Michelle Obama’s Bad Bangs Brouhaha in Belfast

michelle obama bangs

Daily Mail: “Bad hair day hangs over speech”

Michelle Obama picked a bad time to grow out her bangs.

G8 Summit

She was in Belfast to give a speech, today, while the president was is in the city for the two-day G-8 Summit. She’s spending the evening  in “the $3,300-per-night Princess Grace suite of Dublin’s Five-Star Shelbourne Hotel” which White House Dossier’s Keith Koffler reports, “adds credence to accusations she is in the city for a quick vacation at taxpayer expense.”

The White House is billing Michelle’s trip to Dublin as having diplomatic significance, but her itinerary suggests otherwise. She and her daughters will visit the Trinity College library to explore President Obama’s Irish family roots, attend a performance by the world-famous Riverdance troupe, and visit the Wicklow Mountains national forest.

Judging by the tail number of her plane on the ground at Dublin Airport, it appears Air Force Two has been flown to Europe along with Air Force One and is being used to transport Michelle around.

This, after David Cameron, the host of the G8 summit encouraged Obama and others, back in February to leave their spouses at home “to ensure leaders remain ‘focused’ on issues like tackling tax avoidance, without the distraction of having their wives and girlfriends in tow.”

Oh well! “What sequester”, right?

The First Lady’s overly long bangs (or fringe as the call it in the UK) caused a stir on Twitter and many of the comments were”a bit less than complimentary.”

MSN UK went so far as to say: Michelle Obama is embroiled in an “Obama-bangs scandal”.

michelle obama bangs 3

See, Mrs Obama appears to be growing out her fringe (a most stressful process, as anyone who’s endured the months of desperately tanking on it to encourage growth will know), which means sometimes it gets in her eyes.

And, whilst Mrs O touched on various important topics during her speech – including how today’s youth are the world leaders of the future – it seems that the Twittersphere only cared for her distracting hair. Here’s what tweeters had to say…

@wilde23m: ‘Note to self – cut fringe (bangs if you’re US). Makes Michelle #Obama look cross-eyed trying to see through hair. Don’t want to follow suit.

@chiller: ‘I love Michelle O, but when every time you blink, your entire fringe twitches, you need a fringe trim.’

@SheilaMcWade: ‘Somewhere there’s a Press Secretary screaming ‘FRINGE! FRINGE! WHO HAD THE FRINGE?!’ #ObamainBelfast #Michelle #G8′

Here’s some video of the speech via the BBC:

Look, I can sympathize.  I’ve been trying to grow my bangs out since the eighth grade. Then they get to the length you see in the pictures above and I break down and cut them. I’m surprised she didn’t wait until the big trip was over to grow them out.


Commenters tell me she’s most likely wearing a wig – (Of course!) – making her bad hair issues doubly embarrassing for her.  “Bad hair day” – eh, happens to all of us. “Bad wig day” – Ay yi yi!


Video: James O’Keefe Confronts NH Attorney General Richard Head Over Being Indicted For Exposing Voter Fraud

Investigative journalist, James O’Keefe has a new video out today featuring  Richard Head, Associate Attorney General for the state of New Hampshire.

Head tried to indict O’Keefe, last year, for releasing a video that exposed voter fraud in the polling booths in his state. O’Keefe’s video  contributed to a voter ID law passing in the state with a super-majority vote. State Democrats tried to repeal the law in March of this year, but failed.

“I was doing my duty as a journalist to educate the public on issues that matter, while he was trying to stifle free speech,” O’Keefe says in an email touting the new video. 

“What was particularly unnerving is the New Hampshire state officials knew where to find me before I had even moved. Was another Department of Justice/AP spying scheme happening?? How did they know where I was? “

In May of 2012, a few months after sending state officials to search the home of a Project Veritas videographer, New Hampshire state authorities arrived at the home of Mike Rogers with a criminal grand jury subpoena for James O’Keefe. How state officials knew the address of where O’Keefe was staying before he even got there is a mystery. We filed a public records request to determine if these authorities were working with the Feds, but they never responded.

