Holder Refuses to Answer If DOJ Spied on Members Of Congress (Video)

Today, Attorney Gen. Eric Holder testified before a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on the Justice Department’s FY2014 budget. He was asked about the seizure of Associated Press phone records and the IRS targeting conservative groups for investigation.

Senator Kirk (R-IL) asked Holder if the DOJ monitored phones for members of Congress, and shockingly, he refused to answer.

The guy who wouldn’t answer this very basic question, has “no intention” of stepping down, mind you.

Cruz explained why on Twitter:


via The Blaze:

Jar Jar weighs in…

In an interview with the Huffington Post, White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett said there’s no chance Attorney General Eric Holderwill resign in light of revelations that his Justice Department has spied on journalists.

“You can take it from me,” she said. “He will be in his position for quite a while.”

The audacity of totalitarianism.

6 thoughts on “Holder Refuses to Answer If DOJ Spied on Members Of Congress (Video)

  1. I don’t know but if the NSA can monitor my phone records why shouldn’t the DOJ monitor Sen. Kirk’s phone records? I mean it isn’t like either of us are going to do anything about it.


  2. Hilarious twitter comment by Cruz. The man has a good sense of humor. With all the ridiculousness going on in the government he’s going to need it.


  3. This whole thing is devolving into the theater of the absurd.

    The question to Mr. My People assumes those elected officials are more important than the poor, dumb peons that elected them in the first place. Whatever happened to citizen-servants?

    And Mr. My People can’t answer because, unless he tells the total truth, any answer he gives will subject him to charges of perjury. Why he’s worried about that now, I can’t guess, because he’s already forehead-deep in that, but what the heck, better to be concerned about one’s lies late than never, I guess.


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