Jeanine Pirro: ‘America Truly Is Unrecognizable’ (Video)

“It just keeps getting worse”, Jeanine Pirro started off her show, Saturday night. She was referring to the constant scandal eruptions emanating from the corrupt Obama Regime.

“This week began with an ugly glimpse into the mismanagement and the corruption of the IRS, the very agency that requires we all be clean as a whistle, she noted. “And the week ended with duel revelations that the government is surveilling virtually every one of us.”

And then in a one-two punch that the FBI and NSA are now traipsing through the internet without telling us…

She unloaded on the IRS: “Their arrogance is astounding, she seethed. “The mind-blowing  chutzpa! But it gets better, folks. These bozos say they’re not even sure how much the conference cost….Why? because they didn’t keep the receipts! And they’re sorry. REALLY? When was the last time the IRS told the target of an audit deducting a business expense for which there were no receipts, no record — no problem bro.”

As for the NSA spying, she purred sarcastically, “folks – we need to trust our government….rest easy…the incoming National Security Advisor will have a key role over this…you remember herSusan Rice – the one who gave us the Benghazi fairy tale.”

“Mr President”, Pirro pleaded, “does the narrative change based on what Americans find out? Has our government become so political that there are no issues – only sides?”

“You’re going to protect us from terrorism”, she continued, but “WHEN YOU FIND OUT ABOUT TERRORISM – like Benghazi – YOU DON’T DO ANYTHING, ANYWAY. The guy you thought was responsible for Benghazi is still walking around in flip-flops – flipping us the bird, drinking his strawberry cocktails, and daring us to come after him. And most of the time, Mr. President – you won’t even call it what it is — Muslim terrorists. Remember that guy working at Fort Hood, the Army psychiatrist? He killed 13 and wounded 32 of us. He really wasn’t a terrorist – he just engaged in workplace violence. ”

“The Constitution – that rock –  has been so damaged that America truly is unrecognizable”, she concluded. “The vision of our founding fathers has been obliterated. The shame is on us.”

Video via Mass Tea Party

For some reason Fox thinks it’s necessary to inflict the embarrassingly hackish Democrat strategist, Ryan Clayton on Pirro’s audience. I almost didn’t post this because there’s really little entertainment value  in watching a paid hack like Clayton spin for the Regime. This is truly cringeworthy stuff.

Clayton began by saying, “another week – another scandal” to which Pirro exclaimed, “that’s what I said!”

But then he veered off into his dreadfully tiresome talking points. “What’s really going outside of the bubble and outside of the studio”, he explained “is I think most Americans are in like ‘scandal shock.’ You know they’ve really just jumped the shark this time with just another scandal on top of it all…”

Pirro was taken aback. “What does that mean, “jump the shark?” she interrupted. Clayton responded, “you know, it’s like gone WAY too far, it’s just like all of these scandals all at once, and Americans are going like, “HEY CONGRESS! When are you going to get back to work doing your job?!”

I told you it was embarrassing.

Because Congress is “jumping the shark” by demanding answers and accountability from the Regime in the wake of mind-blowing malfeasance. I guess 76% of the American people have “jumped the shark”  because they think there should be a Special Prosecutor to investigate the IRS scandal . Don’t you love it when leftist swine like this Clayton guy pretend they know what mainstream Americans are thinking. Please. Dude. Just stop.

Virtually unwatchable, but here it is:

 I hope these Dem hacks get paid well to make such damn fools of themselves on national television.


3 thoughts on “Jeanine Pirro: ‘America Truly Is Unrecognizable’ (Video)

  1. If Issa and all the rest of the committee chairpersons will ever get to the bottom of any scandal, THEN we can say they have finally gotten back to the work for which they were elected but have abdicated.

    A major part of their role, according to the Constitution, is as watchdog over the Executive. By passing very, very generalized bills with cloudy statements that the monsters created in the bills “flesh them out” with regulations (that carry the force of law, BTW), and then not controlling the absurd preponderance of those regulations, they abdicate their responsibility to regulate We, the People, and We, the People, get inundated with the onerous hubris of “public service” run amok.

    Benghazi is the only scandal directly related to the Executive failing to do its constitutional obligation, protecting American lives. All the rest of the scandals (IRS, F&F, Sebelius, etc.) can be blamed on the failure of Congress to properly monitor what they themselves have created.

    Don’t like that analysis, Congress? Does that make your job too much to properly do? Then quit creating these monsters. If you think there are too many of them for YOU to control, think of how the average Joe Schmuck out here trying to run a business feels!


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