Associate Attorney General Richard Head was the man responsible for most of this activity, as well as efforts to indict our reporters after our video showing ballots offered out in the names of the dead at poll locations. Reality prompted the state legislature to pass a voter ID law, overturning Governor Lynch’s veto. Project Veritas also obtained a letter showing how Richard Head was asking for years of my emails from political opponents working with hacker types.

We also asked head to sign the Chapter in the new book Breakthrough documenting all these injustices, entitled, “Richard Head Rises”.


What’s next for our young hero?

O’Keefe left an intriguing hint ant the end of his email: “Coming up, we’ve got a new investigation coming your way that could rock government largesse…Hint: #BuyingVotes.”

Click here, to order O’Keefe’s new book, Breakthrough: Our Guerilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy.

Monday Catch-Up: Snowden Stands By Claim – ‘I Had Authority to Wiretap Anyone’


Elizabeth Sheld, The Conversation: Snowden: I Stand By Claim I Had Authority to Wiretap Anyone:

In the Live Q & A with Edward Snowden hosted by the Guardian, Snowden doubled down on his claim that he had the authority to wiretap anyone.

Responding to this question:

Asked by MonaHol, 17 June 2013 4:37pm

Ed Snowden, I thank you for your brave service to our country.

Some skepticism exists about certain of your claims, including this:

I, sitting at my desk, certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone, from you, or your accountant, to a federal judge, to even the President if I had a personal email.

Do you stand by that, and if so, could you elaborate?

Snowden responded:

Yes, I stand by it.

Keep reading at the link….

Seton Motley, Red State: ‘Thousands of NSA Analysts Can Listen to Domestic Phone Calls,’ Read Emails, Texts, IMs:

UPDATE #1: Obama Administration Director of National Intelligence James Clapper late last night released a statement denying most or all of the above.  Which in part reads:

“The statement that a single analyst can eavesdrop on domestic communications without proper legal authorization is incorrect and was not briefed to Congress.”

This is the same James Clapper that in a March 12 Congressional hearing lied to Oregon Democrat Senator Ron Wyden – denying that trillions of Verizon domestic phone call sweeps were occurring.

Fire James Clapper

The Director of National Intelligence lied to Congress about NSA surveillance. What else will he lie about?

Good question.  Is it possible (probable?) that Clapper is lying again here?  Indeed it is.

Which makes the following even more pathetic.

UPDATE #2: New York Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler was a key original source for this eavesdropping story.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat, disclosed on Thursday that during a secret briefing to members of Congress, he was told that the contents of a phone call could be accessed “simply based on an analyst deciding that.”

If the NSA wants “to listen to the phone,” an analyst’s decision is sufficient, without any other legal authorization required, Nadler said he learned. “I was rather startled,” said Nadler, an attorney and congressman who serves on the House Judiciary committee….

In prostrating response to the statement from proven liar James Clapper – a member of the proven-lying Obama Administration – Congressman Nadler has retreated into being a good Democrat, but a troublingly bad representative of We the People and our Constitutional rights.

James Owens, a spokesman for Nadler, provided a statement on Sunday morning, a day after this (original) article was published, saying:

“I am pleased that the administration has reiterated that, as I have always believed, the NSA cannot listen to the content of Americans’ phone calls without a specific warrant.”

Owens said he couldn’t comment on what assurances from the Obama administration Nadler was referring to, and said Nadler was unavailable for an interview.

Congressman Nadler was thus also unavailable to explain why or how this latest Obama Administration assertion, after all of these lies, is any more believable.

Michael Walsh, NY Post: The ‘scandalanche’ & the data-mining:

The “revelations” of National Security Agency data-mining of phone records and Internet use were no news to those who’d been paying attention. It’s only the rest of the Obama “scandalanche” that makes it a hackle-raiser.

Here’s a “Dog bites man” story from Big Journalism’s John Nolte: PEW: MEDIA COVERAGE BIASED IN FAVOR OF SAME-SEX MARRIAGE BY 5-TO-1:

Other than the media’s near-universal left-wing bias towards everything, including, of course, same-sex marriage, the agenda here was actually worse than what Pew found. It wasn’t just about a 5-to-1 bias; it was also about flooding the zone with this bias. For over a week, the media conspired together to obsess over this subject.

