Michelle Obama’s Bad Bangs Brouhaha in Belfast

michelle obama bangs

Daily Mail: “Bad hair day hangs over speech”

Michelle Obama picked a bad time to grow out her bangs.

G8 Summit

She was in Belfast to give a speech, today, while the president was is in the city for the two-day G-8 Summit. She’s spending the evening  in “the $3,300-per-night Princess Grace suite of Dublin’s Five-Star Shelbourne Hotel” which White House Dossier’s Keith Koffler reports, “adds credence to accusations she is in the city for a quick vacation at taxpayer expense.”

The White House is billing Michelle’s trip to Dublin as having diplomatic significance, but her itinerary suggests otherwise. She and her daughters will visit the Trinity College library to explore President Obama’s Irish family roots, attend a performance by the world-famous Riverdance troupe, and visit the Wicklow Mountains national forest.

Judging by the tail number of her plane on the ground at Dublin Airport, it appears Air Force Two has been flown to Europe along with Air Force One and is being used to transport Michelle around.

This, after David Cameron, the host of the G8 summit encouraged Obama and others, back in February to leave their spouses at home “to ensure leaders remain ‘focused’ on issues like tackling tax avoidance, without the distraction of having their wives and girlfriends in tow.”

Oh well! “What sequester”, right?

The First Lady’s overly long bangs (or fringe as the call it in the UK) caused a stir on Twitter and many of the comments were”a bit less than complimentary.”

MSN UK went so far as to say: Michelle Obama is embroiled in an “Obama-bangs scandal”.

michelle obama bangs 3

See, Mrs Obama appears to be growing out her fringe (a most stressful process, as anyone who’s endured the months of desperately tanking on it to encourage growth will know), which means sometimes it gets in her eyes.

And, whilst Mrs O touched on various important topics during her speech – including how today’s youth are the world leaders of the future – it seems that the Twittersphere only cared for her distracting hair. Here’s what tweeters had to say…

@wilde23m: ‘Note to self – cut fringe (bangs if you’re US). Makes Michelle #Obama look cross-eyed trying to see through hair. Don’t want to follow suit.

@chiller: ‘I love Michelle O, but when every time you blink, your entire fringe twitches, you need a fringe trim.’

@SheilaMcWade: ‘Somewhere there’s a Press Secretary screaming ‘FRINGE! FRINGE! WHO HAD THE FRINGE?!’ #ObamainBelfast #Michelle #G8′

Here’s some video of the speech via the BBC:

Look, I can sympathize.  I’ve been trying to grow my bangs out since the eighth grade. Then they get to the length you see in the pictures above and I break down and cut them. I’m surprised she didn’t wait until the big trip was over to grow them out.


Commenters tell me she’s most likely wearing a wig – (Of course!) – making her bad hair issues doubly embarrassing for her.  “Bad hair day” – eh, happens to all of us. “Bad wig day” – Ay yi yi!


7 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s Bad Bangs Brouhaha in Belfast

  1. You don’t really believe that’s her real hair, do you? Prior to the bangs she had a little nubby bun. Nobody’s hair grows that fast. Or changes textures as often as hers does.


  2. Personally, I’d like to see it about twice as thick and about six inches longer. Then it would cover that America-hating face and we wouldn’t have to look at the people-hating sneer that seems to be surgically implanted.


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