the door of the Salvis’ home and said they wanted to ask him about his mother’s $2000 donation to his 1996 U.S. Senate campaign.

“That visit from the FBI was significant,” Salvi said. “That meant a criminal investigation, not a civil disagreement with the elections commission. And, if a person lies to the FBI, they can go to jail.”

Salvi said he reviewed the situation with the agents, and told them they were being used for political purposes. The two agents visited with his elderly mother and soon after, notified Salvi they were terminating the investigation.

“It was a nightmare,” Salvi said. “People ask me today why I’ve never run for office again after being a state representative for two terms, winning a GOP primary against the sitting lieutenant governor to run for U.S. Senate, and then finally losing an intense campaign against Durbin. All the time this long FEC ordeal continued while I ran for Secretary of State in 1998 and beyond. Why would anyone run for office again after all that? I’m very happy now,

Mission accomplished.

Committee on Oversight and Government Reform: Issa Talks IRS Targeting Investigation, Previews Thursday’s IRS Conference Spending Hearing on CNN SOTU:

WASHINGTON – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) revealed new testimony from IRS employees in Cincinnati involved with the IRS’s political targeting today on CNN’s State of the Union.

The Committee released excerpts from bipartisan transcribed interviews between Committee Investigators and Cincinnati IRS employees. In these interviews Cincinnati IRS employees reject the White House’s claim that the targeting was merely work of “rogue” agents and say targeting of conservative political groups came from Washington, D.C.

“As late as last week, the administration was still trying to say the [IRS targeting scandal] was from a few rogue agents in Cincinnati, when in fact the indication is that they were directly being ordered from Washington,” Issa told CNN.

Below is an excerpt from the transcribed interviews between Committee Investigators and Cincinnati IRS employees:

One Cincinnati IRS employee interviewed by the Oversight Committee rejects the White House assertion and points to Washington as being responsible for targeting effort:

Gateway Pundit: Breaking: Tea Party Leaders to Testify Before Congress This Week on IRS Scandal …Update: Groups Announced:

Breaking:4Liberty at Free Republic reported – I live in Los Angeles. Our San Fernando Tea Party coordinator will be testifying BEFORE CONGRESS along with 5 or 6 others at 10 AM Eastern to 1 PM Eastern. CSPAN DOES NOT HAVE ANY SCHEDULE SHOWING THEY WILL BROADCAST.

UPDATE: I plan on attending the hearing this week.

UPDATE: I just received this information from the Tea Party Patriots.

Weasel Zippers: Former Top Obama Adviser David Plouffe Say IRS Targeting Conservative Groups “Not Political”…

On Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week,” former George W. Bush Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and former senior adviser to President Barack Obama David Plouffe faced off over whether the Internal Revenue Service’s abuse of its powers to target conservative political groups was a political matter.

According to Plouffe, there were no indications those abuses were politically motivated.

“There’s been no suggestion — the independent, the prosecutor looked at this, excuse me, the inspector general said there was no politics involved in this,” Plouffe said. “No one has indicated at all that the White House is involved. The IRS director was appointed under President [George W.] Bush, served under both presidents, attested…. So this was not a political pursuit.”

But Plouffe’s remarks drew a sharp response from Rove: “Baloney.” This led to a heated exchange between the two.

I see the strategy has shifted from feigned shock and outrage (It’s outrageous!) at the IRS,  to assertions that the targeting was “not politically motivated.”

Ax was singing the same tune on NBC: David Axelrod Dismisses IRS Scandal On NBC: Too ‘Stupid’ To Be Politically Motivated.

They expect their stooges in the MSM to carry their water on this. We’ll see who’s stupid and craven enough to fall in line.


Lois Lerner To Republican Candidate in 1996: “Promise me You Will Never Run Again, and We’ll Drop the (FEC) Case”

Jeanine Pirro On What Should Happen To Holder: ‘Indict Him’ (Video)

Jeanine Pirro began her show, Saturday, by asking what should  happen to our corrupt attorney general.

Now we already know that the Obama administration promotes and rewards those in lock step with them. Like Susan rice and her video vignette, Victoria Nuland and those pesky Benghazi talking points, and Lois Lerner, that IRS Queen who admittedly doesn’t much know about math, but another truth twister who is taking a summer vacation on our dime because the the WH won’t take the trouble to fire her. Actually only the little people get fired or demoted – like Gregory Hicks, who desperately called for military back-up in Benghazi.”

Jeanine decided she has a better idea for Holder. “Indict him.”

Here’s the rap against Holder, according to the Judge.

Count 1: Perjury.

Count 2: False Statement To Congress

Count 3: Aiding and Abetting

Count 4: Obstruction

Count 5: Misprision of felony

Count 6: Conspiracy

You’re going to love her take on the “off the record” meeting the “desperate”  Attorney General had with reporters, so they could tell him what guidelines should be used to investigate them.

“Don’t you run the world’s largest law office – 10,000 lawyers? Aren’t there 200 years of case law, precedent, and legal treatises on the free press and the First Amendment…. and by the way, isn’t your boss the president, a constitutional lawyer? What don’t you understand about the First Amendment?

And you want to meet with the press, WHY? To talk about how prosecutors like you, shouldn’t be allowed to do what you yourself decided to do.

YOU DID IT! What? Were you having an out of body experience?” She asked incredulously.

Pirro discussed the Regime’s scandals with a Democrat strategist, and a Republican strategist. The Democrat,  Ryan Clayton, while agreeing that Holder had “crossed the line”, managed to  embarrass himself with other utterly hackish statements.

Congressman Trey Gowdy, who needs no introduction here, was interviewed by the Judge, and had some choice words for Holder.

Videos via Massteaparty.