By bathing America in this topic, the media also served the purpose of fueling the culture wars, making conservatives look like outsiders, and distracting from Obama’s failed economy.

The extreme pro-gay marriage bias can be credited for the favorable shift in the polls showing more Americans now supporting gay marriage. As shallow as it is, people  want to be with the “popular crowd” and will look the other way when gay marriage opponents are bullied. “Bigots” deserve to be treated that way, after all.

The Shark Tank: Plan to Replace Obamacare In the Works:

Republicans are not just looking to repeal Obamacare, but are actively putting together a plan to replace the controversial healthcare law. The U.S. House of Representatives has voted 37 to repeal Obamacare, but have yet to propose legislation to replace it with.

During a recent interview with the Shark Tank,Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (NC), who sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, says Republicans in the Health sub-committee are currently crafting “a replacement plan that is going to be good sound reform” to replace Obamacare.

John Hawkins, Right Wing News: Liberal State Bar Spends Three Years Going After Lawyer For Being Conservative Blogger:

Everyone has now heard stories about conservatives who’ve been punished by “non-political” agencies like the IRS for their beliefs, but it happens at the state level, too. Back in 2011, I wrote about Rachel Alexander, who was targeted by the liberal State Bar of Arizona for having the audacity to work with other conservative lawyers to fight corruption in the state.

Rachel Alexander was collateral damage in a liberal fight to ruin her former boss, then-Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas. Thomas attempted in 2009 and 2010, with the help of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, to stop corruption by some judges and county supervisors in Arizona by filing criminal charges and a racketeering lawsuit against them. Alexander, a Deputy County Attorney, performed some research and writing on the racketeering lawsuit after it had been filed. However, since she was one of the best known conservative bloggers in Arizona, running Intellectual Conservative and IC Arizona, she was dragged into the court even though she was a minor player in the case.

The supervisors filed bar complaints against Thomas, Alexander, and another prosecutor. The left-wing Bar ran with the charges, demanding to know everything Alexander had ever blogged, anonymously or not, within the past five years and the corrupt liberal judiciary rubber-stamped the charges. That’s not surprising considering the judiciary is under the Bar and can be disciplined by the Bar; so there is no way the judiciary would not do the Bar’s bidding.

Keep reading at the link. What a travesty…


In April Breitbart News reported that West Virginia 8th grader Jared Marcum was suspended for refusing to take off an NRA t-shirt he wore to school. And details now indicate the 8th grader could face a $500 fine and up to a year in jail for obstruction charges.

Fox News reports that on June 13 Marcum appeared before a judge “and was officially charged with obstructing an officer.” Moreover, the judge has allowed “the prosecution to move forward” with its case against Marcum.

OUTRAGEOUS. This absurd authoritarian, anti-gun hysteria has to stop.

Yid With Lid: KARMA’S A BITCH! How Fisker Burned Through $1.4 Billion to Create A Car That Didn’t Work and Didn’t Sell:

Fisker Automotive, hasn’t built a car in nearly a year. It fired most of its workforce, hired bankruptcy advisers and is seeking a buyer. Co-founder Henrik Fisker resigned in mid-March in a dispute with some of the directors. And despite raising $1.4 billion in private and public funds since its founding in 2007, the company is out of cash. Key investors have been throwing good money after bad keeping the car maker’s day-to-day expenses to keep it alive in diminished form.

Fisker’s finances started to unravel as early as June 2011, when the U.S. Department of Energy cut off access to taxpayer-funded loans which was a full year after the Administration knew the company was in trouble and nine months before the company acknowledged the company was in trouble to its investors.

The Obama administration knew in back in 2010 that Fisker was not meeting the milestones set up for a half-billion dollar loan–way before they froze the loan because of questions regarding the company’s reporting.

An Energy Department official said in a June 2010 email that Fisker’s bid to draw on the federal loan may be jeopardized for failure to meet goals established by the department.’

Despite that warning, Fisker continued to receive money until June 2011, when the DOE halted further funding. The agency did so after Fisker presented new information that called into question whether key milestones — including the launch of the company’s signature, $100,000 Karma hybrid — had been achieved, according to a credit report prepared by the Energy Department.

