Poor Baghdad Jim McDermott Wails “Stop It!” At Megyn Kelly’s Tough Questioning (Video)

I say tough questioning, but it really wasn’t tough questioning, at all – just tough compared to what he’s probably used to from the lib media. She was just asking questions and demanding answers that actually made sense.

See if you can follow Baghdad Jim’s logic, here… He blustered that he said five times during his statement at the hearing, yesterday, that the questions the IRS requested from the the conservative groups were “egregious, out of bounds,  and shouldn’t have been asked”, but then, in the same breath noted that by asking for tax exempt status, they opened themselves up to such questions. Say what?

When Megyn asked him about  Kevin Kookogey’s testimony about his group’s loss of a $30,000 donation because they hadn’t received the stamp of approval in officially becoming a 501(c)(4),  he said Kookogey wasn’t under oath and didn’t offer any proof. When she pressed him as to whether he rejected his claim, he got mad, and huffed, “STOP IT!!!”

Video via Twitchy: Bam! Megyn Kelly crushes IRS victim-blaming creep Rep. McDermott; He sneers, screams ‘stop it!’

Just another one of the bright stars of the Democrat party. I’m sure his constituents are proud.

4 thoughts on “Poor Baghdad Jim McDermott Wails “Stop It!” At Megyn Kelly’s Tough Questioning (Video)

  1. Translation: Stop it!!! You’re asking questions like an actual journalist out of the 1950s, and for some poor schmuck Democrap congressman, that just ain’t fair!!!

    As far as I can tell, the collective IQ of the Democrap contingent from WA is about the size of the largest pair of shoes any of them wears.

    The collective wisdom of the same said group approaches zero.

    And the collective common sense of that group is in the negatives.

    Yet WA, like CA, continues to saddle the rest the country with these lying thief socialists who place themselves and others whose ideologies match theirs above the law. (I define “thief” here as anyone who takes anything of value (including self-respect) that does not rightfully belong to them.)


  2. He acted just like the little baby who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar: “…but the jar isn’t empty!”
    WHAT. AN. A§§.


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