The December 2011 credit report said “DOE staff asked questions about the delays” in the launch of the Karma “and received varied and incomplete explanations,” leading to the suspension of the loan.

Fisker had received a total of $192 million of the $529 million loan before it was suspended.The Karma’s introduction was doomed from the start.

The Daily Caller: Obama runs immigration bill from White House, according to new report:

The White House is playing a larger role in developing the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill than its supporters publicly admit, according to a forthcoming article in The New Yorker.

“‘No decisions are being made without talking to us about it,’ the official said of the Gang of Eight negotiations … ‘This does not fly if we’re not O.K. with it,’” a senior Obama official told author Ryan Lizza for the pending article.

This is the “Limbaugh theorem” in action.

Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator: Charles Krauthammer and The Limbaugh Theorem:

Last night on Brett Baier’s Special Report on Fox and again on The O’Reilly Factor, Charles Krauthammer noted that President Obama acts as the “bystander president” and that Obama “disappears” when things happen. The O’Reilly — Krauthammer discussion is written up hereat Mediaite.

Krauthammer is right, and so is O’Reilly.

But what’s missing here?

For months….months….Rush Limbaugh has been pointing this out. Calling it “The Limbaugh Theorem,” Rush noted of what he calls “low information voters” that “they think that what’s happening in the country has nothing to do with Obama…..He’s not seen as responsible for any of this.” So often has Rush explained The Limbaugh Theorem (as here) that it has, in the way of the modern world, long since entered the political vernacular. As here over at Commentary, for example. Or here at WND.

And I would add my own ND theorem: Obama is still very much the  “micromanaging president” he was touted as being  in his first two years, but as his destructive policies reaped destructive and often scandalous results, he’s tried to project an image of an  “absentee president”, a surprised spectator of everything that is going on around him. But rest assured, his grubby fingerprints are on everything.

Atlas Shrugs, A Billion Laughs:

Cahnman’s Musings: Battleground Texas ILLEGALLY Registers Voters:


  • We caught Sam, an activist hired by the Democrats & Barack Obama’s Battleground Texas at Houston’s Emancipation Park during the Juneteenth Parade & Festival illegally registering voters.

Occupy WH Videos: Germany Turns On Obama!:

Just in time for Obama’s little visit! And oh-so-”historic” speech at the Brandenburg Gate, which, btw, no one will allowed near.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung (“South German Newspaper”), a decidedly left-wing paper, sees the light as does most of the German media nowadays. Privacy is something Germans take very seriously: They’ve had their Hitler and they know what he would have done with the power of surveillance that Obama now has – and abuses.

Kerry Picket, The Conversation: Former DOJ Voting Rights Atty: Ariz. Voter ID Decision a ‘Nothing Burger’:

J. Christian Adams, an election lawyer who served in the Voting Rights Section at the U.S. Department of Justice, is calling the Supreme Court’s Arizona voter ID decision a “nothing burger.” :

The Supreme Court decision today means almost nothing.  The court ruled that Arizona could not require proof of citizenship when voters registered to vote using the federal form promulgated by the Election Assistance Commission.

Big deal. Arizona is still free to use the state form and require proof of citizenship.  They can hand out state forms and keep the federal forms in a dusty box in the back.

Adams says the case has “nothing to do with voter ID” and that Americans should be watching the SCOTUS decision for  Shelby v. Holder, “a challenge to the constitutionality of a provision historically at the center of the federal government’s efforts to eliminate racial discrimination in voting,” writes SCOTUS blog, that will be released next week. :

JoshuaPundit: What It Feels Like Being A Conservative In The Republican Party:

When you see there’s an open seat that’s winnable you’re like:


And then the Republican Party gets involved:


My Latest at The Conversation: 

Boehner Will Not Bring Up Immigration Reform Bill Without Majority GOP Support

No Mint Chocolate Chip?

Ignorance Is Bliss, I guess

IRS Audited Some Churches For ‘Being Political’ While Others Were Encouraged To Be So

Muslim Lawyers Association Wants Obama Arrested and Charged For War Crimes When He Visits South Africa